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  • On 17 Apr 2014 in Tell me anything that you hate about Republicans the most., CL said:

    marcus says

    Paralithodes says

    How would Kennedy do in today's Democratic party re. taxes?

    If the top rate was 90% as it was back then, then I'm sure he would do fine.

    From what I understand, Kennedy's often taken out of context. The right believes that he meant "cut taxes for rich people", when he discussed rising tides. I believe he was actually focused on the demand side of the curve, and middle to low income workers.

  • On 17 Apr 2014 in Tell me anything that you hate about Republicans the most., CL said:

    iwog says

    Unfortunately at this point the real problem with our government is voters.

    I always say that. I was watching "Hot Coffee" the other day, about the backstory on the Tort Deform movement. The voters are best symbolized by some cat in the story who voted for limits on malpractice damages, only to have subsequently suffered at the hands of a medical institution. He basically said that the limits were for OTHERS, ya know..who ABUSE the system!

    The voters lack empathy and introspection. They want to vilify the poor because it makes them feel better than they are in their own underpaid suffering.

    Regarding Republicans, where to begin? Where to end?

    Blindly supporting gun rights without limit, despite the deaths of children and innocents.

    Fanning the flames of bigotry, wherever and whenever it benefits them electorally.

    Their inverted crazy logic on nearly every topic. "The poors are poor because of safety nets! The safety nets were designed to keep you poor, so that you poors will vote Democrat!" Global warming is a scam concocted by scientists throughout the world because of grant money! My oil industry paid lobbyists said so!" Crazy.


    Hypocrisy. The most adamantly opposed to gay rights are usually gay themselves. The ones opposed to abortion under any circumstance are the ones who drive their girlfriends to get them.

    And the fact that the voters, particularly social conservatives, never seem to hold them accountable for playing them all like fools.

  • On 4 Apr 2014 in Salem, Oregon, CL said:

    Thank you for your reasoned input!

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