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  • On 14 Oct 2014 in Personal loan for down payment questions, rufita11 said:

    If you can see yourself never needing the money again and keeping the same relationship you have now with your family, go for it.

    You have to be willing to say to the person, "If I never see this money again, I'll still love you. So, please don't worry if you find that you cannot pay me back." If you cannot say that sort of statement out loud to the person you are loaning the money to, don't do it.

  • On 7 Oct 2014 in Take Father In Law's Offer?, rufita11 said:

    OnTheFence says

    It's sad to say but I don't want there to be a scenario where he is enabling us to live our lives....it's prideful but can't shake it.

    No, Sir. It's not sad that you want to be a man. I greatly admire that and your daughter will need the example. It would be a different story if you had fallen on hard times and could not feed your family, but it sounds like you are doing just fine.

  • On 27 Sep 2014 in Uber driver accused of hammer attack on S.F. rider, rufita11 said:

    Thunderlips. Ummmm. All drivers and passengers use the Uber app, which includes GPS tracking software with an audit trail. It will know exactly who picked up whom and almost exactly where, depending on if the person moved down the street or arranged a pickup outside the software via text or phone. But there will be records of that too. The drivers also have extensive background checks before they can be employed at all. When I get into a cab, no one knows. When I arrange an Uber pickup, there is a record.

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