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  • On 19 Nov 2014 in 1% is gutting the middle class, Zak said:

    And the result of that political spending is failure of a democrat led justice department to prosecute fraud by bankers, as well as executive action to legalize millions of illegal immigrants.

  • On 18 Nov 2014 in Doctor shortage manufactured by doctors, Zak said:

    So it's a problem to make sure doctors are trained and can pass a test?

  • On 27 Oct 2014 in Hillary Clinton: "Corporations and Businesses Don't Create Jobs", Zak said:

    libero says

    Companies only hire if there is demand for their products which comes from the bottom up

    False. Companies do R&D all the time, with no customers, and give people new things they never knew they needed/wanted. Google. Facebook. Cellphones. Coffee Chocolate beer from my friend Tony. Demand comes because people like what the inventors made and ask for more. Jobs come because of that. No Larry Page and no Sergey Brin = far fewer jobs in the world today. This is why they are billionaires. They FOUND the demand and built a product that catered to it.

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