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  • On 16 Nov 2014 in Deflation Rearing its Ugly Head Around the Globe, swebb said:

    tatupu70 says

    Why are you fixated on what a dollar buys?

    People are fixated on what a dollar buys because they look to it as a way to store value. Misguided, perhaps, but it's easy-think and comforting to think of the world as unchanging.

  • On 16 Nov 2014 in Japan's maglev train goes 310 MPH, swebb said:

    I'm not sure I qualify as a "Leftist Urban" type, but I'll take a stab.

    John Bailo says

    My theory is all they really want is to contain as many taxable individuals (and dependent welfare recipients) within their Metro Area fiefdoms so that the the bureaucracy becomes as powerful as possible. Anything that allows for someone to "poach" a job/salary but live in a low cost area must be suppressed.

    I don't think it is so self serving as that.

    1. Based on the way you labeled the group, I'd guess they believe in the virtues of urban living (of which there are many) and are interested in things that support it.
    2. High speed trains don't really have much of a role to play in rural / urban commuting. They are suited to long haul routes with infrequent stops, but you don't get to enjoy the benefits of high speed for shorter distances.

    London manages to draw workers from a rather large radius by using a combination of subway to service the urban area, and trains which bring people in from the outlying areas. They aren't high speed, and it works pretty well in my experience.

    SF to LA? That would be a good candidate for high speed rail, and I suspect the "Leftist Urban types" would be on board with that idea.

    Perhaps they aren't in favor of high speed rail for exurb/rural commuting because it isn't practical.

  • On 23 Oct 2014 in Do you rent and own a pet? It could soon get pricier, swebb said:

    Strategist says

    Your mortgage does not go up if you have pets.

    But your maintenance costs do. Dogs pee on carpeting. Dogs scratch dors. Pet hair clogs HVAC systems. Dogs dig up plants, pee on (and kill) grass, etc..

    Pets - dogs in particular - are a hassle for landlords. Both for the additional wear and tear, and for the tenant complaint factor (particularly in multi-family settings).

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