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  • On 10 Dec 2014 in $2 gas is the worst thing to happen to America, EBGuy said:

    PeterP, If you want an SUV, how about a Porsche Cayenne Plug In Hybrid? The electric motor should give you plenty of power on demand.

  • On 10 Dec 2014 in White SC Cop Who Shot Unarmed Black Man Charged With Murder, EBGuy said:

    Vicents said: Vehicle and basic workplace hazard related is greater.

    To emphasize this point further:
    During the past three decades, 42% of police killed in auto accidents were not wearing seat belts, according to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration review. Law enforcement estimates of seat belt compliance hover around 50%, well below the 86% rate of compliance among the general public.

  • On 9 Dec 2014 in Japan Promotes Home Fuel Cell on Path to Hydrogen Society, EBGuy said:

    HC said: I'm still not seeing the efficiency here, if they're 70% less efficient than batteries at storing electricity.
    Nobody's storing hydrogen. According to Panasonic "primary energy consumption [is reduced] by approximately 37%". Hydrogen is reformed from natural gas at the fuel cell. Water is heated by the fuel cell and you get electricity as a byproduct. Can your hot water heater do that?
    Some large server farms use fuel cells as a primary energy source. The electric grid is used a "backup battery" if the fuel cell goes down.

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