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AAA: The true cost of vehicle ownership
by tvgnus   3 comments, latest 2 minutes ago
Fake president followers using fake crowd photograph
by Tim Aurora   Posted 2 minutes ago Donald Trump supporters have been sharing fake photos of huge crowds at the US President's Phoenix rally on social media, following claims the event failed to draw big numbers.Images...
Economic confidence gets an August uptick
by tvgnus   2 comments, latest 4 minutes ago
Why you should never give your phone number to Google, Twitter, Facebook
by Patrick   1 comment, latest 5 minutes ago
Hackers have discovered that one of the most central elements of online security — the mobile phone number — is also one of the easiest to steal.In a growing number...
Deep state takedown cometh.
by Blurtman in #WeDidNotChooseYou   6 comments, latest 9 minutes ago
James Clapper questions Trump’s fitness, worries about his access to nuclear codesJames R. Clapper Jr., former national intelligence director, questioned President Trump’s fitness for office following his freewheeling speech in...
Trump's African American wandered off, but don't worry. He got another one.
by YesYNot   Posted 22 minutes ago Gregory Cheadle, the man whom Donald J. Trump famously called “my African-American” at a California campaign rally, watched this month as now-President Trump praised the “very fine people on...
California student told that not wearing a bra makes 'people assume bad things'
by jvolstad   6 comments, latest 22 minutes ago A perfect example why we need school uniforms.
New version of is live!
by Patrick   64 comments, latest 23 minutes ago
You should not notice all that much, maybe a few things will be slightly different, or broken! Please tell me about broken things: Even better, if you know how...

It's probably a good thing Trump surrounds himself with high level Military people
by marcus   5 comments, latest 26 minutes ago
As a check against his behaving in such unamerican ways as he has recently.

Libs fail to convict the Bundy's
by Tenpoundbass   3 comments, latest 29 minutes ago
Amazon coming to Stockton may be tipping point to prosperity for the city
by tvgnus   1 comment, latest 36 minutes ago
Confirmed ESPN pulled Robert Lee from UVa Game
by TwoScoopsMcGee   15 comments, latest 38 minutes ago
Robert Lee is an Asian-American.Bigly Bad for the AltLeft if True. Will make many more realize the MSM is AltLeft SJW nuts.
Media Out of Control. Mock Them More.
by TwoScoopsMcGee in #AltLeft   11 comments, latest an hour ago
Remember:I may die of witnessesing unbelievable Chutzpah if Chris Cilliza says anything about Trump's Health.Trump calls again for Unity, Opposition to Divisiveness today. Repeated his earlier remarks. Then CNN calls...
Trump's Afghanistan Strategy
by Rew   17 comments, latest an hour ago
It's totally incoherent. An unknown 'secret' deployment time timetable for an build up of in country forces. As to how this helps us not being "waited out" by the Taliban,...

McConnell Doubts if Trump can save his Presidency
by marcus   5 comments, latest 2 hours ago Bob Corker expressed shared similar thoughts last week. Is this for real, or are republicans just starting to separate themselves early from Trump in prep for 2018 ?
Cats Questioning Sanity
by tovarichpeter   Posted 2 hours ago
Moving from San Diego to Phoenix - Buy a house?
by just any guy in #housing   39 comments, latest 2 hours ago
Well, my family and I are considering leaving San Diego area and moving to Phoenix. We've never owned a home and I have always felt CA is just way too...
When Political Correctness Morphs into Bolshevicism
by Entitlemented   7 comments, latest 4 hours ago
Can one Socialist or Democrat tell me if this is rationale:
by mell in #politics   1 comment, latest 9 hours ago #politics#leftoidiocracy
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