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This is a free speech forum. My position is as follows. It is my religious belief that Sandy Hook was a hoax. It is my religious belief that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob will judge harshly those who propagate these hoaxes and false flags, on the last day. I stand by my right of free speech and my right of freedom of religion as a believer in the New Covenant of Christ, which rejects the fake Zion that exists in Israel. I also stand by my right to reject the Zionist cause globally, while being tolerant of all religions. Zionism, which is behind these false flags and hoaxes, is a wicked doctrine of world domination and hate.

So, to be clear, the Christian Zionists also practice false religion and will face the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the judgement. That judgement will be horrible for these people who have disobeyed God and His Zion and His Messiah.

I tolerate all religions and I tolerate the non religious doctrine of Zionism, which was founded by atheists. I will wait upon the judgement of God, not on any efforts other than to voice my opinion about the truth.

God has shown me that Zionism will be defeated at the return of Jesus Christ, and though it is the most powerful political cabal in the world, it will be defeated and every last Zionist consigned to a horrible eternal punishment.

I am not a lawyer, nor am I a rebel. I am a witness of Christ within me and of His truth which will defeat all hoaxes and frauds and evil.

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