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  • On 24 Oct 2014 in Middle Class Wealth Gone!, marcus said:

    Bellingham Bill says

    Not only will they get the interest -- the 30 year treasury was sold for 5% 2006-2007, but a tax payment hits their net worth while bond buys are neutral to their balance sheet.

    MEanwhile this shows the impact on the governments balance sheet, the difference between what was projected before those tax cuts,and what happened. Of course there's the spending on two wars and medicare part D occurring too. Not to mention the spending that Bush and Obama did because of the crash in '08, and also the reduction in revenues due to the recession. So it's hard to isolate exactly how much of the area between the curves is just due to the tax cuts. They do estimate it on the right. Clearly the single biggest factor.

  • On 24 Oct 2014 in Obama jokes like an Asshole, marcus said:

    CaptainShuddup says

    Look I don't care how you guys say it, Obama chopped down the damn Cherry tree and blamed Bush.

    So you're saying that historically speaking, for a lot of people he'll be right up there with George Washington ?

  • On 24 Oct 2014 in Middle Class Wealth Gone!, marcus said:

    Actually it is true, that the amount of money that we put in to "entitlement programs" (with all other spending held equal) is made possible by the level of deficit spending that we do.

    That is, given the fact that we are not going to raise that money from current taxation, or we are not going to sacrifice other spending "to pay for it."

    I never said these things were independent of eachother.

    iwog says

    I did read it. It says deficits make lower taxes possible.

    It says more than that. It proves this to be a false statement:

    "Deficits have nothing whatsoever to do with increasing wealth disparity."

    I get that you meant having deficits at all - where as I was referring to increases in the level of defiits.

    God this has been one of the stupidist wastes of time.

    humanity says

    This is so stupid.

    Deficits are revenues minus spending (if spending >revenues). It's like your hung up on the impact that spending has on deficits, and I'm simply saying hey, tax revenues sometimes impact deficits too.

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