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  • On 2 Apr 2014 in Cops Asking People to Retake The Streets!, swebb said:

    Not too far from "Police Academy 4: Citizens On Patrol"

    As I recall, the C.O.P program didn't work out so well.

  • On 31 Mar 2014 in More warnings about 401Ks, swebb said:

    clambo says

    The 401K is just the registration for any investment you prefer, and there are many great ones.

    One problem is that some employers, particularly smaller ones, don't offer good investment options. You can only invest in the funds that are offered in conjunction with the 401K, and you usually can't roll over to an IRA (where you can control what options you have) without separating from the employer.

  • On 30 Mar 2014 in Red Robin - Where the Porkers Fuel Up, swebb said:

    Damn good burger, though. I have only dared eat there twice. Definitely a porker place.

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