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  • On 7 Dec 2014 in A Proposal That Will End Illegal Immigration by Richard Kelsey, Reality said:

    sbh says

    Try to resist going down the rabbithole with an anarchist. Anything that destroys structure is virtuous to one....until he pulls out of his ass/hat a rabbit that posits structure derived from a "natural" law on which no one agrees. Then you come to realize it's a natural waste of your time.

    Your alleged "structure" is nothing more than fascist social engineering pre-supposing everyone else as idiots at your disposal. Just like Prohibition brought European organized crime to America, outlawing guns leading to only criminal outlaws having guns in anti-gun urban centers, a prohibition against immigration would only lead to the same kind of perverse selection. Idiotic pursuit of "structure" would only lead to real chaos.

  • On 7 Dec 2014 in A Proposal That Will End Illegal Immigration by Richard Kelsey, Reality said:

    BayAreaObserver says

    Reality - if we get rid of laws banning/restricting immigration, care to explain how that will turn out? Based on your comments are you suggesting we just toss out the laws and open the borders and let the chips fall where they may? Maybe we can increase the speed at which the U.S. and other 1st and 2nd world countries achieve 3rd world status.

    The 1st and 2nd world countries in Western Europe and North America became relatively advanced compared to the rest of the world largely due to their free trade and free population movement in the 18th and 19th century. The 3rd world that fell behind were precisely the regions of the world where government paper requirement was rampant: Ottoman Empire, Russian Empire and Chinese Empire.

    Somehow I am missing how having more uneducated, potentially unemployable people moving into any developed country is mutually beneficial.

    Mutually beneficial as between the laborer and the employer, and between the renter and the housing service provider. It's just like the sale of alcohol is mutually beneficial between the bar tender and the customer. Some prohibitionists may argue that it is not beneficial to the rest of the society due to some people engaging in bad behavior when drunk. What the prohibitionists failed to account for is the even bigger picture: the social cost of prohibition is even more expensive and destructive to the rest of the society than alcohol itself. Likewise, the cost of enforcement against immigration is even more expensive to the rest of the society in terms of both financial cost and cost in liberty. A bureaucratic system set up to check everyone's "legal status" would not only be hugely expensive but would be a bureaucracy that would strive to exist and expand itself by looking for new "illegal" behavior to enforce against even after all the "illegals" were deported.

  • On 7 Dec 2014 in A Proposal That Will End Illegal Immigration by Richard Kelsey, Reality said:

    bob2356 says

    Reality says

    he problem with "illegal immigration" is having laws banning/restricting immigration. People have a natural right to move around.

    What is the basis for this "natural right"?

    Individual self-ownership. To ascribe individual human beings as owned by or attached to specific piece of land is essentially advocating serfdom if not slavery.

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