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  • On 17 Nov 2014 in Apple Worth More Than The Entire Russian Stock Market, Zakrajshek said:

    Maybe it's worth more than the entire world itself including all of the people, or wait, maybe more than the entire universe... Nah.

    Apple is a Chinese company anyway. I wish they'd get it over with and move the last one percent one their employees over there, maybe to one of those big ghost cities with tumbleweeds blowing around. Good riddance.

    They make nothing but junk gadgets that they sell to their junkies, that suck the life right out them.

    They even stole their name from the Beatle's old record company. How innovative.

  • On 17 Nov 2014 in Obama In China: Taking Candy From A Baby, Zakrajshek said:

    A 401k is a savings account, not a defined benefit pension. You can outlive a 401k, but not a defined benefit pension. Try to find a job that offers both. You need both. When you're 82 (or 72) and your 401k is tapped out, who's going to help you? Do you think your old company will step up? Go ahead give em a call. ha ha.

    It's all part of the new third world America corporate plan for you and me in the land of little opportunity. Their plan is to work you hard from age 18 to 60, paying you as close to minimum wage as they can, just enough to squeak by, and no health insurance, no pension, no vacation, while spouting that inspiring "GET TO WORK. YOU"RE LUCKY TO HAVE A JOB" ATTITUDE. Then when there's nothing left of you, they kick your wheel chair into the Grand Canyon, and turn away dusting off their hands.

  • On 16 Nov 2014 in Obama In China: Taking Candy From A Baby, Zakrajshek said:

    Ah "free trade", one of the monuments of corporate greed, passed by their paid off lap apes in congress.
    The results:
    1. record corporate profits.
    2. millions of manufacturing jobs and factories sent to foreign countries.
    3. 50 million Americans on food stamps. (the food stamp office in my town is packed every day I drive by it. It looks like they may be holding a rock concert in there by the looks of the parking lot. Very sad.)
    4. perpetual recession.
    5. $18 trillion USA deficit and growing.
    6. record wealth held by top 1%.
    7. 2013 total hours worked in US same as 1999.
    8. most corporations have scraped or are planning to scrap pensions, health insurance, vacations.
    9. US wages lower now than 1990s.
    10. 37% of 24-35 year olds live with mom and dad.
    11. US standard of living going down, down, down...

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