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  • On 29 Jul 2014 in Our suburbs are a colassal and costly disaster, swebb said:

    thunderlips11 says

    Electric Vehicles would require an additional load of 3-4 American Households per CAR on the Electric Grid.

    Are you saying an electric car consumes 3-4 times that of a typical household? Do you have a source for that? It doesn't seem right to me.

    Average electric bill is ? $100/month. $300/month to operate an electric vehicle - about double the projected cost of a gas powered Toyota.

  • On 29 Jul 2014 in 2015 Real Estate Prediction, swebb said:

    FortWayne says

    ost folks out here are holding to their rent controlled place for dear life, because if they are to lose it, they simply can't afford to stay here.

    So what you are saying is that people are going to be displaced, not that rents are going to fall. If someone holds a rent controlled apartment that they can afford, but the market rate is substantially higher, then someone can afford to pay higher rent - just not them. It's not very pleasant for the person with the rent controlled housing, but it's reality.

  • On 29 Jul 2014 in Sellers Have Come Out Of The Woodwork, swebb said:

    iwog says

    I'm going to assume it's just as stupid as all the other bear market calls you and others have been publishing for years

    The article says volume fell off a cliff, you refuted it with a graph of sold $/sqft. Show the sales volume graph and it will get them off your back...either that or make an argument for why a precipitous drop in sales volume in July isn't a big deal (you know, rich people vacation in july, so of course they aren't buying/selling houses or whatever) Or make an argument against the source (anecdotal, caters to a small part of the market, too little data, whatever)...or make an argument for why increasing $/sqft is all that matters....or make an argument for why low sales numbers could come from constrained supply, not restrained buyers/demand....

    OR..whatever you want. But they aren't going to shut up unless you can prove why their nugget of information isn't the harbinger of the big crash. Actually, they aren't going to shut up no matter what you say.

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