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I contribute to Seeking Alpha as Gary A and have contributed to Business Insider.

I have ebooks, most notably Will Rogers from Great Depression to Great Recession and False Flag Murdering Neocon Crazies.

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  • On 24 Apr 2014 in It's not the fed, bgamall4 said:

    How about this Iwog. Bernanke said there should be a backstop for most loans even if the GSE's no longer exist. That means his big banks would take over the Fannie and Freddie function and all loans would be guaranteed. That is crazy.

  • On 24 Apr 2014 in It's not the fed, bgamall4 said:

    iwog says

    Assuming the fed was nationalized, how would the government conduct policy differing from current policy?

    One would hope, Iwog, that government would make the consumer agencies stronger, and make sure that laws against aggressive speculation be put into place. What is happening is that the rich will own damn near everything if these policies are not implemented. All the markets are cornered and manipulated, including food and oil.

    As far as interest rates are concerned, savers have been punished. I would expect the Fed to let them go up a bit. But we are now trapped by derivatives. If they go up too far, the entire banking system will implode.

  • On 24 Apr 2014 in It's not the fed, bgamall4 said:

    So Iwog, when the 30 year fixed mortgage dominated, there was stability in the housing market. People put 20 percent down. Now the housing market is INHERENTLY UNSTABLE. It is driven by cash and easy money FHA and the like. It is not stable.

    It can crash again and people know it. Even if they do introduce easy money, everyone remembers it won't last.

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