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  • On 27 Nov 2014 in Are Americans deferential to cops??, CL said:

    Piffle. Listen, Disingenuous, you cannot believe that the Democratic party is the same party as it was 100 years ago, right?

    Sure. Oppression is caused by the government, and you hate the government, so the cops must be honest actors not government puppets with a license to kill?

    Other than that, I also wholeheartedly disagree.

  • On 27 Nov 2014 in Could someone be lying?, CL said:

    How often do cops get busted for killing or behaving violently? Nearly never.

    How often is a black victim's reputation slaughtered after they've been murdered? Nearly all the time.

    Did anyone think the cop would go to jail? This outcome is as predictable as they make them. Especially when the prosecution is working on behalf of the cop.

    That is why the black community feels shat upon. They know there is no justice, at least not for them.

  • On 27 Nov 2014 in Are Americans deferential to cops??, CL said:

    Liberal agenda? It's the anti-government, anti-statist, latent homosexual gay-bashing conservatives who go crazy for men in uniforms!!!

    Although I suspect the cons are deferential BECAUSE the cops tend to act on their behalf to oppress the non-white population. If we were homogeneous and the cops killed Caucasians with impunity, conservatives would use brutality as a supporting argument.

    They'd still wanna blow the Village people, but that's a different conflict.

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