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  • On 23 Jan 2015 in OpenTable, dodgerfanjohn said:

    The negative is if your neighbor has gas issues after lunch.

  • On 23 Jan 2015 in OpenTable, dodgerfanjohn said:

    My workplace(a govt job no less!) went to a similar model a few years back. The entire floor is open, cubicles only have a few drawers and are lower than neck height while sitting down. Many bad employees retired within two months after the change, and the handful of truly terrible employees that remain cannot stand it. Everyone else is more productive and despite losing 1/3 of our staff over the past 6 years, the division I work in produces around twice what it did in 2008.

    And to me, that's absolutely incredible.

  • On 19 Jan 2015 in Is this true?, dodgerfanjohn said:

    The chasm is even worse than the author describes. I've posted before...my wife makes about $30k a year and was a single mine before I met her.

    Health care for her(they kid is already covered) ran about $125-150/mo under covered CA. She already really couldn't afford that($1220 rent for a 2bd & $330 car payment).

    Now factor in $5k deductible....

    Not sure why the lefties in this thread are heroing for the "working poor" and not the working lower middle class.

    Whole things a clusterfuck anyway as she was always able to get low income health care at various clinics prior to covered CA.

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