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  • On 24 Jul 2014 in We need to disarm cops, dodgerfanjohn said:

    Thunder lips, I'd love to see those numbers along with % of prison population that is illegal aliens. Ive repeatedly read the stay that California's prison population is 33% illegal aliens and I'd bet that is low. Would love to know that number in all the southwest states.

    Look, I'm all in favor of decriminalizing all the victimless crimes...I see no point in legislating morality. And I'm also against police getting crazy military grade weaponry. But there's still going to be a lot of criminals based simply on what our society is and how it's constructed. And all the government sponsored programs and all the gun control in the world isn't going to eliminate that.

    I think part of the problem is that some of you still view prison as punishment for committing a crime. IMO it's actually to keep predators out of the general citizenry for a length of time. And THAT does in fact prevent crime.

    FWIW the only place where cameras should be placed is in every nook and cranny is in prisons and jail.....to watch both the prisoners and the guards, all monitored at a remote location staffed with civilians only and an entire different state entity, not associated with the prison system. And IMO if you commit a felony level crime while in prison, there is another prison you get sent to where you stay in solitary confinement for your entire sentence...a little small elevator size cage...that goes for inmates and guards.

    And oh yeah, spit, piss, shit on, or assault a guard, they get to kill you.

  • On 22 Jul 2014 in The modern women can no longer cook, they no longer want children and..., dodgerfanjohn said:

    I don't understand why IWOG insists on troll provoking the mentally ill.

  • On 22 Jul 2014 in The modern women can no longer cook, they no longer want children and..., dodgerfanjohn said:

    Fwiw, the few dudes I know who have done the overseas wifey thing have been dudes who couldn't get laid if their life depended on it. Guys who were losers in nearly every aspect of life...even financially barely treading water.

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