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  • On Wed, 16 Jan 2013, 4:26am PST in ObamaMiles Tax Coming Soon; Transportation "Trust Fund" Broke, rfsanders said:

    Or we could just raise the gasoline tax (index it to inflation so it automatically increased with inflation).

    How come nobody in transportation is willing to talk about that.

  • On Wed, 2 Jan 2013, 2:15am PST in The Mysterious New Housing Bubble, rfsanders said:

    bmwman91 says

    True. TV "news" is nothing more than infotainment. Most people want to hear that housing is "good" because most people are paying on a loan for one. TV stations gotta show what sells.

    I worked in TV news for a couple years. Here's what it is: A bunch of 22-year-old college grads who want to be the TV anchor, but instead work for $11/hour with no benefits -- churning out crappy scripts, working horrible hours, and missing Christmas -- until they can't take it anymore, and quit to take a "real" job.

    The only reason station owners hire 6-figure anchors (and it's usually very LOW 6-figures) is to maintain the illusion of credibility. There was a time 20-years ago when local TV news had serious newsrooms. Today it's just interns and underpaid, abused college grads churning out scripts -- chasing the rainbow. Quit? No worries. There's a million more college grads who want a shot at the scam.

    Newspapers are little better. Cable news might be able to hire a few more high-end producers, but it's not to enlighten --- it's to enslave. How can we attract the eyeballs to the screen just a little bit longer than CNN?

    If you aren't paying for the product, you ARE the product. Nearly ALL media in the United States isn't about you --- it's about SELLING you. And that's why I can't trust anything I read, view, or hear. And I WORK in the business.

    Don't trust news re: housing. Okay, end of rant. Back to housing.

  • On Tue, 4 Dec 2012, 3:46am PST in Americans moving out of mega cities, rfsanders said:

    I had every intention to move closer to LA/OC after college. Lately, I've been finding SLC and Denver more attractive (despite the snow). For starters, I can actually afford rent in Utah. Can't do that in LA/OC.

    Used to be the wages were higher in LA. Now it's higher in Utah, but the cost of living is cheap, cheap, cheap! Better mass transit. Freeways that generally move (no worse than Inland Empire traffic, anyway). Suddenly LA/OC is looking like a better place to visit than to move to. (Too bad, since LA/OC is awesome!)

    zzyzzx says

    It's because mega-cities are too expensive. That and you have pretty much everything everyplace else now too.

    No joke. The days I'm working up in Utah, I find nearly everything I want. Lots of In-N-Outs. A WinCo grocery store. Trader Joe's just opened its first (of likely many) new locations in SLC. And as much as I hate cold and snow, a warm coat fixes that. Or a quick trip back down here to SoCal. The only thing left I miss is palm trees.

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