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34 Olivehurst, Irvine, CA 92602

By Goran_K   2012 Nov 15, 1:19am   992 views   0 comments   watch (0)   quote      

Part of the Northpark neighborhood of Irvine, a well-to-do, gated community built in the late 90s-early 2000s.

Drove through the gate, the neighborhood is really nice. The HOA cost (nearly $300) keep everything in tip-top shape; grass is trimmed, trees aren't over grown, and the streets are sparkling.

34 Olivehurst is a detached condo, 1,500 sqft. It's listed at $559,000 as of this posting (down from $579,000 when it was first listed). These models usually sold in the $550,000 range, so I thought to myself, why has this one been lingering on the market for over 3 months.

Went with the wife to tour the home, and I began to realize why. This may be one of the worst laid out homes I've ever stepped foot into. It's listed at 1,500 sqft, but it feels like it's 1,100 sqft... one of those layouts. Every single room, from the family room to the dining room, is separated into its own area, there is ZERO openness to this layout. The ceilings are low, I dare say the downstairs living area feels claustrophobic.

I kept thinking, who would buy this for $550,000+? FHA'ers with no regard for piling on debt?

The upstairs was nearly as bad. It's listed as 3/2, but it's really a 2/2 with a loft. I hate when realtors do that, a loft is not a bedroom and shouldn't be listed as such.

Overall, I say this home sits for another 3 months unless someone with a credit death wish dumps an FHA loan on it.


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