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  • On Sat, 23 May 2015, 6:07pm PDT in Does QE cause inflation, or not?, Reality said:

    The paycheck economy is suffering because of FED and government policies turning a market place of capitalists competing for labor into a bunch of rent-seeking fat cats waiting for manana falling from the Cargo-Cult FED and government. Read up on Cargo-Cult. The bastardized Keynesianism is essentially a modern form of Cargo-Cult.

  • On Sat, 23 May 2015, 6:04pm PDT in Does QE cause inflation, or not?, Reality said:

    Good question. The stated purpose of QE was to counter "the deflationary pressure"; in other words, if QE did not create inflationary pressure, it would have been deemed as unmitigated failure.

    The problem with the "1930s-style price discovery" was that the price crash was prevented from taking place earlier and quicker like it did during the 1920-21 market correction. Instead, the government under both Hoover and FDR tried to force up the nominal prices, and therefore the resource reallocation in the economy had to take longer to implement, benefiting the existing holders of obsolete capital at the expense of the society in general, especially those whose livelihood depends on new opportunities such as the youth.

    The crashes, then and now, took place because of previous misallocation of capital. The least painful way of removing of such misallocation was/is a rapid correction shaking out the incompetent companies and making the surviving companies more profitable, which then in turn would hire more people to facilitate their better ways of doing business. The crash and the ability for new businesses to buy up old assets at discount during those crashes are the capitalistic market economy's fundamental source of vitality, progress and evolution. Dreaming about a market economy without crashes eliminating badly run companies is like talking about evolution without extinctions. If there had been the supposed busy-bodies all along the evolutionary past, the dodo birds would not have gone extinct nor would have the giant dinosaurs, leaving no niche to fill by mammals and therefore no human at all. In the case of corporate evolutions, if the corporations do not pay for the price of extinction due to their own malfeasance, it is the flesh and blood human beings who have to pay the price of corporate rescue and economic retardation. Anthropomorphizing corporations in this way is fundamentally anti-human.

  • On Tue, 19 May 2015, 4:53pm PDT in Deniers will die., Reality said:

    Dan8267 says

    What determines pollution can be decided by a panel of expert scientists from around the world working as a U.N. agency. The taxes can be levied by individual governments at rates set forth by the U.N. agency or by the U.N. agency directly.

    Dan8267 says

    1. This would satisfy the religion of "free markets" supporters as it is a free market solution.

    From the four dislikes we can tell that so-called free market supporters don't actually support the free market. Otherwise, they would have liked the solution. Once again, conservatives demonstrate that free market is code for letting a privileged few exploit the many using means that should be illegal. An actual free market is the last thing they want because it would level the playing field.

    Isn't "panel of experts" just another way of saying privileged few? We already know what "a panel of experts" can do for thousands of years, ever since the various religious councils and synords were set up thousands of years ago. Their alleged expertise is in reality little more than ideological and propaganda service for the rapiers and guns, which collect the tax and tithe to pay for the salaries of the panels.

    Disinterested parties do not exist in the real world. Nobody has the capacity to play God, because everyone has to eat, drink, have clothes, have a roof over the head, have friends and family if not sex and reproduction. All these personal needs disqualify each and every one from playing the fair and just god in someone else' lives. All that's left is power and coercion if anyone is put in that role.

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