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  • On 16 Oct 2014 in Financial woes for renters, FunTime said:

    JH says

    I wonder if you'll ever google it or just remain blinded by your own biases

    Well, I hope I'm not blinded by bias. I've tried to read and be thoughtful about this subject.

    Thanks for the Rappaport paper. Very interesting. One of the key ideas which I think might be the only reason to buy a house, is the idea that it is very unusual for identical houses to be available for both rent and purchase

    The sentiment I was trying to convey is that it is a very unusual idea that renting builds wealth. I have heard this idea from very few individuals and, as the Rappaport paper states clearly, the typical bias is toward buying houses. Sure you can find academic papers or articles using Google, but Google has organized all information. Haven't you heard?

  • On 15 Oct 2014 in Financial woes for renters, FunTime said:

    I wonder if I'll ever read an article about renters building wealth over time.

  • On 30 Sep 2014 in New Case-Schiller numbers show broad slow down, FunTime said:

    EBGuy says

    In a "normal market" prices will always decline in the fall.

    So how is that statement relevant to reports that have only covered up to the Summer?

    Are you saying, "Wait 'til the next report! Then you'll really see some prices falling?"

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