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  • On Sat, 13 Jul 2013, 5:32pm PDT in Investing in Expensive Renovations for Rental Apartments, soeren said:

    I don't get it. Why would you pour ten$ of thousand$ into a place you're renting? And going to leave eventually anyway. AFAIK, the tenant won't even get a tax write-off for his/her investment.

  • On Sun, 24 Jun 2012, 12:25pm PDT in Why is everyone a renter for life?, soeren said:

    "And so will your mortgage.... do you think your real estate taxes and your home owners insurance will stay at the same level as they are now??? Let's also hope you have a fixed rate loan and not an ARM...."

    If you're a renter, and your landlord's taxes, insurance, maintanance, et al, go up, so will your rent. Most landlords do what they do, for a positive cash flow. If the property owner's costs go up beyond the point where he/she is willing to "eat" the increases, your rent WILL increase.

  • On Sat, 21 Apr 2012, 6:08pm PDT in My Rent is So Cheap My Landlord is losing money!, soeren said:

    Heh, I got all of ya's beat(`cept maybe the guy in Mexico;) For 6 years, I got away with murder. Bought a cheap motorhome on ebay for $2k, paid $100 a month rent for the spot + electric. Water was free. Area code 631. Saved enough by living on the cheap, I was able to buy a winter getaway/future retirement home for cash.

    Of course, all good things must come to an end, and in Dec of
    2008, I had to relocate the MH on short notice(one of the risks of livin' cheap-but-illegal;), and have been paying $300 a month
    + elec at the new location - still dirt-cheap by Long Island standards. It works for me.

    Due to the economy and jobs situtation, I will be staying put here until I'm ready to wrap things up, and then move to the place I bought, where my "rent"(property taxes) will be about $15 bucks a month, + utils.

    PS: I wouldn't DREAM of retiring here on LI, even if someone gave a me a house for free - the property taxes here are absolutely insane - mid-high 4 figures for an old, small, crappy. house in a so-so neighborhood. low 5 figures for a nice house in a good neighborhood.

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