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  • On 24 Jul 2014 in Example of sustained right wing propaganda screwing up the country, errc said:

    Robert Sproul says

    errc says

    The federal governments multi decade campaign to disinform the populace on human nutrition, is one of the main reasons we find ourselves in crisis today

    Where up to 30% of hospital admissions are said to be related to diabetes.

    Corporate media in general limits the parameters of the debate to "who should pay' for this broken, unsustainable, corrupted, Sick Care System and tithe to Big Pharma's ongoing criminal enterprise.

    (70% of Americans are on at least one prescription drug, nearly one in four women ages 50 to 64 are on an antidepressant.)

    "Health Care" my ass.

    Here's the thing, Robert. Nobody gives a flying fuck about anything of substance.

    As evidenced in thread after thread, people just want to bicker along their party lines.

    The First Lady started off with as solid of a first lady pet project as there's been in my lifetime. Eat less sugar, and move around more. But she dropped the stern words against sugar almost immediately, presumably under pressure of her husbands string pullers.

    This country puts people in prison for utilizing natures finest remedy, marijuana, while subsidizing and encouraging people to consume natures gateway drug to all things bad, in sugar.

    And otherwise sensible folk like Iwog, focus their energy on chastizing fox news, for encouraging americans to make a good choice in disapproving of ppaca, while engaging the three right wing stooges over and over.

    How sad

  • On 24 Jul 2014 in Appraisal To Remove PMI..., errc said:

    I wouldn't be afraid of preparing some info for the appraiser. I mean, that is their job and all, but I've never smited anyone for doing some of my work for me. Usually I respond gratuitously

  • On 24 Jul 2014 in Example of sustained right wing propaganda screwing up the country, errc said:

    iwog says

    Call it Crazy says

    Conversely, Tens of millions tune into CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, et al for all of THEIR propaganda to change their minds...

    Not the same thing.

    Fox begins each business day trying to figure out how to deceive Americans. They WANT people to believe Iraq was responsible for 9/11 or that the CRA was responsible for the housing bubble. It is their intent to make people stupid.

    No other network does that.

    Replace Fox with usfedgov, and the statement is equally as true. How fucking sad is that

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