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  • On 1 Sep 2014 in Oklahoma doctor making a run around ObamaCare, marcus said:

    The Captain's blind hate for Obamacare is relentless.

    Most of us here at Patrick.net like to think of him as "special."

  • On 1 Sep 2014 in Patrick wants to open a competitive wine bar, marcus said:

    The competitions you're talking about could be just one feature.

    I think a wine bar that featured tasting sized pours of several excellent wines, but at not too much of a markup above a wholesale price, could be a successful place.

    If it's combined with a wine store, you could do the bar as almost a loss leader in terms of pricing (still enough of a markup to cover overhead though). Sell the bottles of wines people have to have at closer to retail, but still a very fair price.

    Probably tricky, because the key is getting really great wines at great prices, which probably requires amazing connections. You have to be good at buying them yourself, because all the big names that get great reviews aren't going to be available for good prices. Probably not available at all.

    So you have to be able to identify and buy the good ones that haven't been so highly reviewed (yet).

    I personally can't afford an expensive wine habit, but I could see splurging in a place like that every now and then.

  • On 1 Sep 2014 in Woman Uses Her Gun To Ward Off Abduction, marcus said:

    marcus says

    Why does my intuition tell me there is at least a 50% chance this story is made up ?

    4 dislikes for this ? (instead of the usual two) I think I must be on to something.

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