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If she didn't have a weapon,POLICE YOUR OWN! or all law enforcement officers drop dead where they stand.

By HEY YOU   Jul 17, 3:41pm   81 views   0 comments   watch (1)   quote      

Stupids don't think this can happen to them or their loved ones.
"Noor joined the force in March 2015 and became the first Somali officer to patrol southwest Minneapolis."
Trump & Rep/Cons can't protect anyone.Why do we still have furerners in my America?
Maybe this will happen to many law & order Rep/Cons.

"More than 520 people have been shot and killed by police officers in America so far this year,"
Everyone of these was,probably, armed with belt-feds. They were judged & executed,saving the cost of a trial.

" On July 8, a Minneapolis cop was recorded on a surveillance camera shooting two dogs while responding to a burglary call. A police report claimed the Shaffordshire terriers — both of whom survived — “charged at [the] officer.” But the surveillance footage indicates that never happened."

“source with direct knowledge of the shooting said Monday that the woman was shot multiple times.”

The only response to law enforcement: FUCK YOU! I invoking my 5th Amendment RIGHTS.

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