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  • On 30 Nov 2014 in Uh Oh. Another Cop Fatal Shooting of an Unarmed Teen. Here Come the Riots., bg said:

    Blurtman says

    There are more poor whites in the USA than any other racial or ethnic group (so far).

    Isn't that because there are just more white people in the US? I believe the proportion of black people living in poverty or in jail is much higher than that of white people. I think poor white people also live under the illusion that they could "make" it someday. I suspect they don't feel as disenfranchised as black people do. They don't have the same history of oppression as black people. I think the combination of poverty and oppression lead to the riots.

  • On 30 Nov 2014 in Uh Oh. Another Cop Fatal Shooting of an Unarmed Teen. Here Come the Riots., bg said:

    CaptainShuddup says

    What a Racist load of rubbish, you smug condescending bastard. why don't you tell the first black person you see, because you damn sure don't know any. Go tell some stranger, that they lack a brain and common sense to deal with their grievances when they have gotten the shitty end of the stick. Like Uncle Cracker, trying to pigeonhole them into the Minibus slot of the intellect scale.

    Dude, I am married to a black person. He is a black person who grew up in a very poor neighborhood in the south. His great grandparents were slaves. He parents dropped out of school in 6th and 8th grade to work and earn money for their families. He didn't like the choices that were available to him in his community, so he joined the Marines at 17. He went to college and became a black cop in the south. I know and love black people who have wonderful life skills and terrible grammar. I see the educational system available to them in their communities and I worry what life options they will have available to them. They are smart valuable members of their community who would look pretty ignorant is you put them on TV in a CNN interview.

    I felt for the lawyer hired by the Brown family who said "querstion" instead of "question" at the press conference. His manner of speaking won't help him in a white world. I imagine he is a lawyer who likely makes more than I do in a year. I don't pity him. I think his manner of speech it is a reflection of the lack of education in the community where he grew up. I do see this huge divide between black culture and white culture. I wonder how these worlds can come together more successfully.

  • On 29 Nov 2014 in Uh Oh. Another Cop Fatal Shooting of an Unarmed Teen. Here Come the Riots., bg said:

    White people won't riot. They are not oppressed and powerless in the same way as many black people are. I don't like it when people critique black people as stupid or criminal for rioting after something like Michael Brown's shooting. Black people typically don't have the same resources to address the problem as white people do.

    I thought this video explained it well.


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