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  • On 21 Jan 2015 in In the Philippines........, Reality said:

    Dying due to not having medical insurance, even if true, is not the same thing as randomly picking 50k people out of the population and shoot in them. 35-50k people die every year in the US due to automobile accidents. They are certainly not entirely random events. Behavior patterns, driving patterns and vehicle choice have a lot to do with who get in accidents and who die when accidents happen. Likewise, not having medical insurance and not being able to pay, and get over-dosed on drugs are not random events just happen to anyone.

  • On 20 Jan 2015 in In the Philippines........, Reality said:

    Straw Man says

    EBGuy says

    A majority of U.S. public-school children are living in poverty for the first time in half a century..

    Ah, the wonders of uncontrolled immigration from the 3rd world...

    The real reason is actually native single motherhood in poverty promoted by the welfare system

  • On 20 Jan 2015 in Is this true?, Reality said:

    tatupu70 says

    Reality says

    Wealth concentration in the past 40 years was largely the result of progressive policies destroying middle class: both the welfare programs and the money printing benefit the ultra rich at the expense of the middle class

    So why did it start wealth disparity decrease strongly under progressive policies (1940s - early 70s), but suddenly increase as Republican policies took over??(1980s onward)

    You have LBJ's Great Society program at the end of thr 60's and the consequent currency default ("closing of gold window") in the early 70's to thank for that.

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