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  • On Sat, 6 Feb 2016, 11:42am PST in The Difference Between Trump and Sanders Supporters, bg said:

    FortWayne says

    Sanders voters are simple, they are the young who are used to taking without any giving. They are still living with a view of the world where mommy and daddy take care of everything and they just select the benefits.

    I am a Sanders supporter who makes over 250K a year. I don't need to take anything, but I don't like what is happening to the middle class. Rich people should pay more taxes. Healthcare should be universal. Women should have equal pay for equal work. America needs stronger unions, paid family leave, and a reduction in income inequality.

    It is ignorant to say that all who support Sanders want a free ride. IMO, it reflects a ignorant and shallow understanding of the issues. Sounds like a bitter baby-boomer to me.

  • On Tue, 14 Apr 2015, 7:15pm PDT in Police brutality is beyond a few bad apples, bg said:

    Dan8267 says

    What I find sad is how many thugs run from and/or attack the cops

    Perhaps people would be less likely to run away from cops if they weren't afraid of being murdered by them.

    I don't buy it. I think criminals run from the cops. When they do that, they greatly increase the chances that they will be hurt or killed. I am not saying that they deserve to be killed, but that they help create the circumstances in which things get dangerous.

    Cops aren't machines. They are people who have imperfect perceptions and who have to respond when adrenaline runs high. When you run from them or assault them, you run the risk of getting hurt.

  • On Tue, 24 Feb 2015, 12:21am PST in Didn't IWOG say the stock market was going to have a CORRECTION??, bg said:

    He did say short term pull back was coming. Said he sold his stocks. This was in fall.

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