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  • On 16 Apr 2014 in The Housing Recovery That Never Was is Over, dodgerfanjohn said:

    Actually it is a problem of demand at current pricing. Remove foreign all cash buyers on the coastal urban centers and there is essentially zero demand.

  • On 16 Apr 2014 in Electronic bracelets for gun owners???, dodgerfanjohn said:

    BayAreaObserver says

    More than just bracelets: WASHINGTON — In wake of two mass shootings this month, Attorney General Eric Holder urged Congress Tuesday to authorize $15 million for training state and local law enforcement officers to confront so-called active shooters.

    "In the face of this urgent and growing threat – when the lives of innocent people are at stake – those who stand on the front lines need our full and unwavering support," Holder said in a video message posted on the Justice Department's website. "This critical funding would help the Justice Department ensure that America's police officers have the tools and guidance they need to effectively respond to active shooter incidents whenever and wherever they arise."



    Try making easier for the "innocents" to lawfully carry their own guns for protection. And oh yeah, stop supplying guns to the cartel. Lying hypocrite.

  • On 16 Apr 2014 in Electronic bracelets for gun owners???, dodgerfanjohn said:

    I think most people are ignorant about how lenient many states laws are on illegal gun possession, even in cases of convicted felons carrying.

    For instance in CA, where I attended court proceedings every day for several years, I'd regularly see cons and parolees get MAYBE one year in state prison for carrying an illegal gun. What would happen is they would plea to only some of the charges or to multiple parole violations, which carry a year for each count. So they'd get an aggregate if maybe 3 1/2 years. With credit for time served waiting for trial plus credit for good time/work time, they are usually looking at 8-12 months remaining on the sentence.

    Contrast this with federal law which I believe requires 10-15 year minimum sentence and you must serve the entire length of the sentence.

    In short, in many states there's almost zero incentive for a criminal not to carry an illegal gun.

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