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  • On Mon, 1 Aug 2011, 7:31am PDT in Why Pay House Premium "for Schools" Instead of Private Schooling?, OO said:

    Bellarmine or those more affordable, religious schools have an acceptance rate at top colleges far behind the best public schools in Palo Alto, Cupertino, Saratoga etc.

    Good school districts don't come out of poor neighborhoods, fact of life. These are affluent neighborhoods to begin with, and good school districts come naturally with more affluent and well educated parents.

    The good private schools in the Bay Area, Harker, Menlo School, Castilleja etc have a school tuition of $30K per year, and you may not even get in. To get into Harker, you need to start early with elementary school, because the spots in the high schools are quite limited for those who didn't go up the grades with Harker. It is not like you can just let you kids go to a crappy elementary school and jr. high, and then transition him to Philips Exeter overnight. So even for one kid, you are talking about a difference of $200K+ tuition disregarding inflation. I can assure you that schools like Harker increase their tuition much more than general inflation rate each year.

    People are not stupid, especially those who can fork over $1M for their homes.

  • On Tue, 19 Jul 2011, 5:28am PDT in Foreign investors snapping up choice Silicon Valley property, OO said:

    This one was sold all-cash to a mainland Chinese, I know of the buyer through a friend.


  • On Mon, 18 Jul 2011, 4:01am PDT in Foreign investors snapping up choice Silicon Valley property, OO said:

    Well, can't say about India, but for China, this is more than investing, and very different from the Japanese.

    The Japanese buying overseas treated these properties as investment and vacation properties, they never intend (or rarely do so) to immigrate to the US. Not so for the Chinese.

    I have tons of friends in China literally mining gold every day, but they lack long term confidence in China. You have no idea how many friends have asked me to help their wives drop a kid or two in the US so that the babies will have American citizenship. Their long term plan is to make as much as possible from China while the party lasts and retire in the US. For Chinese, their property buying here is an integral part of an exit package - somewhere to flee to just in case China blows up again, like 70 years ago.

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