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  • On Thu, 13 Nov 2008, 10:43am PST in What Credit Crunch?, HARM said:


    :lol: Worthy of additon to the HB Glossary --well done!

  • On Thu, 13 Nov 2008, 8:46am PST in What Credit Crunch?, HARM said:

    Universities are massively overcharging right now.

    No arguments here. I have zero doubt that the very *reason why* private colleges and universities can get away with charging so much is that they know they have an iron-clad government backstop.

    Take away taxpayer "insurance" on SLs and remove that bankruptcy exception, and we'd see prices dropping like a stone in no time.

    Unfortunately, when I was 18, I was naive and did not have older, wiser people advising me and warning me about the dangers of leverage. My parents took graduating from college as the equivalent of winning the lotto --a "no-brainer". Of course, back when they went to college, it was far cheaper and mainly financed with grants and scholarships, not nondischaregeable loans.

  • On Thu, 13 Nov 2008, 8:34am PST in What Credit Crunch?, HARM said:

    If you are a bad student, you are better off not going to college rather than getting yourself up to your ears in debt. Join the Army, learn a trade or get a 2-year associates degree.

    There are way, way too many people in college that simply should not be there.

    I can mostly agree with this, though I don't believe not graduating at the top of your class automatically makes you a "bad"student. And for the record there are plenty of truly "bad"/unqualified legacy students who get there solely due to connections and money (our current President *cough*, *cough*).

    In this country, you are looked down upon if you learn a trade vs. going to college, which does many people a disservice.

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