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  • On Mon, 27 Apr 2015, 2:14pm PDT in Can Free Trade make everyone better off?, Reality said:

    David Ricardo lived in a time when Manchester Textile Mills were shipped overseas, to North America to be exactly; in fact, textile mills in Manchester were already declining due to rising British wages and foreign competition, to such a degree that the Engels family of Wuppertal, Germany, bought out a textile mill in Manchester and to there they sent sent their son Friedrich Engels, the future colleague of Karl Marx.

    By the time of David Ricardo, the entire British ship building industry had already been shipped to New England in North America. Farming in England had already been replaced by imported food from first France then North America and sugar from the Caribbean as source of dietary calories, which also brought about the need for importing tea as seasoning for sugar water.

    That being said, TPP however is not a free trade agreement, but a licensing monopoly scheme pushed by the pharmaceutical industries and the media industry, in a way that is rather similar to the anti-free trade policies pushed by the King George III's granting of tea monopoly to the East India Company: government intervention in trade preventing the much less expensive alternative tea offered by bootleggers and "pirates." Those silly anti-trade policies and attempt at enforcing monopoly eventually led to the original Tea Party and American Revolution.

  • On Sun, 26 Apr 2015, 5:15pm PDT in Welcome to facism. Nepal earthquake deaths are only notable by dot com employer, Reality said:

    That heroin overdose story made many rounds in news channels and late night TV shows, until the family requested toning down for the benefit of the kids. The wife and the kids remembered the dead man as a very good father before his death . . . probably correctly! A billionaire like him could have divorced the wife and kept a retinue of much younger girlfriends than the used up drug whore that did him in. He should have taken more time out taking care of himself in addition to working hard for Google and taking excellent care of his existing family.

  • On Sun, 26 Apr 2015, 5:00pm PDT in A republican sweep in 2016 is all but guaranteed., Reality said:

    LOL. The 1933 Democrat victory was based on the platform that promised:

    1. Deregulation: doing away with Hoover ' s myriads of government comittees;

    2. Sound money.

    If FDR and the Democrats had delivered on those promises, there would not have been a Great Depression, but merely a long recession that would have ended in 1934-35, just like the 1922-23 one that lasted a little over a year, instead of dragging on into WWII.

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