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  • On 19 Nov 2014 in Facebook shuttle drivers to vote on union, CL said:

    If those low wage workers get increases, then my silicon valley stuff will cost more. Or silicon valley will just relocate because, ya know, who wants to stay in Brown's commie paradise? Am I right?

    Plus, the high wages and profits are just normal for us, because ya know, the market. And we're so white and male. Kinda like you are used to shit wages because you're some kind of minority. It's just how it is!

  • On 18 Nov 2014 in Whatever Happened to Overtime? - Nick Hanauer - POLITICO Magazine, CL said:

    What about the point of the article, Cap'n?

  • On 15 Nov 2014 in Best Healthcare in the World Update, CL said:

    You can summarize any sentence from Curious2 as "I hate ACA, there is no good in ACA, and all problems stem from ACA".

    He pretends with the faux air of objectivity, but is as blind as a partisan.

    He also labors under the delusion that if we all don't hate it with the same vitriole, then we want to read some insanely slanted dissertation.

    It's tiring.

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