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  • On Thu, 7 May 2015, 8:44am PDT in I'm liquidating all my stocks and going to cash, PockyClipsNow said:

    Bodymore Murderland.
    What are the chances they bring back 'The Wire' tv show that was so awsome. I drove through baltimore once because of that show. The east coast is horrible!

  • On Wed, 6 May 2015, 9:53am PDT in Whoa, no more housing forum?, PockyClipsNow said:

    patrick could turn this into a fucked company type site if he was funny and could mock all the dumb start up ideas, that was fun especially during the crash year.

    that site made money by charging a subscribtion fee to see all the unmoderated 'company gossip' that was posted, somehow that was useful to day traders/vc's?
    mostly i guess ad revenue from high traffic was his main money? He outsourced the moderation (what little there was if any?) then it went down hill.
    He would mock all the companies mercilesslly and got in trouble all the time for messing with thier logo or posting it etc.

    I still remember when some lame big head shop went under, pivoted a bit, renamed themselves 'assentor' he had a headline with a tag line 'whatever renames itself Assentor (pronounced ass-enter)' and thats how i prounce it today- they are huge, ha!
    He had lots of fun mocking the tech bubble he had comic images and one liners to insult any idea or company like i remember somehting like this:
    Dot Com Business Plan:
    1. Purple walls
    2.. foosballl
    3. surf porn all day
    4. Profits!

    Anyone who worked at a startup back then loved that humor.
    I had an interview recently (a month ago!) where this place had gotten like 200m funding and was wayyyyyyy overstaffed. 5 guys interviewed me for 2 hours, whata waste of time. They do lame 'cloud' accounting software. This shit gonna crash again soon, if companies use the cloud to 'save money' then long term there should be less profits/jobs is that not obvious? I remeber when henry blodgett said '85 percent of these companies will be gone in a year' and the the SHTF no more play time on VC dollars (til now).


  • On Wed, 6 May 2015, 9:08am PDT in Whoa, no more housing forum?, PockyClipsNow said:

    yes actually there was a lot to learn, if you didnt get the permabear virus infection from reading here too much.

    If I had run a bubble blog like this one was - I would have banned the people who ruined the site.
    Virtually unmoderated forums are fun for some things (fark?) but for business discussion to allow unbridled attacks, endless racist rants, wayyyyy off topic posts. Thats counter productive YET was one reason why it was fun? I guess natural selection is at play and the old site is dead.

    Now it seems like a poor copy of tech crunch meets fuckedcompany.com 1999 (that was fun for a while, there was guy there called 'uncle stinkfinger' or something who would be just awful in every post like he lived there.lol)

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