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  • On Mon, 28 Sep 2015, 1:52pm PDT in Carjacking ended by armed citizen, CL said:

    Ironman says

    I mean like, what are you liberals calling it now?

    Science. HTH!

  • On Fri, 25 Sep 2015, 11:21am PDT in Ben Carson says what Americans think, CL said:

    Ironman says

    Does that mean that you won't let him remove your brain?

    It means he must've practiced lobotomies on himself.

    mell says

    It's funny in a tragic way how the progressive leftoids always disregard or trivialize brutal killings of apostates, (mostly female) adulterers and yes even homosexuals by a huge and growing force to reckon with as long as they can point their finger at somebody who says they think homosexuality is a sin (or evolution should be questioned) but otherwise fully supports the constitution and the same civil rights for everyone. Why would you hate Christians and your Christian ancestors so much that you are ready to excuse anything as long as you can point their finger at them?

    I don't hate Christians, or our primitive ancestors. I hate stupidity, or pandering masked as stupidity.

    I'm open to the idea that we sprang from the a giant Lotus flower from the Buddha's belly. I don't believe it though because all of our historic, scientific and rational thought indicates that is a silly idea.

    Carson believes that religion can exclude a candidate AND claims to believe in the Constitution. He believes in fairy tales as a scientist, and so on. He might've prescribed himself too many oxys, but he appears to be an idiot savant. Socially awkward, crazy, confused but pretty good at a task where he doesn't have to interact with normal people.

  • On Wed, 23 Sep 2015, 12:59pm PDT in Carly Fiorina is a WASP. Dad was a Nixon judicial appointee., CL said:

    dodgerfanjohn says

    Trump took a huge shot at Rand Paul's appearance and fwiw Camile Paglia wrote and article about how several of the male Republicans just didn't look presidential(and it happened to include all that were under 6' tall) as well as Ted Cruz who she was not flattering to at all.

    Quick poll: as a joke, I said to some friends the other day that you know some of those GOP candidates are pedophiles. When I asked them to pick the likeliest one, every single one said "Cruz!".

    Who would you think is most likely to have perversion in their Republican closet?

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