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Forbid government from counting or classifying citizens by race

By someone else   Feb 24, 12:07pm   7 links   471 views   1 comment   watch (1)   quote      

All citizens should be exactly equal, with no favoritism and no discrimination based on race.

France is already far ahead of us on this issue:

Unlike many other West European countries, and very much unlike English-speaking immigrant societies such as the United States, Canada or Australia, France has intentionally avoided implementing “race-conscious” policies. There are no public policies in France that target benefits or confer recognition on groups defined as races. For many Frenchmen, the very term race sends a shiver running down their spines, since it tends to recall the atrocities of Nazi Germany and the complicity of France’s Vichy regime in deporting Jews to concentration camps. Race is such a taboo term that a 1978 law specifically banned the collection and computerized storage of race-based data without the express consent of the interviewees or a waiver by a state committee. France therefore collects no census or other data on the race (or ethnicity) of its citizens.

There should be two exceptions:
1. The police may describe the racial appearance of suspect, to help in their apprehension.
2. Medical researchers may study the variation in diseases by race.

Programs to help the poor should explicitly help the poor without any consideration of race whatsoever.
No job or scholarship or university admission or grant application may inquire about the race of the applicant.

No institution that is deliberately favoring or excluding any human being by race should get any government funding.

This means that Affirmative Action must end, since it explicitly discriminates based on race. It also directly harms black people by promoting the assumption that they are less qualified for the job or school slot and could not have achieved it otherwise. Affirmative Action is "the soft bigotry of low expectations" as Bill Maher puts it.

Companies which deliberately attempt to change their racial or gender composition must also be excluded from all government contracts. "We should hire more women" is overt sexism against qualified men.

The government itself must be prohibited from even considering race or gender in job applicants, and like France, should stop collecting statistics on race. This would also help end the divisive identity politics which destroyed the traditional Left.

We should all just be citizens, legally equal in every respect.'s 40 proposals

(I merged in the formerly separate post about forbidding the government from favoring or discriminating against citizens by race or gender.)

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1   TwoScoopsMcGee   Mar 10, 4:16pm     ↑ like (1)   ↓ dislike   quote    

I wonder if this can be done on a state level via referrenda.

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