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  • On 24 Sep 2014 in Cop's Tip For Not Getting Raped By A Cop: 'Don't Get Pulled Over', Reality said:

    Tell the officer "politely" that you have herpes or HIV.

    I'm thinking of selling an instant-on kit that adds ugly zits and sores to the face, and can be quickly wiped off without getting out of the car after arriving at destination, where "sex sells" needs to be put into use again.

    Guys can keep a realistic mechanical doll in the passenger seat: officer, can you let me off the ticket, if I let you rape "her"?

    BTW, the faking STD trick was well known among victims of Nazi and Soviet secret police terrors. It's a sad day when American women have to think about this in their interactions with the thugs in uniforms. It's like the Butler occupation of New Orleans during the Civil War all over again.

  • On 23 Sep 2014 in Another piece on our great shrinking middle class, Reality said:

    Much of the effect since 1988 overall is due to the shrinking of household size. Two income families (by 1988 women were already working even if not full time) becoming twice as many single - income families of course would put downward pressure on household income even if the per person income was rising.

    Of more significance is the decline since the bursting of dot com bubble, even after adjusting for household size. That shows the detriment of FED policies in one bailout after another over the past decade and half.

    Another factor contributing to the observed data might be "income" not counting government subsidies such as food stamps, SSI, SSDI, housing voucher, free health insurance, etc. The sizes of those programs skyrocketed, and all have to be paid by the middle class either via current tax or future debt service.

  • On 23 Sep 2014 in Another piece on our great shrinking middle class, Reality said:

    bob2356 says

    Sure is hard to see the forest with all those trees in the way. If the income of the 1% has skyrocketed and the median hasn't changed then what happened to the income of the 99%?

    Hasn't changed much, because the median income not average income has not changes much (assuming the hasn't changed claim is correct). If the average income has stayed the same while the top 0.1% income skyrocketed, then the 99.9% have indeed suffered significant decline (1/1000 of the skyrocketing in reverse direction).

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