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  • On 18 Nov 2014 in Only Silents and Boomers Benefit From Housing Bubble, Tim Aurora said:

    Indiana Jones says

    "Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen recently treated the nation to an astonishing lecture on the solution to rising wealth inequality--according to Yellen, low-income households should save capital and buy assets such as stocks and housing."

    She is right. You have to save from what you earn. I have saved while I was earning $14 an hour ( before taxes) with a wife . Never bought a car with a loan. Just refused to spend of vacations, dinners and cars.

  • On 14 Nov 2014 in 4 years since we bought!!, Tim Aurora said:

    Call it Crazy says

    Apparently you missed his sarcasm!

    Apparently I did, but with poster here making crazy statements, it is easy to miss one :-)

  • On 14 Nov 2014 in 4 years since we bought!!, Tim Aurora said:

    HEY YOU says

    Buying is always a good idea if one only pays 10% of asking price.

    There are many willing to overpay.

    And sir how many houses have you been able to buy with 10% of asking price. I am assuming none and now you have missed out one the greatest buying opportunity in 100 years ( 2009-2011).

    I assuming that this is one of your ways to let out the frustration of being priced out. Go out to the hill and scream " I missed it". It will make you feel better

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