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  • On 31 Jul 2014 in What is up with the rash of trashy posts lately?, CL said:

    sbh says

    They are conservative in other ways as well.

    Some of that is hype, drummed up by the right. The majority of Catholics support birth control, despite the hierarchy. Latinos are no exception, and support gay marriage as well.

    They make the (false) assumption that, Catholicism is conservative, Mexico is a "Catholic" country, therefore Mexican immigrants are naturally conservative. I needn't remind you that a combination of Catholicism and Latin America is also the foundation for liberation theology, which has been deemed "Marxist" by many conservatives.

    It's filled with untruths and logical fallacies.

    So, ultimately, it is simply a thinly veiled attempt to define Latinos for themselves, to give them a framework to eventually vote Republican. It's a racist one at that, because if demographics don't reveal what conservatives WANT them to reveal, then it's back to the brown heap they go. They are no longer useful to the right.

  • On 30 Jul 2014 in What is up with the rash of trashy posts lately?, CL said:

    FortWayne says

    It doesn't dawn on them that desperate poor they want to bring will always accept a shittier station in life just to have a job, which will reduce wages and benefits for all Americans.

    But those immigrants are also consumers, and the stuff they consume is being sold by Americans in America. Where does money we send abroad go?

    We have a problem in supply v. demand. and it's not on the supply side. Importing consumers is not the same as exporting jobs.

  • On 29 Jul 2014 in What is up with the rash of trashy posts lately?, CL said:

    mell says

    I cannot speak for every area and sector in the US, but Occam's razor would dictate to be skeptical of claims of pay gaps.

    See? I don't think it does. If I create a new position, and get approval for 50-65K to start what factors do I use to assign value to that employee? Resume, sure. Experience, sure. But Occam's razor would say that the shortest path is likely the most accurate, right?

    So, isn't it a bit more esoteric than that? The candidate "feels" right? "Seems like a great fit"? "Has the right attitude?".

    Consciously or not, humans grant deference to certain people, except through mental effort. It's the same reason that white male Christians disproportionately hold the levers of power, in the Congress and all elected offices, as well as Executive positions on corporations.

    If there is a disturbance, and there are 2 middle age white men and 2 black youths, who will get investigated first? Is justice blind? If not, what is different about a hiring scenario?

    Whether it be by 5k or 15K, the women will, over time, get the short end of the stick. I've seen married males get bumps in salary, and single males get none or less. Unless the salaries are publicly available, there is little way to know until a grievance is filed, ala Ledbetter. Or via surveys, but a skeptic will write those off.

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