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  • On Sat, 29 Aug 2015, 2:14pm PDT in A big win for America's hard working poor, dodgerfanjohn said:

    Lol the poor don't work hard. McDonald and subway for the most part are not hard work. Lower middle class...lots of those jobs really are hard. Drywall hangers, furniture movers, home care attendants, janitors, child care jobs...that stuff is rough. Min wage jobs...not so much.

  • On Sat, 29 Aug 2015, 2:11pm PDT in Arrested for videotaping police, dodgerfanjohn said:

    bgamall4 says

    This ultimately is the worst public relations behavior the police can do. This seals police badness, makes them cross the line.

    I agree. But some cops are really really dumb.
    Checkout Jasmyne A. Cannick's website for the article/video marked "officer asshole". The dingbat apparently has no qualms about violating his own departments policy on the matter.

    I don't get it. Anyone choosing to be a cop during the past 20 years had to know that any public actions also were going to be subject to public scrutiny.

  • On Sat, 29 Aug 2015, 1:24pm PDT in Most Americans support tougher gun laws, dodgerfanjohn said:

    Most Americans don't have a fucking clue what the federal gun laws are. For instance imbeciles in Los Angeles used to call police when they saw someone carrying s holstered gun(open carry was allowed in CA up until 2014.

    Most. Americans(and most posters here) are also clueless that federal sentencing guidelines call for a 15 year minimum sentence but states like California have guidelines that sentence felons carrying a gun to as few as 18 months where the felon will serve as little as 6 months.

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