Baby Boomers Are What's Wrong With The Economy
By Indiana Jones   #economics   28 comments, latest 1 minute ago:
mmmarvel says Heraclitusstudent says It's obvious there is a large imbalance between generations and how they benefited from the environment. I disagree. Life and times are what they are, they are the cards that you...

The 2015 housing market and my prediction for 2016
By iwog   #housing   102 comments, latest 3 minutes ago:
Logan Mohtashami says St. Louis Fed official: No evidence QE boosted economy "There is no work, to my knowledge, that establishes a link from QE to the ultimate goals of the Fed—inflation and real economic...

URGENT DEVELOPMENT -- China Joins Russia In Syria Air Raids... (Buckle Up Folks.
By indigenous   25 comments, latest 37 minutes ago:
FortWayne says At least it's not our tax dollars wasted anymore bombing that hell hole.

Californians not spending as much as those in other states
By tvgnus   posted 38 minutes ago:
http://www.centralvalleybusine Golden State lags behind Texas and even North Dakota •  Smallest gains were in West Virginia When it comes to personal expenditures, Californians spend less than North Dakotans or even those living in New...

Saudi Barbaria to behead Woman for Adultery, just like ISIS
By thunderlips11   19 comments, latest 41 minutes ago:
indigenous says This gives giving head new meaning The Saudi's don't get enough news coverage for their transgressions.

Wikileaks: Turkish Letter to the UN
By thunderlips11   36 comments, latest 6 hours ago:
Antidyatel says Best summary of Turkish links to ISIL

Greece shoots down Turkish jet after airspace violation
By Blurtman   3 comments, latest 8 hours ago:
Blurtman says So Turkey shooting down Russia's plane is no big deal.

New generation of wimpy whiners lobby to fire legendary rowing coach
By Blurtman   posted 8 hours ago:
But sources connected to UW rowing tell KING 5 a group of female rowers recently complained that Ernst’s tough style crossed over into bullying about things like their weight and their commitment to the sport...

Sleepy Puppy falls asleep on baby
By Dan8267   #cute   posted 8 hours ago:

How the CIA breaks detainees: Torture video released.
By Blurtman   2 comments, latest 8 hours ago:
Dan8267 says Blurtman says How the CIA breaks detainees: Torture video released. That's not the CIA torture video. It's the CIC wack-off video.

SU-34 versus F-16
By Blurtman   5 comments, latest 9 hours ago:
Ironman says Blurtman says Turkey has F-16's. Hmmm, it could be an M4 -

Chinatown: The shame of San Francisco
By tovarichpeter   1 comment, latest 10 hours ago:
P N Dr Lo R says Probably better than in China.

Bizarre sub-country of Rojava is eco-feminist opposition to ISIS in Syria
By Patrick   2 comments, latest 10 hours ago:
Tenpoundbass says Well why not? They seem to think Republicans are as bad as ISIS go tell THEM that shit. There should be a Femnazi army of Blue and Pink hair militants. They've known each...

Climate Change is a Career and nothing more.
By Tenpoundbass   2 comments, latest 10 hours ago:
Tenpoundbass says I say we go over there and kick ISIS ass take their money and give it... er... Pay off the Liberals to go away and leave us alone. Buy all of the Liberals...

The new bubble (2015)
By FortWayne   #housing  #economics  #politics   18 comments, latest 10 hours ago:
landtof says there is too high an importance placed on education. not everyone is entitled to a bachelor's and/or a master's degree in "administrative nothingness and informationistics technological new-media uselessness" in terms of production, humans...

Coke is bad even when they are good.
By Tenpoundbass   posted 10 hours ago: A nonprofit funded by the Coca-Cola Co. to combat obesity said it is disbanding following revelations about the beverage maker’s involvement with the group. The Global Energy Balance Network said on its website Monday...

Breast implant surgery advice
By MamdyJicobs   28 comments, latest 11 hours ago:
Strategist says Rin says Just put 'em here ... And let the old python do its work! Oh God! Why do you do this to me Rin? zzyzzx says I want this one. Who cares...

OK univ President to students- This is not day care
By lostand confused   1 comment, latest 11 hours ago:
P N Dr Lo R says "This is hardly Piper’s first firebomb editorial against liberal values" This is a firebomb?! The reincarnation of John Silber.

Fixing the most expensive tax deduction
By tovarichpeter   6 comments, latest 11 hours ago:
FortWayne says Someone tell me why Roth IRA discriminates against people who live in areas with high cost of living? Think about it, if you make any reasonable money in CA you can not qualify...

About That Kid That Got Shot In Chicago....
By Ironman   #politics  #guns   26 comments, latest 11 hours ago:
FortWayne says lalalala says This is not how courts have been interpreting it so far. Liberal communist judges who hate freedom.

Thugs attack and kill homeless vet. White lives matter.
By Blurtman   14 comments, latest 13 hours ago:
FortWayne says Apparently to Dan and Marcus while lives don't matter either. It's perfectly fine in their culture to have young black thugs kill other people out of sheer hatred.

If Turkey Downs One More Russian Plane Russia Will Go It Alone with ISIS Fight
By bgamall4   #politics   10 comments, latest 14 hours ago:
lalalala says bgamall4 says Leaflets were dropped to warn ISIS to escape the US bombing of trucks. Look at our resident bloodthirsty chickenhawk: he wants lorry drivers executed for driving oil trucks. Why? These guys...

Turkey holds prosecutors over spy agency's Syria-bound truck
By Blurtman   2 comments, latest 14 hours ago:
Blurtman says You are looking for a good guy in all of this?

The definition of irony: Obama demands that Turkey seal its border.
By Blurtman   8 comments, latest 14 hours ago:
Blurtman says BayAreaObserver says downing of a Russian Su-24 warplane near Syria by the Turkish air force was intended to protect oil deliveries Don't fuck with the Teamsters.

ISIS is not about religion
By indigenous   29 comments, latest 14 hours ago:
indigenous says Strategist says "Blaming the formation of an Islamic Caliphate on something other than Islam is silly." Congrats Thunderlips

BLM bullshit HAS to end!
By Quigley   10 comments, latest 14 hours ago:
dodgerfanjohn says Quigley says Fuck that and fuck Marcus who think this way. Fixed it up for ya.

SF Building Dept computer disaster
By tovarichpeter   posted 15 hours ago:

Black Friday turning a bit gray
By tvgnus   13 comments, latest 15 hours ago:
Philistine says Strategist says Chinese start working at age 4? Dude, it's The Onion, that's part of the joke.

578,000 Homeless in America -Yet "we" should do more for Syrian Refugees
By smaulgld   6 comments, latest 15 hours ago:
smaulgld says Dan8267 says Worked with unemployed people with NINJA loans. Have you forgotten the bubble already? Need to create Arabic forms so they can state no income no job

GOP brought this plague on itself
By marcus   3 comments, latest 16 hours ago:
Heraclitusstudent says I hear it's all a plan from Hillary to make fools out of republicans. A dangerous game? Maybe he could win.

Jewish terrorists who burned teen alive found guilty
By Blurtman   1 comment, latest 16 hours ago:
HEY YOU says God will send all Non-Christian Jews to HELL! The sooner the better. Nothing like using one religion to attack another religion or using a religion against itself. To all Murikan Christians, where...

Another liberal meme bites the dust.
By Blurtman   12 comments, latest 16 hours ago:
Dan8267 says Ironman says SoftShell says If I had known you were going to respond with 5 paragraphs of bloviating I would have passed up the opportunity to post a sarcastic sentence... The scary part...

Bay Area should take a lesson from Brooklyn
By tovarichpeter   1 comment, latest 17 hours ago:
bdrasin says Don't be silly. Absolutely nothing must ever be built anywhere near anyone or anything

Clusterfuck beyond all recognition.
By HEY YOU   1 comment, latest 17 hours ago:
Quigley says

Finally left California
By joshuatrio   63 comments, latest 17 hours ago:
Ironman says zzyzzx says Ironman says He moves to GA and pays $2K a month on a mortgage payment That 2K/month number might be on the high side there. Yeah, I know, I was just...

American Silver Eagles Set Third Annual Sales Record
By smaulgld   posted 17 hours ago:
Sales of American Silver Eagles set third annual record

Leading cancer researcher blasts FDA
By tovarichpeter   posted 17 hours ago:

When 19th century people were still living
By P N Dr Lo R   posted 17 hours ago:
Imagine someone in their 70's having this kind of history today! Of course Alaska wouldn't even be a state until 1959. 428 Ounces of Gold Submitted by KAP on Fri, 11/27/2015 - 9:52pm. $15,000...

At least 40 killed after Russian airstrike hits marketplace in Syrian town
By Blurtman   6 comments, latest 18 hours ago:
Tenpoundbass says Strategist says Nothing to see here folks, move on. Just wait till an American drone accidentally kills a civilian. "Well tell them not to be doing that Shit, and then we wont bomb...

UC, Silicon Valley leaders form green energy investment group
By tvgnus   2 comments, latest 19 hours ago:
Tenpoundbass says Entitlemented says May god bless those already working on this: God Drives a Hummer

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