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I contribute to Seeking Alpha as Gary A and have contributed to Business Insider.

I have ebooks, most notably Will Rogers from Great Depression to Great Recession and False Flag Murdering Neocon Crazies.

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  • On 26 Nov 2014 in Could someone be lying?, bgamall4 said:

    dodgerfanjohn says

    What do the voices say to you?

    Denniger is no liberal. Wake up.

  • On 26 Nov 2014 in Could someone be lying?, bgamall4 said:

    Call it Crazy says

    bgamall4 says

    Not if he was 150 feet away. If he was shot at that distance, and that appears to be the case, it is murder and the cop got away with murder.

    Dude, you need to loosen up your hat!


    You need to take the rubber band off you private parts. It is stopping blood to flow to your brain. Again, it is clear that a man running full speed and gunned down would have had scratches on the front of his body and you cannot refute that because your buddy was not telling the truth, IMO.

  • On 26 Nov 2014 in 'He wanted to kill': Michael Brown's mother insists Ferguson cop Darren Wilso, bgamall4 said:

    The Libertarian, Karl Denniger, who I respect for his economic understanding even though he is a libertariaan, basically nailed the analysis. No scratches means he could not have fallen forward at full speed. And the officer said he was much closer than what appears.

    I totally understand people who believe Wilson is a cold blooded killer because it appears that could be the case.

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