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  • On 24 Sep 2014 in Be offended and outraged, swebb said:

    Some insensitive idiot who thinks he's being funny.

  • On 18 Sep 2014 in The class war is widening on airplanes, swebb said:

    EBGuy says

    Am I missing some big downsides.

    I'm not a big fan of changing planes, or even stopping over, if I can avoid it. Particularly when traveling with young children....

    As far as Southwest downside? The whole "no assigned seats free-for-all" might be an issue when traveling as a group...

    Also I haven't found Southwest to be cheaper very often in my market. (the primary reason I don't fly them very often)

  • On 17 Sep 2014 in AZ, VT, OK, HI House Prices in Decline (add. MD, IL)(add TX!), swebb said:

    iwog says

    Call it Crazy says

    I think WE know who the true idiot here is...

    No doubt.

    At some point, IWOG, you look like the idiot for not clicking "IGNORE" on him.

    I don't see his posts (as in I remain blissfully unaware that they were ever posted) - UNLESS someone responds to him...then I see whatever they quote from his post. (it's actually sort of funny when you don't quote from the previous post. I only see one side of the conversation.)

    Anyway, I think it would improve things around here (or at least make it more pleasant for me) if everyone would just ignore the idiots. I'd say 1 out of 20 of his posts have something worth reading...not good enough for me.

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