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  • On Sun, 24 Jul 2016, 3:17pm PDT in The DNC were behind the violent protests, marcus said:

    Strategist says

    Marcus, you showed a motive. You still have to prove the crime

    I don't claim proof nor am I saying that I know what happened. What I'm saying is that if anyone hired thugs to infiltrate the protesters and to intentionally instigate violence on their behalf, it would have been Trump. Yes, because of obvious motives on his side - it makes the protesters look bad.

    I acknowledge that protesters were at Trumps rallies, and it seems that at least one person in the DNC encouraged that. I have no problem with that. Although not all that wise. A lot of people , including myself are deeply frightened and disturbed by the prospect of a Trump presidency. ( I would not choose his rallies as a place to protest him - although the University one made sense, since it's right there on the campus)

    Trump was in charge of logistics at his rallies where the protesters would be cordoned off etc. It would be very easy for him to cause some controlled drama with a little violence towards his own goals of getting free media attention for his rallies and making "liberals" look bad.

  • On Sun, 24 Jul 2016, 3:02pm PDT in The DNC were behind the violent protests, marcus said:

    Tenpoundbass says

    And BTW I consider every Obamacare argument you and I ever had as won as well.

    You're changing the subject, and I was right. It was a step in the right direction. Please explain to people with "preexisting conditions" (i.e. people with diseases or serious health care issues that need treatment but can't couldn't get insurance before the ACA) how terrible the A.C.A. is.

  • On Sun, 24 Jul 2016, 2:50pm PDT in The DNC were behind the violent protests, marcus said:

    Tenpoundbass says

    Because there is NOW irrefutable evidence that proves otherwise.

    So some individuals wanted protests at his rallies. This is a far cry from pouring kerosine on a dangerous situation.

    I don't have proof, but it's an old trick that everyone knows. Hire a few instigators (brawlers) into a protest to guarantee that it doesn't go as planned.

    turtledove says

    But the DNC did what they could (as indicated in the emails) to increase the likelihood of it occurring... and then delighted in the outcome

    "Delighted in the outcome ?" Once it was violent, it was a bad outcome. Because people saw and reported violence being instigated by anti-Trump protesters. This causes guilt by association to all those who are anti-Trump. You're right I don't have proof. But where's your proof that violence was a goal of those wanting protesters there ?

    Can anyone be so stupid that they think any democrat would think violence caused by anti-Trump protesters is good for democrats ? ( Or that it's not good for Trump). Anyone besides TPB that is ?

    Please think about this. And then point me to the evidence that democrat caused or "delighted in" violence at the rallies.

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