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  • On Thu, 28 Feb 2013, 12:36pm PST in Buy when interest rates are high?, GraooGra said:

    You all assume that the Feds have always total control of the interest rate and it is always going to stay the way they design it. The Feds don't have too much of the control over the bond market and if the bondholders decide to dump our bonds, the interest rate goes up as well.

  • On Thu, 28 Feb 2013, 12:29pm PST in Buy when interest rates are high?, GraooGra said:

    donjumpsuit says

    When interest prices increase, affordability (list price) decreases. So a $2000 a month mortgage payment only buys a $400k house, not a $550k house.

    In other words, all the flippers are out on their nuts, because they are buying $400k houses to sell for $600k, because the average dope can afford a monthly payment on $600k at 3.5%, but not at 5%.

    I often bitch, but in the end I guess I would rather pay a bank more money to borrow (a credit union mind you), than a flipper who inflates the sale price of a house. Also the taxes will be lower (even if by a little), and I assume insurance is lower on a less expensive house.

    Also it is better to have lower principal than lower interest rate. You can always refinance in the future to a lower interest rate or pay more money to effectively pay lower interest rate. Principal, on the other hand, you are basically stuck with.

  • On Sun, 10 Feb 2013, 5:18am PST in LAPD shoots 71 year old Latina in the back, GraooGra said:

    This is so funny, I needed to pass it on...

    Former LAPD officer with a creative approach to dispute resolution - m4w - 39 (Wooded Areas)


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