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  • On Sun, 22 Feb 2015, 5:03pm PST in SFs pet housing crisis, dodgerfanjohn said:

    Blurtman says

    curious2 says

    The problems result from dogs that are bred to do something, e.g. herd sheep, and then sit home alone all day going crazy with no attention and nothing else to do.

    Indeed. Many times, the problem is ignorant upright apes. My neighbors acquired two Australian Shepherd dogs because they like the way they look. Their house is on 1/4 acre and both owners work full time. The male is psycho and has zero socialization skills. I pity to think what may happen if he gets loose. These are very intelligent herding dogs, not suburban vanity pets.

    Goes even beyond that. Imbecilic owners in LA bring large breed dogs, and even breeds like pitbulls, to live in apartments, or in situations where all they can afford is shared housing.

    Try talking to one of these dummies. They'll go on about what a beautiful dog it is....without any consideration as to how the animal is confined indoors 23 hours a day or more. Essentially lifetime prison sentence for an animal that doesn't have genetics allowing them to adapt to such a situation. Theres plenty of dogs purposely bred to be indoor dogs. I can't fathom why these individuals don't pursue such a pet, rather than a large dog not meant to live indoors.

  • On Wed, 11 Feb 2015, 7:42pm PST in Los Angeles has biggest gap between rents and wages in the US, dodgerfanjohn said:

    I've posted on this before.

    Rents in Los Angeles are not where the supposed "average" puts them.

    I can find a place to rent tomorrow in DTLA, one of the hottest markets, for around $1500-1600/mo. I believe average hovers at the moment over $1900.

    I can find a 2 bd/1ba in Burbank for around $1300-1500/mo. I believe average is over $2K.

    I can find a 1 bd in Torrance for $950. I believe stated average is around $1350.

    My next door neighbors moved in paying $100 more a month than we do, even though weve only been here a little over a year. I am quite certain they cannot afford it and wont be much longer. We moved here ONLY because we had a pet and they allowed pets. We had found multiple places with the same specs for $200 a month less than we pay but they would not take pets. They no longer allow pets here. I can't fathom why people stay here. Our old building manager also manages another building 1 whole block away. She had a 2/1 available at $1450(the ones here are 2/2). The people who moved in next door SHOULD HAVE taken that one. Instead they pay $350 a month more to live here. I DO NOT KNOW WHY. They even could have lived in a slummish place(though not death) a couple miles away, same great community and city, for $1220 for a 2 bd/1ba.

    I've gotten in arguments online with people proclaiming insanely high rents. I do not know where they are getting their numbers from. I can only see it as a scam. Maybe my neighbors are here because they have crappy credit. I dunno. But I do know that they are over paying on rent.

    And it seems like thats the norm in LA. Except I have found a "bargain" every time I had to go out and find a new place. Even though I have had conditions and been looking in "hot" marketplaces.

    Hell, I can still find a 1 bd, within 3 blocks of the beach, in OC, for $1300/mo. I can find a one bedroom in Long Beach, 6 blocks from the beach, under $800/mo. living in So Cal, near the water, with abundant restaurants, stores, and fine california titties out my front door.....at those prices...that is paradise.

  • On Wed, 11 Feb 2015, 7:29pm PST in Republicans don't care about disabled, dodgerfanjohn said:

    One of the biggest scams in the US.

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