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  • On 30 Sep 2014 in Not enough U.S. students are pursuing engineering careers, tovarichpeter said:

    Engineering and science students in other first world countries and even some third world countries e.g. Cuba, don't have to indenture themselves to student loans. Not only is their education free but also their living expenses. Actually the U.S. has been short changing Americans with the interest and aptitude to become scientists and engineers for decades while simply raiding other countries for scientific and engineering talent. (Except for physicians who have a strong union and have been able to get protectionist legislation passed to create a shortage of doctors).

  • On 16 Sep 2014 in Chiropractors cannot cure diabetes (or anything else), tovarichpeter said:

    "...cure all nonsense spouted by shysters."

    Good definition of chiropractic

  • On 8 Sep 2014 in Contra Costa DA defends cop who was caught beating woman with baseball bat, tovarichpeter said:

    The only reason this guy pled guilty is because he was caught by a honest police department that refused to cover for him, and the only reason the injuries to his victim were non-life threatening is because he was caught before he could beat her to death. The Contra Costa DA is defending him, not the poor woman he terrorized and beat!

    I hope his victim sues him for his pension and everything he owns.

    This man not only demonstrated his complete contempt for the law he was sworn to uphold but he is a violent criminal and the efforts by the Contra Costa DA to cover up his heinous crime demonstrates his contempt for the law.

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