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new post hacked!
by Patrick in #misc   54 comments, latest 16 hours ago
Someone badly fucked with the site. Sorry for the delay in getting it back.
Many of you made passionate arguments for eliminating DACA in defense of Donald Trump.........
by iwog in #misc   47 comments, latest 7 days ago
Now that Donald Trump is poised to re-institute DACA under federal law via a deal with the Democrats, at what point do you completely change all your morals and ethics...
Trump's Afghanistan Strategy
by Rew in #misc   44 comments, latest an hour ago
It's totally incoherent. An unknown 'secret' deployment time timetable for an build up of in country forces. As to how this helps us not being "waited out" by the Taliban,...
Manafort wiretapped by Deep State?
by TwoScoopsMcGee in #misc   42 comments, latest 5 days ago
Rumor that Manafort, as Trump's Campaign manager, was wiretapped before and after the Election.According to CNN, two Sources noted the evidence is not conclusive (of working with Russians). This which...
Thoughts on Starbucks (sbux) ?
by someone else in #investing   41 comments, latest 14 hours ago
I had a good profit on Starbucks in the last couple of years, and was getting slightly worried that they could not grow enough more to justify a p/e of...
Ideal earth temperature.
by Onvacation in #globalwarming   39 comments, latest 7 days ago
Everyone knows that without the greenhouse effect earth would be a lifeless frozen ball.What is the ideal temp for human life on earth? Warmer? Cooler? By how many degrees?Alarmists never...

You have exactly one week to live
by iwog in #misc   39 comments, latest 7 days ago
Christians say so. ( - Christian numerologists claim that the world will end on Sept. 23, 2017 as they believe a planet will collide with Earth.According to Christian numerologist David...
Anyone think that Kim wouldn't use nuclear weapons if attacked?
by HEY YOU in #misc   38 comments, latest 4 days ago
" That TOTALLY confirms the prevailing independent analysis all across Eurasia; Washington is now run by a military junta - with Kelly, Mad Dog and McMaster just the tip of...

Russia is dead. No evidence....
by joeyjojojunior in #misc   36 comments, latest 7 days ago "Republicans close to the White House say every sign by Mueller — from his hiring of Mafia and money-laundering experts to his aggressive pursuit of witnesses and evidence...
Have No Fear Trump Is Lying Us Into War Just Like All The Presidents Before Him
by BayAreaObserver in #War   34 comments, latest 6 days ago
If you’re worried that Trump is taking this country down some horrible uncharted path – leading us into the great unknown of orange demise – you can worry no longer!...

The truth about political correctness
by marcus in #misc   34 comments, latest 4 days ago
Political correctness depends entirely on the politics you agree or disagree with. For example, Patrick thinks he is identifying a profound truth when he states that it's not politically correct...
Where else can I make an honest 5%?
by Bellingham Bill in #investing   34 comments, latest 4 hours ago
Moved this month's IRA contribution into BAC-L when it was touching $1300 (it's a 7.25% yield preferred at $1000 issue price) Converts into 20 shares of common if/when BAC...
The "voter fraud" myth
by tovarichpeter in #misc   33 comments, latest 4 days ago MIT MIT President Rafael Reif speaks to alumni in San Francisco. MIT President Rafael Reif speaks to alumni in San Francisco.
Kansas tax cuts completely rolled back as the state tries to recover from horrible Republican policy
by iwog in #misc   33 comments, latest 5 days ago
Republicans had to override a Republican veto to accomplish it. This is old news but I thought it was very timely considering Republicans at the federal level are about to...
Trump's UN Speech: We will destroy North Korea
by Dan8267 in #politics   26 comments, latest 5 days ago
"Rocketman is on a suicide mission". Trump is posturing for war.#politics
by Dan8267 in #crime   23 comments, latest 4 days ago
General thread to post all ANTIFA crime videos. They are becoming as common as Islamic terrorist attacks.#crime #politics
ISIS in Southeast Asia - Get ready to send your kids and grandkids to the new Vietnams
by BayAreaObserver in #misc   23 comments, latest 4 hours ago
After Ahok: Indonesia Grapples with the Rise of Political Islam. For decades, Indonesian society has experienced a slow process of Islamization. In 2017, the pace picked up. Malaysian police arrest...
Bernie Sanders on "Why we need Medicare for all"
by tovarichpeter in #misc   22 comments, latest 6 days ago
I Honestly Can Not Believe I’m Still Getting Away With This - by Benny Hinn
by BayAreaObserver in #BennyHinn   22 comments, latest 6 days ago
The older I get, the more I realize how lucky I’ve been in life. It was 1983 when I first started claiming to be a special vessel of the healing...
Weekend Getaway Ideas
by WookieMan in #misc   22 comments, latest 4 days ago
Wife and I are looking to get away for a long weekend, no kids. Maybe a Friday to Monday or Thursday to Sunday type setup. Would probably do this in...
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