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  • On 27 Oct 2014 in Hillary Clinton: "Corporations and Businesses Don't Create Jobs", Zak said:

    libero says

    Companies only hire if there is demand for their products which comes from the bottom up

    False. Companies do R&D all the time, with no customers, and give people new things they never knew they needed/wanted. Google. Facebook. Cellphones. Coffee Chocolate beer from my friend Tony. Demand comes because people like what the inventors made and ask for more. Jobs come because of that. No Larry Page and no Sergey Brin = far fewer jobs in the world today. This is why they are billionaires. They FOUND the demand and built a product that catered to it.

  • On 27 Oct 2014 in Atlas Shrugging?, Zak said:

    iwog says

    Roll back the clock to 1980 and all this can be fixed.

    The political forces preventing this are primarily Republican.

    NAFTA, and "most favored nation" are supported bi-partisan. Address the problem, not the politics. So sick of this repub/democrat crap. Get over it. I don't care who you vote for. I care that you encourage them to end the insanity that is free trade.

    Remember if all overall GDP increases, but for 99%, their real income goes down, it's not a good policy.

  • On 27 Oct 2014 in Atlas Shrugging?, Zak said:

    >until your assclown demigod Ronald Reagan

    my assclown? nope sorry. And you're right I haven't read Atlas shrugged, just the synopsis of "quitting society" because of the tax burdens. Seems like a waste to read, when it is obvious they won't quit the profits, only the responsibilities. The premise behind atlas shrugged was that they had to (over)pay to play (correct me if I'm wrong). The main mistake was that the alternative of "don't pay but still play by offshoring" was never discussed, since the market remains open to that avenue . If you correct that and don't let them play without paying, then atlas shrugged may have a valid premise.

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