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  • On 20 Aug 2014 in How would you respond to this police officer?, errc said:

    Peter P says

    Dan8267 says

    Never judge what is common by your own limited experiences, and remember that even if you made it to middle age without being sexually assaulted or raped by a cop in the line of duty doesn't mean your children or grandchildren will

    So, you suggest that we judge by outliers? I thought you're the scientific one.

    Did you miss the part where he said "by your own limited experiences"

  • On 19 Aug 2014 in Solution to Ferguson Riots, errc said:

    In honor of the 2nd amendment we should hand out guns to all the citizens of Fergastan and encourage them to defend themselves against the aggressor

  • On 19 Aug 2014 in Over a dozen witnesses confirm cop, Darren Wilson's version of what happened, errc said:

    What I find most fucked up here is that so many rush to complain about the looting by the savages. They're not bothered as to why its happening,,,,to some of these simple simon-fuck-"americans" ( I feel sick calling them my fellow countrymen) the big problem here is the rioting

    Not that a police officer, whose gig is to protect and serve, while upholding the law, executed a teen on the streets in midday, with no imminent danger

    Not that said police officers fellow union members are beating up on the entire town now

    Not that these worthless government union slackers are pissing on the freedom of press, detaining journalists and photographers

    No. This sect of "american" is most bothered by the chance that some big black kid lifted two blunts, and he was gonna go smoke some more grass. When little miss scaredy cat LEO decided to harass him before executing him.

    He had it coming to him

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