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  • On 25 Oct 2014 in Latest on marijuana legalization, errc said:

    These people are clearly the enemy. And just as, when nazi Germany fell, "I was only doing my job" wasn't an excuse fit to save the terrorists ass's, it shouldn't suffice here either

    Anyone and everyone that fought on the wrong side of the war, needs to meet their comeuppance

  • On 23 Oct 2014 in Stunning Siphonophore, errc said:

    Why is it every site on the internet has to have a handful of idiots cluttering the joint up. CiC, indigenous etc. Here at patnet

    And for whatever reason they're always the most vocal

    I wish the more interesting folks with something to offer the forum, Would take up the task of ignoring them altogether. And here at patnet even, plaYing mod and deleting all their posts in threads they start

  • On 22 Oct 2014 in $7 billion wasted on War On Drugs, errc said:

    What on earth are you two morons going on about

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