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  • On 19 Jan 2015 in Anyone else sad about the changes to this site?, bg said:

    I found that one, after I posted this. No more AF comments? No more favorites? It is just a drag. I really enjoyed the old site.

  • On 19 Jan 2015 in All about San Francisco Tech Companies, bg said:

    It seems like it took a long time to build a housing site with 15K readers a day. It seems really weird to me that you would change that to a tech site. Why not create a different site for tech? Or why not make it a section of the old site?

    I don't say this to be critical, Patrick. I am just scratching my head a little.

  • On 26 Dec 2014 in Singing Realtor at Costco, bg said:

    APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says

    Actually, given that a larger proportion of PatNetters are not homeowners (i.e. have not been subjected to the financial violence and horrors of dealing with REALTORs)

    I owned a house once. My mom had a real estate license that she never really used. She helped my dad buy a house that he left to me when he died. We used a real estate attorney when we sold it. I think it cost 1% of the asking price to make the sale.

    We bid on a house 18 months ago. The realtor who wrote the contract suggested we bid 704K on a house that was listed at 750k. When the owner countered he suggested that we could get it if we would come up to 715k. This didn't seem outlandish to me. The thing was that we had soured a bit on the block where the house was located by the time the family had come back to counter. He didn't really push much. Maybe Patnet had made me immune to sales tactics by then :-)

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