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15734 Robin View, San Antonio, Texas 78255
By jvolstad in San Antonio TX 78256   1 comment, latest 10 months ago:
Boots says Do you just go to open houses to give them a hard time? Are you open and honest with them as to why your there?

5429 Newcastle, #318, Encino CA 91316
By David9 in Encino CA 91316   10 comments, latest 11 months ago:
David9 says Just an update, this property is back on the market for 32K more. Possible scenarios: 1.) A new dimension of a Bank/Real Estate twilight zone exists where these properties go in and...

2835 Adeline Dr, Burlingame, CA 94010
By Patrick in Burlingame CA 94010   17 comments, latest 1 year ago:
mmmarvel says CrazyMan says That's because it's Texas and nobody really wants to live there. Yes because it's SOOO much better when you live in a place with insane prices, and high taxes.

50k over asking in North San Jose!!! 2669 Mignon Dr 95132
By fulltilt808 in San Jose CA 95132   14 comments, latest 1 year ago:
New Renter says fulltilt808 says I can't believe this north san jose home went for 50k above asking. The remodel job on this piece of property is horrendous. Can't tell much from the pictures, what...

1104 14th Street Oakland CA 94607
By OnTheFence in San Francisco CA 94110   21 comments, latest 1 year ago:
Carolyn C says The Crucible (not assigned)

19726 Wittenburg, San Antonio, TX 78256
By jvolstad in San Antonio TX 78256   6 comments, latest 1 year ago:
sbh says JodyChunder says San Anton is such an underrated little area. I was in that downtown area recently with my daughter and enjoyed it quite a bit. Shame about the Alamo, though. I agree;...

6324 Lillian Way, San Jose
By MsBennet  14 comments, latest 1 year ago:
B.A.C.A.H. says Don't forget the property tax bill based on the new assessment. God Bless 'em for helping fund local services like that.

5644 Yolanda Ave., #2 Tarzana CA 91356
By David9 in Tarzana CA 91356   2 comments, latest 1 year ago:
David9 says David9 says Why does this read like a porn story? To me, it does.

A nice little REO on a country lane,5252 Daywalt Ln, Sebastopol Ca $344k
By Tom Stone in Sebastopol CA 95472   1 comment, latest 1 year ago:
Ray castro says Hello is there any pics?

1366 Rainbow Dr., San Mateo, CA 94402
By wave9x in San Mateo CA 94402   22 comments, latest 1 year ago:
thomaswong.1986 says donjumpsuit says This one is well worth 1.2M. real 1.2m homes be it San Mateo or Los Gatos were typically 3000+ sq ft or more well above into the hills with a very...

21003 Bristol Edge, San Antonio, Texas 78259
By jvolstad in San Antonio TX 78259   posted 1 year ago:
Russian Realtor trying to sell new KB Home properties. She asks if you know of anyone looking to buy as well.

15 Montivillers, San Antonio, Texas 78257
By jvolstad in San Antonio TX 78257   posted 1 year ago: Buy a $1.5M house and sell it two years later for $1.8M? Interesting. I wonder if the owner needs to sell for some reason or if he thinks he can make a quick profit....

1279 Alicante, Pacifica, CA, 94044
By bg in Pacifica CA 94044   1 comment, latest 1 year ago:
Remington says No I didnt, but I live in the area and I recognize seeing the basketball hoop in the back! You can see it from Linda Mar St below. I agree with your husband,...

7685 CLAY Ave Huntington Beach, CA 92648
By Goran_K in Huntington Beach CA 92648   3 comments, latest 1 year ago:
Goran_K says I actually was 50/50 on this house. My wife was the one who hit the eject button immediately in front of the agent.

925 Oddstad Bl, Pacifica CA, 94044
By bg  6 comments, latest 1 year ago:
Blurtman says You're kidding. You folks are brainwashed, forced to worship shit.

8250 Cruiseship Bay, San Antonio, TX 78255
By jvolstad in San Antonio TX 78255   posted 1 year ago: Condo's and townhouses do not sell well here in San Antonio. You can buy a pretty nice house for $240K. When they do sell, it's to rich Mexican's looking for a safe house to...

823 Montezuma Drive
By bg  1 comment, latest 1 year ago:
Remington says This guy went pending after 7 days. Would love to know at what price. Haha your right, this looks VERY similar to the one I went to. These types of homes are arguable...

1637 Higgins Way, Pacifica, CA 94044
By bg in Pacifica CA 94044   posted 1 year ago: This was a fun one to go see. Located on the side of a hill on practically a one lane, dead-end street. Those things were OK so long as you could back out of...

261 SAN PEDRO Ave Pacifica, CA 94044
By Remington  1 comment, latest 1 year ago:
bg says Wow. That is excellent. That is a shack and that is a big price. At least he he willing to finance it :-) How kind!

25518 Painted Rock, San Antonio, Texas
By jvolstad in San Antonio TX 78255   posted 1 year ago: The Buyer Agent on duty (don't listing agents ever do open houses?) told me that I need his services because in the State of Texas you can't make an offer without a Realtor. I...

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