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  • On 16 Sep 2014 in Iwog deleted my comment because he is a pussy, and has NO sense of humor, EBGuy said:

    Freedom has lost its meaning if you can't package up crap securities and bet against them. Why do you hate the Magnetar Trade?

  • On 16 Sep 2014 in Skills gap in U.S. manufacturing mainly at the top, EBGuy said:

    jazz music said: Upon reading the WSJ link, there's a hard spin against the internship idea AGAINST THE INTERN AND THE GOVERNMENT.
    Because the trainee, gasp, might take their valuable training and leave at some point. It's even worse now that Obamacare has decoupled healthcare from the job. The workers... they have freedom... you definitely get the feeling some of the suits are longing for a return to feudalism (or at least indentured servitude).
    At least some of the company heads (well the "socialist" ones) are forward looking. As one of them states, it's not the opportunity cost of an employee leaving: "It would be worse if you didn't invest and they stayed their whole professional lives with you," Mr. Koestler said.
    At some point, the other idiots will have to start training and hiring. Either that, or robots...

  • On 15 Sep 2014 in Skills gap in U.S. manufacturing mainly at the top, EBGuy said:

    The socialists are at it again in Tennessee. Here's the link to the WSJ article.

    Talk about pent up demand...

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