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  • On 21 Apr 2014 in What the 1% doesn't want you to know, swebb said:

    clambo says

    The problem with guys like Krugman is that he wants to take money from someone ELSE'S pile of dough to help out the "poor".

    How do you see the poor? Not you problem? An unfortunate reality of the world we live in? Their own damn fault? What, if anything, should be done to help them, and how is that going to happen without someone elses money?

  • On 19 Apr 2014 in Five groups that lie about the housing market, swebb said:

    CDon says

    I got to say, it is nice seeing some people step up and take some measure of accountability about how wrongheaded this site has been for a while now. Unfortunately, it had a very large effect on my SIL & her family who are now worse off because of it.

    Yep. It had influenced my thinking too much...I *almost* missed the boat because of it. I was fortunate to find something that fit the bill and was fairly priced...but if I step back I was about 12-18 months late...almost got bit.

  • On 2 Apr 2014 in Cops Asking People to Retake The Streets!, swebb said:

    Not too far from "Police Academy 4: Citizens On Patrol"

    As I recall, the C.O.P program didn't work out so well.

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