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  • On 26 Jan 2015 in Robots are coming to farm fields near you, CL said:

    I had a consultant gig in the early '90s at a huge paper company. My job was to record whether the robots stopped legitimately (object in path), were broken, or if a soon-to-be displaced worker made it so.

    These were extraordinarily durable robots, lifting heavy pallets and such. They've done way more in the ensuing decades.

  • On 26 Jan 2015 in Only a sliver of the top 1% are truly wealthy (long), CL said:

    That WAS long. Now what kind of rich people are we?

  • On 25 Jan 2015 in Another Obozocare-taxing the middle class to pay for the 300# lazy critters, CL said:

    carrieon says

    CL says

    Anyone ever wonder why 92 million Americans currently don't work despite help wanted signs everywhere?

    Help wanted signs are where?

    Pretty much anywhere for the rare person today who will drive around, look and or ask.

    So we have surplus jobs in America that go unfilled? Because our benefits are so generous they won't take these good jobs?

    Aren't you the same folks that say jobs are not being created, the ones that are are shitty, and the REAL unemployment numbers are much, much higher?

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