UCLA Anderson Conference Economics and Housing
By Logan Mohtashami   #Housing  #Economics   12 comments, latest 3 minutes ago   ↑ Like (1)   ↓ Dislike
#Housing #Economics A few key points 1. No bubble this time around, the demand is real 2. Housing affordability in CA is horrible but what...

Woman Beaten For Drawing The Prophet
By HydroCabron   19 comments, latest 6 minutes ago   ↑ Like   ↓ Dislike (1)
The artist who shot to fame after painting a nude portrait of Donald Trump claims she was assaulted near her home by one of the...

Global warming reaching new extremes right this second
By iwog   #politics  #nature  #climate   11 comments, latest 7 minutes ago   ↑ Like (2)   ↓ Dislike
Nothing like this has ever been seen before. There are no precedents in human history for the ocean and air temperatures being seen over the...

reply thread
By curious2   35 comments, latest 8 minutes ago   ↑ Like   ↓ Dislike
This thread exists to reply to comments made in other threads that the commenter cannot (or chooses not to) post comments in.
Who knew Billy Corgan was so Cool?
By thunderlips11   1 comment, latest 36 minutes ago   ↑ Like (1)   ↓ Dislike
Endorses Trump, flips bird to SJWs, hates Social Media. http://www.foxnews.com/enterta
Rev. Graham: America Is On The Verge of Total Moral And Spiritual Collapse Un
By P N Dr Lo R   2 comments, latest 40 minutes ago   ↑ Like   ↓ Dislike
http://www.cnsnews.com/blog/mi Because of America’s decadence and ever-spreading rejection of God, along with the “unrelenting assault” on Christians and their beliefs, this nation “is in deep...

Will Sanders' supporters flock to Trump?
By YesYNot   #politics   51 comments, latest 56 minutes ago   ↑ Like (1)   ↓ Dislike
Blow says no. Among Sander's Democrat supporters, 13% have a favorable view of Trump and 86% have an unfavorable view. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/05 #politics

Realtor gets insulted
By jvolstad   #housing   12 comments, latest 1 hour ago   ↑ Like (2)   ↓ Dislike
Although I am a long time renter, if I were to find a house in my neighborhood, at the right price, I might consider buying...
For Patrick, How Would you Describe This Site if Someone Asked You...
By BayArea   6 comments, latest 1 hour ago   ↑ Like   ↓ Dislike
"What is patrick.net and what material is it meant to cover today?" I just came across this post that clearly explains something I was wondering:...

Growing Old Together
By Patrick   #humor   3 comments, latest 1 hour ago   ↑ Like (3)   ↓ Dislike

Trigglypuff friend DEMANDS apolgy and punishment for filiming of temper tantrum
By georgeliberte   1 comment, latest 1 hour ago   ↑ Like (1)   ↓ Dislike
http://www.breitbart.com/tech/ A friend and classmate of the student now known to the internet as Trigglypuff has filed complaints against the journalist who posted the original...

If the Glaciers are melting, then how did these two get in one 16 years ago
By Tenpoundbass   12 comments, latest 1 hour ago   ↑ Like (1)   ↓ Dislike
http://www.foxnews.com/us/2016 LOS ANGELES – The bodies of a renowned mountain climber and expedition cameraman who were buried in a Himalayan avalanche 16 years ago have...

Is the Tech Bubble Popping? Ping Pong Offers an Answer
By Logan Mohtashami   #Economics  #Investing  #Humor   3 comments, latest 3 hours ago   ↑ Like   ↓ Dislike
http://www.wsj.com/articles/is #Economics #Investing #Humor

Another "tolerant" liberal
By zzyzzx   15 comments, latest 3 hours ago   ↑ Like (4)   ↓ Dislike

Cruz: My dad is not linked to the JFK assasination!
By lostand confused   posted 3 hours ago   ↑ Like   ↓ Dislike
https://www.yahoo.com/news/cru Theres a whole thing, and, you know, his father was with Lee Harvey Oswald prior to Oswalds being uh, you know shot. I mean...
What's with this website change again??
By SubOink   12 comments, latest 3 hours ago   ↑ Like   ↓ Dislike
??? back to unusable
A Basic Income is the next big thing
By tovarichpeter   13 comments, latest 3 hours ago   ↑ Like (1)   ↓ Dislike (2)
http://www.bloombergview.com/a Paula Dwyer writes editorials on economics, finance and politics. She was previously London bureau chief for Businessweek and Washington economics editor for the New...
DESPERATION!!! Cruz names Carly as his V.P. choice..
By Ironman   #politics   38 comments, latest 3 hours ago   ↑ Like (5)   ↓ Dislike (1)
Time to eject Ted, it's over.... You hit the iceberg two weeks ago.. #politics
Hillary can't take a joke
By zzyzzx   3 comments, latest 4 hours ago   ↑ Like (1)   ↓ Dislike
http://www.judicialwatch.org/b Clinton Goes after Laugh Factory Comedians for Making Fun of Her In what appears to be a first for a serious presidential contender, Hillary...
Is the Bottom In, Or Is This A Head-Fake?
By Ironman   #housing   20 comments, latest 4 hours ago   ↑ Like   ↓ Dislike (3)
http://www.zerohedge.com/news/ Everyone interested in real estate is asking the same question: Is the bottom in, or is this just another “green shoots” recovery that will...

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