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  • On 5 Jan 2015 in Is this new house loan the "game changer"?, Oxygen said:

    one of the comments that i agree with:

    "This sounds like a strategy to sell unproductive crap property that resides in crap neighborhoods, so banks can make more money through the creation of this new loan program."

    also, these banks are are locking in borrowers on money that the bank would not otherwise make. marginal income is better than no income.

  • On 5 Jan 2015 in Is this new house loan the "game changer"?, Oxygen said:

    SFace says

    Great program if it is available. Lendee benefit, banks make Jack squat.

    as the article said, it would be hard to duplicate this mortgage program without significant subsidies. i think they bank will make money on the back end, when the borrower wants to leave after 7 years for a bigger house.

    "After five to seven years, their income should grow, and they'll have enough equity to trade up to a larger house to raise their young families."

  • On 24 Dec 2014 in Business Insider is a complete joke! A propaganda rag it has become., Oxygen said:

    i didnt read what article u were specifying, but BI is a real piece of shit. like buzzfeed, elitedaily, etc

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