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  • On 19 Jul 2014 in Bay Area apartment rents continue relentless rise, Tim Aurora said:

    Robert Sproul says

    This is completely ahistorical.

    Detroit IS a perfect example.

    Your counterpart was assembling their little portfolio of rentals with the same self assurance towards the end of the 50 to 75 years when Detroit enjoyed it's prosperity and manufacturing dominance.

    The clock is ticking on the stucco-entombed ex-prune orchards of SV.

    (iwog, for one, talks frequently about the possibility of near term [3 years] catastrophic decline.)

    While it is always possible that the value of SF bay may go down like Detroit, the dividend ( rent/equivalent rent in this case) off the RE will compensate for the decline in value after X years. That is the same principal behind the stock market. The value is in the potential dividend, which is in the equivalent rent in this case.

    And BTW for every Detroit, there is NY, Chicago, London and bunch of other cities which are still flourishing after 100s of years.

  • On 9 Jul 2014 in chinese buyers, Tim Aurora said:

    The point is, Can the forgien buyers change the paradigm of the housing. My take is that n certain markets ( London, NY, Bay area , Florida ) etc it can make a difference. In others ( rural areas ) not so much. The grey area is other big cities, such as Houstan, Chicago, Atlanta etc

  • On 7 Jul 2014 in It's no longer a seller's market, Tim Aurora said:

    Call it Crazy says

    What data were you looking for??

    Anything to corroborate his story. All he has is some rant. Look , Logan is a bear too but he supports his findings with data. I may not agree with him but I respect his points.

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