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  • On Thu, 15 Jan 2015, 7:55am PST in The Great Obamacare-Medicaid Bait 'n' Switch, Zakrajshek said:

    Journal entry, America circa 2015:

    Medicaid Mary takes the triplets and pops in to get a quick free check up for that little twinge of heartburn and major gastroenteritis blow-out she got after cranking down a half pound bacon grease burger, a large fries, and a 48oz corn syrup drink with unlimited refills last night. The Doc says she's got to drop a 150 lbs and give up her two pack a day habit, but she just doesn't have the will power right now. She lights another one up as she cruises their escalade to the snapidy SNAP office, gabbing and texting all the way to her clone friends and sisters on her free cell phone. Now she's got to hurry to make her 2PM meeting at some other bullshit government office to pick-up her section 8 rent check or they could be out on the streets!

  • On Mon, 5 Jan 2015, 7:23am PST in Bernie Sanders on the Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement:, Zakrajshek said:

    Increasingly for at least the past 30 years, through heavy lobbying, campaign "donations", and other payoffs, Wall street and the big corporations have been taking over the parties and the government. And since about 2000 or so they have done it, and now they are in complete control.

    So they do whatever the hell they want. The vaste majority, the docile and weak Americanized people (the big stupid herd) do absolutely nothing but soak their brains in alcohol and anti-depressive drugs and watch inconsequential repetitious sports contests, and violent, vulgar, and depraved TV and movies, oh and gamble, while drinking coffee and staring into their mesmerizing pods, to which they look to for all the answers that will never be there.

  • On Fri, 19 Dec 2014, 2:48am PST in 50,000 SWAT Raids a Year, Here is One of Them, Zakrajshek said:

    "The solution is to privatize all schools, with or without vouchers.

    Too many people are over-educated. And those who truly want more education are faced with high tuition. I propose ending free education after Grade 6 and use the resource to subsidize higher education."

    Sure keep the people as dumb as oxen and work them until they drop, then when their too old kick them over the cliff. Your world is hell.

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