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  • On Sun, 30 Aug 2015, 7:39pm PDT in I'm Becoming a Used Car Salesman!, Robber Baron Elite Scum said:


    Think selling cars is easy? Think again.

    Car salesman have huge pressure on their sales managers. You are supposed to steer the conversation away from price and towards "value"....

    But price has everything to do with value. If something is sold for 10 dollar in all other stores but you are able to purchase at 8 dollars in Amazon... Guess who gets the business?

    Amazon! And that is largely the reason why Walmart, Target and Amazon seem to do the bulk of retail business today.

    "We don't sell on price..." Common advice given by training from dealership.

    What a dealership does is pressure people into buying. As a salesman, you have to control the process as they put it. Don't let the customer dictate or tell you what to do. Tell the customer what to do.

    Don't ask for their information - trick them into giving it to you - have them give it to you indirectly. You have to be devious.

    If a customer is not willing to give you their information, THEY ARE NOT A FUCKING SERIOUS BUYER! They are tire kickers (yes, we do get them) or they not sure or the person in power to make the decision or they are merely just half-way thinking about or unsure yet - they want time....

    You have to be hard selling. Urgency selling. NOW!

    When Apple comes out with their own cars, I highly doubt they will ever sell the way cars are sold by dealerships today and in the past.

    But guess what? I bet they will sell a shit load of them without any hard selling!

    Check out Tesla. They sell directly themselves to the customers without any third-parties. Consumers get a much better price and less game-playing nonsense.

    All car manufacturers will soon find it is much more efficient and profitable to sell directly rather than through third-party scumbags.

    Of course they are laws put in place halting direct selling to consumers in the automobile business and I'm sure the big major car dealerships are hiring lobbyists to try to keep it that way....

    But Tesla is still selling cars directly and trying to sell directly where they are prohibited. The FTC has sided with Tesla as well in being allowed to sell direct.

    In fact, cars should be sold online. They should just have you verify your identity for any financing online and that's it. No need to walk into any fucking dealership operated by some third-party.

    You can test drive the cars by going directly to the manufacturer's stores. Once car buying is completely online, the car dealership business will be toast...

    Third-party operated dealerships will be a thing of the past along with the sleazy high-pressure salesman.

  • On Fri, 21 Aug 2015, 10:06pm PDT in I'm Becoming a Used Car Salesman!, Robber Baron Elite Scum said:

    Everything I tell you about my dealership may not be EXACTLY what they teach in every dealership but it is pretty much in the ball mark.

    Also during negotiation, they tell you to not put the price figure of the car on the attention of the prospect. Only the trade-in value and the down payment and monthly payment. Almost forget that part.

    Anyway.... I'll update what happens on Saturday Sale.

  • On Fri, 21 Aug 2015, 9:59pm PDT in I'm Becoming a Used Car Salesman!, Robber Baron Elite Scum said:

    2 days of training. Just came back after a 12 hour shift today in training and cold calling. Didn't have time until now to post updates.

    We have a special one day sale tmrw on Saturday. Did a lot of fucking cold calling for that shit. Found quite a few suckers who want to go.


    Here is what I learned more in my training.

    1) Do not ever bring numbers to a prospect and than tell them that these are your numbers nor should you ever imply you came up with the numbers. You should tell them your sales manager came up with these numbers. When actually - you went into the back office and just wrote them yourself. The trainer told the training recruits that they should take a black permanent marker and right down the number so it looks like you didn't write. He said to use a different pen so it truly looks like the Sales Manager used it.

    2) The recruit trainer said that you MUST make sure the prospect thinks that you are fighting the manager during negotiation, When you actually are not and in fact in the majority of negotiations the sales manager doesn't even have any hand in it. The salesman is just lying that his sales manager came up with these numbers and he needs to get approval from his manager for any reduction or counter offer.

    During my cold calls, a seasoned salesman told me to handle call with fake scarcity and to fake that I am talking to manager for extension on the sale.

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