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I contribute to Seeking Alpha as Gary A and have contributed to Business Insider.

I have ebooks, most notably Will Rogers from Great Depression to Great Recession and False Flag Murdering Neocon Crazies.

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  • On 2 Aug 2014 in bgamall4 what do you make of this video?, bgamall4 said:

    I believe Christ is on his throne the Davidic throne. I don't need to use force to get anyone to do anything because God will judge this mess. The author is mistaken and deceived, because the early Christians didn't fight. He is actually lying about this

    The early Christians did not force anyone to do anything.

  • On 2 Aug 2014 in bgamall4 what do you make of this video?, bgamall4 said:

    If you see how fast the US has rearmed Israel in the current attack on Palestinians, you will see that our senate is totally controlled by the Israelis. I believe the sovereignty of our nation is on the line and I believe the Zionists control a lot of the CIA and maybe all of Homeland Security. I believe that the author may not be aware of the total control of the Zionists. This control is over media, as you see CNN, MSNBC and Fox defend Israel continually.

    Even Chomsky doesn't really understand the power of the Zionists because he refuses to see 9/11 and the Sandy Hook Hoax and more as Zionist plots! I guarantee you that the Zionists are at the door. If a Muslim, Fareed Zakarias, can be a Zionist, then they are everywhere.

  • On 2 Aug 2014 in bgamall4 what do you make of this video?, bgamall4 said:

    indigenous says

    bgamall4 says

    Cheney and Rove use religion to get us involved in the Iraq War

    Religion and war have been conflated in this country for a long time.

    But something changed in 2000 when the neocons who are Zionists, came to power. The Bush/Cheney regime was a Zionist regime. Obama is a reluctant Zionist.

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