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  • On Tue, 18 Aug 2015, 10:38am PDT in The 2015 housing market and my prediction for 2016, PockyClipsNow said:

    I have to agree with your outlook.
    I am still hearing federal radio ads on FM radio for the HAMP program 'call this number to make your mortgage more affordable'. It nonsense but is now permanent policy.

    Lets not forget the large number of federal programs STILL IN PLACE to keep inventory low, slow foreclosures, and keep people in homes they can't afford - these programs will not go away probably ever.
    It takes 3-5 years to foreclose in CA now, and thats not even counting the loan mods out there now, and future loan mods, that never end up foreclosing.
    If anyone wants real real estate news in CA listen to the free Bruce Norris podcasts, he interviews smart people who (mostly) are not hucksters, like Sean Otoole, and mortgage industry people. If you never heard Bruce Norris or Sean O'toole - you are probably clueless about real estate.

  • On Fri, 14 Aug 2015, 2:55pm PDT in Just another rape thread, PockyClipsNow said:

    People still come here for actual conversation?
    That was like in 05,06.

    I come here for the humor and its also a nice experiment in how unmoderated message boards go down the toilet.

    check out voat.co
    a bunch of 'neckbeards' as reddit calls them got mad and are making that site pretty good. Its got way more people than this board ever had or will (largely due to patrick having a day job)

    Politics is not worthy of online discussion in any case on any board, anyhwere, as far as i know.
    Basically half the country (republicans) thinks the other half (democrats, blacks, gays, drug users) should ALL be in prison. So far they are really really good at putting people in prison - its like a major major revenue source. I mean how else are white guys with below average IQ going to make money? They cant code so the next best thing is be a cop, join military, prison guard, DEA, CIA, FBI, NSA, ICE, sherrif, federal marshall. Sometimes it seems like it would be fun to pull hot chicks over and finger them 'searching for drugs' but then I remember I'm human and thats fuked up!!!

  • On Thu, 13 Aug 2015, 2:34pm PDT in Where to find real non biased lap top reviews?, PockyClipsNow said:

    If I could run win 7 and install MS visual studio and sql server on a mac reliably - I would buy a mac.
    I'm not sure dual booting a mac with 'boot camp' or whatever will work ok to be a DOT NET developer. I mean , dot net is buggy enough already....

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