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  • On Fri, 17 Apr 2015, 3:48pm PDT in Low wage workers demand $15/hour, Zak said:

    Quigley: "Is that a positive direction for the nation?"

    If we have educated people making decisions to work in higher compensated jobs, then yes that IS a positive for our nation. A BS degree in any particular field, even chemistry or physics is really still not that specialized. Hopefully that education gave you that insight for critical thinking.. In your case it sounds like it did, and you are providing a more economically beneficial service than whatever chemistry you could have done. Demand is a clarifier that way. There are lots of nice to haves in the world, but then there are the real necessities like farming and garbage collecting and construction that aren't all that glamorous. No one wants to do those harder jobs, so you have to pay people more to put their dreaming aside and run a crane, or maintain airplanes. Life is sacrifice.... Hopefully your education helped you understand compromise for benefit, and the value of your time.

  • On Fri, 27 Feb 2015, 3:37pm PST in Obama wants to make it easier for people to squander their 401K, Zak said:

    As a conservative, I can say this is an Obama policy I can get behind!

    1) Give people more control and freedom over their own choices and money.

    2) Get rid of a tax penalty on those who can least afford it

    3) Tell the banksters to F themselves!!!

    I only hope that if you have removed money from the IRA/401k, you are allowed to put it back in again.

  • On Mon, 26 Jan 2015, 12:27pm PST in Doctors pay will be linked to quality of care, Zak said:

    Watch as the number of doctors taking medicare patients plummets.

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