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New Greek government already making good on its anti-austerity promises
By darlag in misc   24 comments, latest 5 minutes ago:
thunderlips11 says indigenous says Taint gunna work. The reason that is has the appearance of working in the US is that we are a debtor nation, Japan and Germany are a net saving countries, so...

Wall Street Is Gobbling Up Two-Thirds of Your 401(k)
By Robert Sproul in misc   16 comments, latest 25 minutes ago:
bob2356 says Call it Crazy says The OTHER 250 million that don't.... So children, non working spouses, and retired people need to get their IRA's up and running. Slackers. Oh wait, none of them are...

Iwog is right about the crash of 2017
By SoftShell in misc   83 comments, latest 27 minutes ago:
indigenous says bob2356 says If it flys like a duck, waddles like a duck, quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck. It is Iwog

Republicans rape and molest children at a rate of 10 to 1 compared to Democrats
By iwog in misc   76 comments, latest 28 minutes ago:
indigenous says Call it Crazy says I didn't realize Joann98 was such an investigative reporter at D.U.! Good Job CIC, you got to watch these mutts every minute...

ISIS threatens to behead Obama in the White House.
By Strategist in misc   10 comments, latest 32 minutes ago:
Strategist says Rin says Call it Crazy says thunderlips11 says If by some miracle, ISIS could decapitate Obama, Biden would become President, That's an even more scary thought!!!! Why do you think Obama chose him...

Why religion (particularly Christianity) is vile, evil, narcissistic & dangerous
By Dan8267 in misc   84 comments, latest 33 minutes ago:
Strategist says sbh says Strategist says A high school teacher once told me "You are lazy, useless and will never amount to anything" The same teacher told my mom "I was one of the smartest...

What I love about
By thunderlips11 in misc   14 comments, latest 42 minutes ago:
Ceffer says I like seeing if I can rave and bray louder than the other lunatics in the asylum.

Songs for Posters
By thunderlips11 in misc   posted 43 minutes ago:
Rin Smaulgld Soft Shell

RMB now #5 World Payment Currency - was #14 December 2012
By thunderlips11 in misc   posted 43 minutes ago:
Brussels, 28 January 2015 – After nearly one year firmly positioned at #7, the Renminbi (“RMB”) has entered the top five of world payment currencies since November 2014, overtaking both the Canadian Dollar and...

Human body parts being printed
By tovarichpeter in technologies   1 comment, latest 50 minutes ago:
Dan8267 says I'm pretty sure the demand for printed body parts isn't going to revolve around ears.

By CL in technologies   6 comments, latest 52 minutes ago:
Dan8267 says CL says Penisland was pretty funny too. Most of the visitors were disappointed. I mean, I've heard of pencil dick...

Alexis Tsipras "Open Letter" to German Citizens Regarding Extend-and-Pretend
By Mish in misc   1 comment, latest 56 minutes ago:
Heraclitusstudent says "My party, and I personally, disagreed fiercely with the May 2010 loan agreement not because you, the citizens of Germany, did not give us enough money but because you gave us much, much...

Public, scientists have strikingly different views about science issues
By tvgnus in technologies   1 comment, latest 59 minutes ago:
Dan8267 says tvgnus says Public, scientists have strikingly different views about science issues because the public is scientifically illiterate. This is what happens when intellectuals are ridicules instead of admired, when rock stars and sports...

The State of the U.S. Economy
By smaulgld in misc   7 comments, latest 1 hour ago:
smaulgld says thunderlips11 says Hey Smaulgld, Wonder how much of the R/E "price recovery" would disappear the moment we had anything approaching normal interest rates. Dont think we would have any thing near the investment...

Sarah Palin incoherent meltdown in Iowa
By iwog in misc   222 comments, latest 1 hour ago:
tatupu70 says indigenous says Production catches up with demand. But as production rises, doesn't demand also rise?? That's basically the definition of Say's Law. How can it ever "catch up"?

Tax Time: File Jointly or Separately?
By BayArea in misc   1 comment, latest 1 hour ago:
dublin hillz says It is unlikely to pay off filing separately due to relatively similar incomes plus the disqualification of student loan deduction for filing separately. Additionally both parties would need to either take standard...

Another friend request
By tovarichpeter in misc   posted 1 hour ago:

A whole lotta Captain Shuddups out there right now.
By CaptainShuddup in misc   7 comments, latest 1 hour ago:
HydroCabron says thunderlips11 says Obamacare is a handout to insurance companies, not socialized medicine. I'm sure that if we elected a Republican president to go with this congress, that they'd fix that immediately.

Ventura vs. Kyle
By thunderlips11 in misc   1 comment, latest 2 hours ago:
HydroCabron says Ventura will remain a staple of cable news punditry, because he is a know-nothing conservative. What liberal media? (On second thought, maybe the MSM is deviously liberal, and they're keeping him in the...

Fiscal austerity.......
By iwog in misc   84 comments, latest 2 hours ago:
sbh says iwog says Fiscal austerity....... iwog says It's exactly what Republicans want for the United States federal government now that they are close to power. Aren't you happy??? I think CIC should practice fecal...

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