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I contribute to Seeking Alpha as Gary A and have contributed to Business Insider.

I have ebooks, most notably Will Rogers from Great Depression to Great Recession and False Flag Murdering Neocon Crazies.

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  • On 23 Oct 2014 in The Wickedness of the Father of Zionism, Theodore Herzl, bgamall4 said:

    "Both the process of expropriation and the removal of the poor must be carried out discretely..."

  • On 22 Oct 2014 in Where Do You Peasants Bank? Credit Unions? Hahaha, bgamall4 said:

    APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says

    They'll find a way to fuck you in the ass. You'll be raped. No American goes unraped!

    I warned my relative.

  • On 22 Oct 2014 in Hmmm... Looks Like There Were WMD in Iraq After All!!, bgamall4 said:

    socal2 says

    Unlike Russia, China and many European nations - America stopped supporting Saddam a quarter century ago once his aggression and attacks on the Kurds and Shia became more widely known.

    Are you really arguing that America's foreign policy should not adjust as facts on the ground change?

    We don't run our own foreign policy, Socal. We run Israel's foreign policy as Shahak's introduction to his translation of Yinon Zionism shows. This was written in 1982 but it still applies:


    by Israel Shahak


    The following essay represents, in my opinion, the accurate and detailed plan of the present Zionist regime (of Sharon and Eitan) for the Middle East which is based on the division of the whole area into small states, and the dissolution of all the existing Arab states. I will comment on the military aspect of this plan in a concluding note. Here I want to draw the attention of the readers to several important points:


    1. The idea that all the Arab states should be broken down, by Israel, into small units, occurs again and again in Israeli strategic thinking. For example, Ze’ev Schiff, the military correspondent of Ha’aretz (and probably the most knowledgeable in Israel, on this topic) writes about the “best” that can happen for Israeli interests in Iraq: “The dissolution of Iraq into a Shi’ite state, a Sunni state and the separation of the Kurdish part” (Ha’aretz 6/2/1982). Actually, this aspect of the plan is very old.


    2. The strong connection with Neo-Conservative thought in the USA is very prominent, especially in the author’s notes. But, while lip service is paid to the idea of the “defense of the West” from Soviet power, the real aim of the author, and of the present Israeli establishment is clear: To make an Imperial Israel into a world power. In other words, the aim of Sharon is to deceive the Americans after he has deceived all the rest.

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