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  • On 30 Aug 2014 in CA marijuana market set to explode, rufita11 said:

    The fact that the parks department felt it was important enough to post warnings to hikers about illegal grows is enough to tell me that we need to legalize the growing and selling of the plant. Don't mess with the only thing that is keeping me in this state--my love of hiking in the coastal redwoods.

  • On 18 Aug 2014 in Time to get a grip on reality., rufita11 said:

    Peter P says

    Who ever considered chess a creative endeavor? Everybody knows it is purely mathematical with a time/space complexity of O(1).

    Mind you, the game-tree complexity of chess is closer to a googol than a googolplex.

    I think it was Bobby Fischer who said, "Chess is life". But, I agree with Howard Stern's take: "I'v never found chess to be anything other than chess."

  • On 18 Aug 2014 in UK Property In Full-Scale Collapse, rufita11 said:

    Call it Crazy says

    Maybe not....

    When I was at Mammoth Lakes a couple summers back, I went to rent a boat on one of the many little lakes. The proprietor warned us that a big bear had been coming around daily, so I asked him when it usually hangs out. He said, "Whenever it wants!"

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