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The Alt -right lives in an alternate reality.

By HEY YOU   May 14, 10:50am   2 links   199 views   4 comments   watch (1)   quote      

Why do people worship a bunch of losers?
Your president doesn't like those that get captured.

"Russia is our friend,"
Freedom of speech applies to Anti-Americans,too.

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1   BayAreaObserver   1082/1083 = 99% civil   Jun 15, 3:55am  ↑ like (1)   ↓ dislike   quote    

What Is The Alt-Right?

Politics is a confusing thing, isn’t it? Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Pescatarians, left, right, middle, center—sometimes it can seem like a tangled, impenetrable mess, like those Apple earbuds you left in your pocket overnight.

Well, somewhere within this elaborate web, one movement that has gained steam with the rise of President Donald Trump is the “alt-right.” You’ve probably heard of them, but really, who are these people? The group is sort of vaguely defined, so it can be hard to keep things straight.

As always, we at The Babylon Bee want to make sure you’re informed, so we’ve conducted extensive research to bring you just the hard facts about the movement known as the alt-right.


The last surviving Confederate Civil War general, William Husky O’Connor, aged 187, was feeling pretty left out of modern-day politics, what with the reduced amount of racism and xenophobia, and he decided to launch a political movement in his hometown of Stonewall, Alabama. Partnering with his local KKK chapter and eventually being joined by 6 or 7 neo-Nazis from the website 4chan, they all united around a bonfire, an American flag, and a few Keystone Lights, and the alt-right movement was born.

Meetings were originally held at O’Connor’s trailer compound, where he had an acre yard that was fenced off by broken-down cars to keep all the “cucks” and “Northern aggressors” out, and fueled by the internet, the movement began to spread like wildfire anywhere deep-seated racism was considered a national value.


The alt-right supports lots of platform positions, mostly based around white nationalism. They are very concerned about outside ethnicities tarnishing or diluting their pure white bloodlines and room-temperature IQs, believing also that non-whites are in a vast conspiracy to strip them of the noble cultural heritage they want to pass on to their white children—consisting of things like watching WWE, pounding Natural Lights, and smoking Marlboros.

Group activists often support ethnic cleansing, desiring to rid the land of non-whites and establish an authoritarian government to enforce their policies. If you’re reading this and nodding your head going, “Yeah, that sounds like a good idea,” we want you to go sit in the corner and rethink your life. Then maybe open your Bible and mull on the love of God for a while before you come back.


Richard Spencer; Milo Yiannopoulos; Charles Manson; people who want to re-live the good ol’ days of the Third Reich; your Facebook friend’s drunken uncle—the one with the huge sideburns—who lives in rural Alabama, makes his own whiskey in the tub, and thinks the Holocaust was a hoax; some old, confused Republicans who think they’re supposed to be in favor of anything with the word “right” in its name.


Christians, especially those who have read Ephesians 2:14 and Galatians 3:28, or like, any of the Bible at all, or have even heard that God made all people in His image; the Gospel; anyone with a modicum of human empathy.



Quite a few.

2   HEY YOU   1062/1062 = 100% civil   Jun 15, 8:06am  ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote    

Republicans have mental issues.
The Alt-Right has completely lost it's mind.

3   Automan Empire   60/60 = 100% civil   Jun 15, 8:44am  ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote    

Some of these folks are not only convinced that most or all of today's problems are a direct result of women having the right to vote, they actually think repealing woman suffrage is a viable political option.

4   BayAreaObserver   1082/1083 = 99% civil   Jul 16, 2:08pm  ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote    

The Alt-Right Movement Behind Trump's Presidency. They helped him get elected, and now the alt-right movement is flourishing under Donald Trump's presidency. Their recipe: racism, Islamophobia, sexism and chauvinism packaged in a hypocritical veneer of hipster cool.

A Cool Right-Wing Movement?

On the other hand, this is often the case with agitators. It's especially applicable to the new alt-right movement in the United States, which has been growing steadily since the election of Donald Trump. The term "alt" is short for "alternative." Some also call it the "new right" or the "cool right." A cool right-wing movement? Right-wing movements have been a lot of things since the end of World War II, but never cool. There have been old Nazis and neo-Nazis, boorish members of the far-right National Democratic Party of Germany and unrepentant skinheads but a broader radical right-wing counterculture has never existed. Cool protest movements were always on the left.

Alt-right is more of a convenient term than a precise political designation. It is a catch-all phrase for opponents of the left-wing culture of political correctness, Trump fanatics, chauvinists, social media trolls, anti-Islamists, immigration opponents, racists and neo-Nazis. What they have in common is that they feel more comfortable in virtual forums than in political parties. Strangely enough, the current president of the United States can be counted as part of the movement.

Enabling Trump's Presidency

It is an unbelievable sum and some in the alt-right community question have questioned the amount. On the other hand, Yiannopoulos has supposedly long been a favorite of Robert Mercer, a computer scientist, hedge fund manager and billionaire believed to be the secret mastermind behind the Trump presidency. Mercer, who keeps a low public profile, has not only invested $10 million in Breitbart, but also funded Cambridge Analytica, a data analysis firm that scanned voter profiles for Trump. Apparently he knew early on that Hillary Clinton could not win the election. And it was reportedly Mercer who bankrolled Yiannopoulos's scandalous tour of several universities last summer.

Full Article:

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