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Goldman's Former Head Of Housing Research Predicts Housing Crash, Recession Wit
By Bubbabear  5 comments, latest 33 minutes ago:
hanera says ...I am lamentably confident that home prices will fall by 15% within three years... Nothing to be afraid of. In SFBA, prices went up >50% over three years, so giving back some is...

Trying to retire with a mortgage
By tovarichpeter in South San Francisco CA 94080   12 comments, latest 2 hours ago:
jazz music says Howdy There says Morons You feel high and mighty? Definitely so fortunate that you take a dim view of those who hold little equity, but do you understand very much about life?...

Affordable housing for retires is major problem
By tovarichpeter in South San Francisco CA 94080   16 comments, latest 4 hours ago:
FortWayne says Once we transitioned from pension to 401k model things went downhill for a lot of people. It was necessary, but it wasn't done properly.

The big right-wing housing bubble lie - OC Housing News
By golfplan18 in Irvine CA 92620   48 comments, latest 6 hours ago:
The Professor says The Professor says The Professor says Bellingham Bill says On dozens of important issues where the electorate (that bothers to vote) is more or less evenly divided. Are they really? Can you...

Help for homeless vets in danger
By tovarichpeter in South San Francisco CA 94080   posted 14 hours ago:

New modular apartment technology
By tovarichpeter in South San Francisco CA 94080   posted 17 hours ago: Workers assemble modular apartment units being built by Zeta Communities at McClellan Park on Thursday. A new building called Eviva Midtown will be built using prefabricated units that will be trucked, below, to the...

Prices in Santa Clara county at all time high
By cloud15  2 comments, latest 17 hours ago:
Ceffer says Bellingham Bill says Fill The Bay! Make new landfill with dead BoomerFucks and let the developers loose!

My first real estate bear thread (ever)
By iwog in Lafayette CA 94549   311 comments, latest 22 hours ago:
Smallblock57 says Iwog: Question for ya...................due to the fact that you bought your properties during a time period that will probably go down in history as one of the best buying opportunities in real estate...

Living in a Fool's Paradise
By myob in Mountain View CA 94040   9 comments, latest 1 day ago:
dodgerfanjohn says Peter P says retire59 says The increase in crime and over priced cost living is so out of hand. Crime is an issue. Collectively, the city tends to think that criminals are victims....

Project Row House wins genius grant
By tovarichpeter in South San Francisco CA 94080   posted 1 day ago: Nestled in Houston's Third Ward are six blocks chock full of art. Art you can touch, art built with slats and nails, art that people live in and live with. It's work that takes...

Realtor of the Year!
By jvolstad in San Antonio TX 78256   6 comments, latest 1 day ago:
mmmarvel says Ceffer says on the hunt for children at the carousel, and he keeps grabbing the tits of his female figurehead. For a minute there I thought you were going to say something bad...

Home Prices & the Dow, each Inflation-Adjusted. A recent Dow day.
By ttsmyf  306 comments, latest 2 days ago:
ttsmyf says WOW! The UNtrustworthy are certainly in control of what information is apparent to the people! Say hey! This was in the Wall Street Journal on March 30, 1999. Note "... how much it...

Economic Denial From Builders "The Sequel"
By Logan Mohtashami in Irvine CA 92603   30 comments, latest 2 days ago:
Logan Mohtashami says I actually believe some of these new home buyers are moving to EHS, I wouldn't be surprised to a 5.21 million print for EHS this month, I have a range of 5.08-5.21

Zillow, Top 10 markets to buy and sell your house now
By Call it Crazy  4 comments, latest 2 days ago:
Call it Crazy says E-man says "7. Las Vegas, California" I didn't know that Las Vegas was in CA. Hey, it's Zillow.... Sometimes they don't know what country they're in.. I'll fix it for them...

Wells Fargo CEO, Housing no longer leads the recovery
By Call it Crazy  13 comments, latest 2 days ago:
Call it Crazy says thunderlips11 says Call it Crazy says The failure to complete a college education in the United States is especially marked at four-year private for-profit schools, where 78 percent of attendees fail...

Self-important Realtor's
By jvolstad in San Antonio TX 78256   1 comment, latest 2 days ago:
APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says Yeah! You're not even ASSHOLES!

The low construction rate for single-family homes may still be too high
By Call it Crazy  posted 2 days ago:
The construction rate for single-family homes is about 40% below its long-term average, but even that depressed pace may be too high given that vacancy rates haven’t dropped much from post-housing-collapse highs, one economist noted...

Why your house is NOT a terrible investment (or at least my house)
By Waitingtobuy  113 comments, latest 3 days ago:
yup1 says bubblesitter says Math gets murky day by day. 129332 (way to come up with 10k more income) -17500 401k -5500 IRA -9129 FICA (FICA is based off of gross income) -600 SDI -8270...

We Are Recreating The Markets Of 2007 Homebuilder Sentiment Soars To 9 Year H
By Bubbabear  posted 3 days ago: MarketWatch) — Construction started on new U.S. homes tumbled 14.4% in August, pulling back after a surge in July, signaling some shakiness in the housing market’s recovery, according to government data released Thursday. Led...

Housing starts tumble 14.4% in August, signal shaky recovery
By Call it Crazy  1 comment, latest 3 days ago:
Call it Crazy says Housing Starts, Permits Tumble Driven By Collapse In Multi-Family Units One look at the August housing starts and permits data, and one will wonder just how is it possible that yesterday...

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