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I am Doc White Cloud, a former professor of Occult Arts at Choctaw State University.

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  • On Fri, 5 Jul 2013, 7:02am PDT in API test scores and real estate prices, raindoctor said:

    Well, conformity = less risk. If conformity leads to losses (as in recent housing bubble), all those conformants can sob together and blame someone else, like the government, banks, etc.

  • On Wed, 3 Jul 2013, 3:32am PDT in API test scores and real estate prices, raindoctor said:

    thomaswong.1986 says

    my two cents, our great need today is alternative energy sources,

    you will find great success looking after natural gas in middle america.

    Not sure we need additional SW programmers, doctors or lawyers.

    Even though what you say is true for those who can live for another 200 years, we, mere mortals, care about what is gonna happen in this decade and the next decade. That's how people are. When polity, policy is filled up with such people, who wanna make a quick buck for next decades, how about those who don't have power? What can the latter do? Just follow the elite sheep.

  • On Tue, 2 Jul 2013, 10:33am PDT in API test scores and real estate prices, raindoctor said:

    FunTime says

    For the record, I favor the supposed gift from the Greeks of knowledge for knowledge sake. I find it helpful in forming a perspective that keeps day-to-day events at bay.

    What unites everyone in the states? American dream, of course! American dream is not about knowledge; it is all about money. Money, more money, ways to make much more money, etc.

    To all those people working in Technology, Finance, Medicine, Law, and other well paid fields, American dream = make sure that their kids reach a financial status a notch above what they currently have.

    The school one went to, the kind of friends they have, the kind of circles they belong to, etc are all means to achieve that American dream.

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