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  • On 18 Apr 2014 in Voters open to tweaking prop 13, Zakrajshek said:

    Yeah I don't think boomers will be fondly remembered as a group. They were handed a pretty good deal by the previous generation and except for a few things, they've pretty much blown it. The previous generation won WW2, landed men on the moon, and created a more even prosperity; baby boomers have created a cell phone, an ipod, and franchise coffee stores... borrowed $17 trillion, shipped alot of good jobs to china (wait we already had phones, cassette tapes, and coffee, and we needed those jobs, at least the grandkids can pay back the $17 trillion. Hmm?) and don't forget the indian casinos!

  • On 18 Apr 2014 in Voters open to tweaking prop 13, Zakrajshek said:

    13 has some good points, mainly that a house owner knows what his taxes will be in the future, and that they will be reasonable. But there are some unintended side effects. One is that some people hold onto houses they might have otherwise sold, just to take advantage of the low tax rate. Another is that very wealthy people who for example bought ocean front homes in the 1970s, pay only a few thousand dollars in annual property taxes on what are now multi-million dollar houses, ie Warren Buffet. Even when they kick the bucket, their heirs continue with the low tax rate, forever. Overall though 13 is a good thing, especially with minor changes. It was passed by a direct vote of the people in California. The courts do sometimes overturn these direct votes as "unconstituional", (they can come up with any ridiculous reason for this) though I don't think a few politically predisposed judges should be able to overturn a direct vote of the people of over 60% or so. I wish there was a way to have direct votes at the national level. Then I think some things could be straightened out fairly quickly. Our corporate and government owners will never give us that chance.

  • On 31 Mar 2014 in Investors no longer buying houses in Southern CA, Zakrajshek said:

    When house prices drop again, blackstone will lose big. When good renters decide to buy their own houses, blackstone will lose big. When the only renters left are those with risky credit who skip rent payments and then skip town, blackstone will lose their shorts. When there are only half as many renters as there are rentals and they are forced to rent to four routy, noisy, obnoxiuos roomates who party like rock stars and tear up the house, and the neighbors complain and threaten to take their nuissance to court, blackstone will wish they could get out of their nightmare. When major repairs come due, like heating and air, and foundation work, on top of painting, plumbing, flooring, appliances, on and on, and they finally realize their slum lord investments are all in the red and how stupid they were, blackstone executives will be diving through the giant plate glass windows out of their wall street skyscrapers.

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