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NYC apartment building to have seperate door for the poor
By BayAreaObserver in RealEstate   50 comments, latest 30 seconds ago:
Carolyn C says That's fine. But quit all your whining about the unfairness of high home prices. Waaaa! Those that show compassion will be shown compassion. wave9x says Carolyn C says What about the kids...

there you go...june existing home sales
By SubOink in RealEstate in Los Angeles CA 90077   8 comments, latest 2 minutes ago:
Logan Mohtashami says Strategist says He's hiding. You must be harboring him. New home sales come out Thursday 10.00am. I think the numbers will be awesome. Another person who doesn't read. 3. New Home Sales...

The modern women can no longer cook, they no longer want children and...
By The Original Bankster in Misc in Phoenix AZ 85007   197 comments, latest 3 minutes ago:
Bigsby says bgamall4 says iwog says ou've shown intense racist hatred of Jews and various other groups. I am thinking about suing you. You slander me. Perhaps you are unaware of the court case in...

In a Subprime Bubble for Used Cars, Borrowers Pay Sky-High Rates - NYTimes.com
By CL in Economics in Emeryville CA 94608   6 comments, latest 4 minutes ago:
Strategist says Call it Crazy says The institutions that buy loans from car dealers must be fully aware that massive fraud takes place at the dealership. Must be real profitable for them to continue with...

Addendum: No Kids and now, generally losing interest in women
By Rin in Misc   243 comments, latest 15 minutes ago:
mell says Rin says Don't want to get too detailed but areas like ultrasound, targeted drug delivery, and so forth. My hours are fully occupied with this hedge fund stuff so I look forward to...

Malaysia Airlines Plane Filled with Already-Dead Bodies
By HydroCabron in Misc   22 comments, latest 16 minutes ago:
HydroCabron says Zoonists flew the plane full of cadabers into a missile.

Assumable Mortgages For EVERYONE
By BoomAndBustCycle in RealEstate   25 comments, latest 26 minutes ago:
Bitcoins arent the future? says I've got one of these FHA mortgages, I can sell the entire mortgage, interest rate and all. I thought that it might come into play someday, but It looks like...

GAO Sting Finds It Easy to Fake It, Get Obamacare Premiums
By Call it Crazy in Politics   5 comments, latest 31 minutes ago:
Call it Crazy says futuresmc says Of course we could nip this fraud in the bud if congress was willing to fund appropriate oversight, Wasn't the oversight and funding built into the bill when it...

Genius crack dealer runs from cops right into a police academy trying to escape
By lakermania in Misc   2 comments, latest 33 minutes ago:
Ceffer says Just thought he could make a few sales before going to jail.

Nine in 10 homes sold in positive equity territory in June
By tvgnus in RealEstate   1 comment, latest 35 minutes ago:
Ceffer says Just another thing to add to the drought worries. No more underwater homes.

AirBNB Guest Refuses To Leave Condo
By zzyzzx in BULLSHIT in Baltimore MD 21230   20 comments, latest 40 minutes ago:
Peter P says The Original Bankster says it's so exploitable. in NYC they had problems with muggings, abductions, lots of issues. and theyre all going to happen again and Uber will disclaim any responsibility, fix...

What do you think is going to "global" R.E?
By phaster in RealEstate   9 comments, latest 48 minutes ago:
siklidkid says Phaster, The Fed, QE, Rates And You http://market-ticker.org/akcs- From link: "The pension funds and insurance companies that are the backbone of this market are probably doing plenty of screaming, and with good cause....

Reference material for my loss of interest in dating women thread
By Rin in Misc   178 comments, latest 51 minutes ago:
thunderlips11 says I can't help but to imagine some true love believin' single cat-hoardin' 40-somethin' singing this to herself reading this thread:

Malaysian jet carrying 295 ppl crashes in Ukraine-near Russian border
By lostand confused in Misc   134 comments, latest 58 minutes ago:
thunderlips11 says Strategist says To me all Islamists are the same. Nothing but trouble. We have to expel them from this planet. Hizbollah don't like Salafyi or Wahabism terrorist nuts or the rest of the...

Israeli navy kills four boys playing on the beach
By tovarichpeter in Misc in South San Francisco CA 94080   57 comments, latest 1 hour ago:
thunderlips11 says Step giving either of these assholes money. Let them hit each other over the head with sticks.

Managers: Not asking for help is biggest networking mistake
By tvgnus in Business   posted 1 hour ago:
http://www.centralvalleybusine Embarrassment is one reason for reluctance •  Every connection counts When you schmooze, if you snooze, you lose, according to a new survey paid for by a unit of Robert Half International (NYSE: RHI)...

What a wonderful place to live.
By HEY YOU in Misc   1 comment, latest 1 hour ago:
Call it Crazy says Yep, the drought has to be good for another 5% increase in house prices there, this month alone!!

Oregon expected to legalize marijuana in November
By tovarichpeter in Misc in South San Francisco CA 94080   2 comments, latest 1 hour ago:
HEY YOU says If passed,everyone here will just join the herd & overpay in a mad rush, to have a "rush",to make someone else rush to the bank with money from suckers. Seems to remind...

Convert, pay or die: Iraqi Christians
By Oilwelldoctor in Politics   13 comments, latest 1 hour ago:
Strategist says HEY YOU says Strategist says HEY YOU says Wonder if Jesus can kick Mohammed's ass? To be honest, Jesus was kinda peaceful. He was no warrior. I doubt if he could even beat...

I know Nuthing!
By CaptainShuddup in Politics   8 comments, latest 1 hour ago:
CaptainShuddup says Ha Ha Ha Call it crazy posted a non Liberal view, wooo he sure is stupid. Am I doing it right Libbies? Anywho here's another thought. I like how they so eloquently used...

Fired Ed DeMarco saved taxpayers billions

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