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  • On 3 Sep 2014 in The Fed Says Americans are Hoarding Money!, bg said:

    sbh says

    No, money is held, in whatever form, because it's possessed in quantity by less and less of us. Those who have virtually no choice but to spend everything they have are great in number but low in aggregate ownership.

    For me, this is true: I save more because what I save earns less. I really want to retire at some point in this life.

    I also completely agree that many people don't have the option of saving. I guess I think that both of these can be true.

  • On 1 Sep 2014 in That was a big earthquake!, bg said:

    It rattled us in Pacifica. My husband says I woke up and asked about it. He told me it was an earthquake and I went right back to sleep. Apparently, I am more concerned about burglars than earthquakes.

  • On 16 Aug 2014 in Rising Inventory & Low Rates Hasn't Created More Housing Demand, bg said:

    Blurtman says

    No, I am not directing this to you. Conditions for the middle class will not improve until they fight to improve their situation. I think what is going on is causing folks to become more educated about the power that banks hold over their lives, the influence they exert over the government, and the amount of crime they get away with and the two-tiered justice system in place in the USA.

    It is scary that people aren't more alarmed about the financial and political power of the small number of people and institutions that have large amounts of money.

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