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  • On 13 Sep 2014 in He's back, and this time he's making roads safe for good guys., CL said:

    Remember that Martin was armed with a sidewalk, so imagine what this kid could've done with an actual gun in his truck! Zimmerman had no choice!

  • On 10 Sep 2014 in Why do cops need bayonets, CL said:

    The guy didn't know what a bayonet was. When he finally figured it out he said, "Ohhh. You mean Colored People stabbers?"

  • On 9 Sep 2014 in scientific fact, CL said:

    Peter P says

    Science needs not be the only way.

    What does that mean too? Provable and repeatable things can be complemented with things that are not provable? Or that fail to be discerned?

    Those are beliefs, and you are welcome to them, but the only things we can all agree upon SHOULD be that which is scientific.

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