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California Drought Intensifies in January
By Call it Crazy in misc   3 comments, latest 21 seconds ago:
indigenous says Vicente says that Senior Water Rights holders will start paying market rates. Or they can just continue spraying it in the air and losing a lot of it to evaporation, because they get...

U.S. Dollar nearing point of correction - EW update for week ending 1/16/2015
By darlag in investors   1 comment, latest 11 minutes ago:
Hausmeister T says Is that so

Wall Street Is Gobbling Up Two-Thirds of Your 401(k)
By Robert Sproul in misc   48 comments, latest 13 minutes ago:
Robert Sproul says tatupu70 says Yep, but it's a company sponsored investment vehicle. And, as such, an employee is forced to either use their company's plan or else not participate. The 401K fees are not...

Mail order orthodontics
By tovarichpeter in misc   1 comment, latest 20 minutes ago:
curious2 says As this report shows, markets can reduce costs when they are allowed to function. If ppl were required to prepay for mandatory dental insurance, however, then there would be no market for the...

More Obama Dead-on-Arrival Tax Proposals
By Mish in misc   1 comment, latest 25 minutes ago:
CaptainShuddup says He wan'ts to give SOME Americans $400, now he's like "Fuck IT! I'll give you some damn money if you if you'll just like my ass again. But not you Single White people!"

Ground zero for dead children
By iwog in misc   47 comments, latest 38 minutes ago:
CaptainShuddup says Had the Polio vaccine had the profit motive and a corrupt healthcare system designed by someone who thinks that, those that championed it the most, are the world's biggest Idiots and Assholes... then...

Will Denmark Break the Krone Euro Peg & Repatriate Its Gold?
By smaulgld in misc   2 comments, latest 42 minutes ago:
smaulgld says mell says Noticing a trend here ;) Two trends -currency debasement by the largest central banks and the inability of the smaller countries to keep up -countries wanting to repatriate their gold

Union strikes at 9 US refineries in bid for new contract
By BayAreaObserver in misc   30 comments, latest 53 minutes ago:
tatupu70 says Call it Crazy says You know what happens when you "assume", right? OK--by all means--prove me wrong. Post the specifics of his case. His prior contract, the new contract, what union he was...

Question about ISIL vs Japan
By curious2 in misc   9 comments, latest 1 hour ago:
curious2 says SoftShell says as of 2010, the rate is 6891 per day, 2,515,458 per year. curious2 says The reports were also the lead story in America, where around [updated: 10,000] people die every day,...

Obama's 19% minimum global tax proposal
By tovarichpeter in misc   12 comments, latest 1 hour ago:
bob2356 says lostand confused says The number that have been leaving is steadily increasing. Business don't make decisions on emotions-but on bottom line-short and long term. It is not like they are a person or...

It's affordability, not tech, that concerns San Franciscans
By tovarichpeter in misc   8 comments, latest 1 hour ago:
Patrick says CaptainShuddup says This Irony is a greek tragedy. Or should we say a geek tragedy?

NFL gets billions in taxpayer subsidies
By tovarichpeter in misc   8 comments, latest 3 hours ago:
sbh says HydroCabron says tovarichpeter says Watch the Super Bowl. You're paying for it! That's why I like to watch military airshows. I figure I should get a little of that money back in entertainment,...

New Greek government already making good on its anti-austerity promises
By darlag in misc   151 comments, latest 3 hours ago:
indigenous says bob2356 says Well that proves beyond the shadow of a doubt you have no idea of any kind what keynes ideas were. Bullshit, the practical reality is exactly what I said. I have...

Bi-partisan effort to end Cuban travel restrictions
By tovarichpeter in misc   3 comments, latest 4 hours ago:
Strategic Renter says Went to Cuba in1996 it was a shit hole. They need major investment to compete with other Caribbean islands.

By anonymous in technologies   posted 4 hours ago:
Restarts crashed daemons

Beijing-based Xiaomi is fast emerging as the Apple rival to watch
By BayAreaObserver in technologies   5 comments, latest 4 hours ago:
BayAreaObserver says Not so sure the headline is wrong. Sony used to be the gold standard so to speak for electronics when I was growing up and even in the early 90s. The few markets...

Antii-vax movement led by chiropractors
By tovarichpeter in misc   3 comments, latest 5 hours ago:
HydroCabron says HEY YOU says If anyone is found to spread any communicable disease,including the simplest cold,they should be skinned alive & impaled In plague periods, the authorities in some places would simply board up...

Super Bowl Sunday. What does the war whore focus on? Terrorism at the game.
By Blurtman in misc   posted 5 hours ago:
How much does she get paid to pump terror?

Exponential medicine
By tovarichpeter in misc   posted 5 hours ago: Most people know that healthcare has rapidly become an information technology and health and medicine is changing exponentially.Just as technology is democratizing all aspects of life, no field is being disrupted more quickly than...

Bi-partisan support for Precision Medicine
By tovarichpeter in misc   posted 6 hours ago: I've written about health care for more than two decades, starting from my native Iowa where I covered the presidential campaign bus rides of Bill and Hillary Clinton through the Hawkeye state talking health...

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