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  • On Fri, 20 Nov 2015, 5:16am PST in The future of Islam, Reality said:

    Blaming internet for Islamic Terrorism is a little like blaming the radio for Nazism.

    Of course, the fundamental reason for the rise of Islamic Terrorism and Nazism can both be found in the way children are/were raised: physical beating are common in muslim countries as it was in Germany 100 years ago. Physical beating at a very young age conditioned the human for violence and irrational fear of authority, both are like programming interfaces / surface proteins waiting for a totalitarian government/moral-authority/agitator to plug in and take over the host cell.

    Of course, muslims are not the only ones beating their children, just like Germans were not the only ones beating their children 100 years ago. What makes Islamism the primary threat is the same as what made Nazi Germany a greater threat than the equally totalitarian (if not more so) Soviet Union nearly a century ago: it's expansionist.

  • On Thu, 19 Nov 2015, 12:37pm PST in The future of Islam, Reality said:

    The solution is requiring mandatory contraception as condition for receiving welfare; it is more humane and more feasible than removing altogether the welfare state that is both attracting the economic migrants and inducing laziness.

    To make up for the population loss due to this mandatory contraception, there should be a tax incentive for people to make more babies: 20% income tax credit instead of a fixed amount for every baby.

    It is not possible to suppress a virulent religion using secularist force of arms (ref. Soviet experience in Afghanistan and Roman experience suppressing early Christianity). The real danger we face is muslims taking advantage of existing mandatory wealth transfer systems in western society to multiply like the early Christians did and making Islam into a mandatory religion in the West in a century or two, just like Christianity became official religion by 313AD, and Hypatia was murdered by a Christian mob a century later. That would be the dawn of a new dark age. In order to delay that from happening, there has to be a set of incentives for secular women to produce more children.

    As for turning Islam into a more peaceful religion, we need to recognize that Christianity did not become a tolerant religion until after the 30 Year War, a genocidal war waged in central Europe between Catholics vs. Protestants, with the French siding with Protestants despite being Catholics themselves due to political balance of power reasons. After the Sunnis and Shiites throw a few nukes at each other, Islam will become a peaceful religion; the voices for reason among muslims can only cower in fear until that happens first.

    Aside from helping bringing about that as soon as possible, we need to stay the heck out of middle east and increase our own numbers in the western world.

  • On Wed, 18 Nov 2015, 10:29pm PST in The future of Islam, Reality said:

    Strategist says

    What good is Islam?????

    It keeps birth rate up.

    The fundamental problem we face today in Western modern society is the collapse of human fertility. If this demographic trend continues, we are doomed just like late Roman secularists (including Hypatia) were doomed by the early Christians, by sheer numbers as each generation of early Christians far out-reproduced the secularists. The Dark Age followed after the religious zealots took over.

    If during the month of 150 deaths in France, Isis can cause the deaths of 15,000 muslims in the same month in the middleast via their instigation of the internecine wars there, and suck 1500 French muslims to the middleast to be legally droned to death there instead of converting more French women to Islam, it may well be an institution worthy of clandestine funding.

    The fundamental solution to the problem has to be a demographic solution: how to encourage western women to produce more children born into surroundings where they can be raised in rational non-violent fashion, with constant attention from parents when toddler then shown proper role models of diligent work ethics by their parents as they enter pre-teen and teenage years, so they can grow up to be rational independent adults, not fearful of risks, not afflicted with the superstitions of power (whether in the name of "god" or "government").

    One solution is a 10% tax credit for every child in the household (i.e. 10% reduction in total tax due for every child; 5 children and your total tax liability is cut in half, as your family is raising the next generation for the society), combined with mandatory birth control for receiving any welfare, applied to all welfare recipients native or immigrant. That would quickly optimize the next generation towards a more productive demographic, instead of the current nightmarish breeding of dependent population subsidized by taxes and public borrowing.

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