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  • On 19 Dec 2014 in Google going big-time into geonomics, errc said:

    Actually it's a major minus. Tall people tend to live shorter lives

    Maybe shorter life spans are advantageous to the survival of the species. What the hell is the advantage to living to 100, relative to say 65? Is more/longer always better

  • On 19 Dec 2014 in 50,000 SWAT Raids a Year, Here is One of Them, errc said:

    Peter P says

    Zakrajshek says

    Now we have much lower wages, no job security, lousy hours and travel, and the we're more than half way to the corporate goal of no vacations, no health insurance, and worst of all NO PENSIONS.

    Job security is overrated. Anyone who expects to get more by doing the same thing deserves to have nothing.

    One should not get paid simply because he has worked has whole life. He should have been amassing a portfolio of passive investment. And he better had gambled right.

    And that still should not be a sure thing

    The entire portfolio should always be at risk of total loss. Or capitalism has no meaning

  • On 19 Dec 2014 in 50,000 SWAT Raids a Year, Here is One of Them, errc said:

    I generally support law enforcement

    Like a jack ass who just can't get enough of The State and their privileged gang of unaccountable domestic terrorists

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