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  • On 23 Apr 2014 in This water taste like "CRAP", EBGuy said:

    Millions of Singaporeans can't be wrong. Meet the NEWater, better than the old water. Perhaps this is California's future as well.

  • On 22 Apr 2014 in California real estate price update today, EBGuy said:

    Price cut on Carey! Inventory up over 100% year to year in Concord. And price per square foot in Concord... up 3.8% month-to-month (over 23% year-to-year). Redfin is again publishing the monthly data breakouts -- yay. Let the prognosticating begin.

  • On 22 Apr 2014 in Idiots who can't read, EBGuy said:

    errc said: What are the real problems that one is allowed to legitimately criticize ppaca for?
    Homeboy already said it, but I'll add a little more. In CA the biggest disaster appears to be limited to the Anthem Blue Cross plans and also the not for profit Blue Shield insurance. In their infinite wisdom, these insurers decided not to force doctors who accept their other plans to also accept ACA plans. As a result, it appears that many folks are having trouble finding a PCP. I'll make two predictions:
    1. (And this one is a bit out there). There will be a small end of year ObamaCare rebate for folks who bought the Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans (because few services where actually used).
    2. Kaiser will be the big winner next year as people flee BC and BS plans. Why? Because we now have an open and transparent marketplace where people can make choices based on how well they are served by their plans. Capitalism's finest hour.

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