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  • On 18 Aug 2014 in Black Facts, YesYNot said:

    Given the literal way in which you interpreted that idiom, I believe you are autistic ;).

    SoftShell says

    Given the orientation of the stomach, and the various supporting ligiments and muscles, I believe you are lying.

    HEY YOU says

    As a white, these facts & pics of " these people" turns my stomach.

  • On 12 Aug 2014 in Most student loans now not being paid on time, YesYNot said:

    Reading the article, it says that 1 in 6 are delinquent. Based on my experience with these companies, a good number of those are paperwork errors by the crap companies that service these loans.

    The 51% number likely includes people who defer for one reason or another. Is it people who are currently in deferment or people who deferred at one point or another? It's hard to say, because the article is written so poorly.

    The government still makes money on student loans. Current estimates are that the federal government will make $127 billion over the next 10 years off of their student lending programs.

    This will pay for about 18% of the cost of the Mortgage interest tax break over the next 10 years. It's take from the poor recent grad and give to wealthy leveraged homeowners.

    High five!


  • On 12 Aug 2014 in David Stockman on the global economy: "...all hell is going to break loose.", YesYNot said:

    indigenous says

    When ever you are looking for the cause of the problem you look earlier. Just logic right? Yet Friedman is trying to say the problem occurred simultaneously with the cause. It doesn't work like that. The problem was earlier in the 20s when there was too much loose money.

    OK, the great depression was caused in the 1920s.

    indigenous says

    But the bottom line is that the depression would not have occurred if HH and FDR had done nothing. Rather it would have been just another short recession. To place blame any where but these two mutts is misplaced.

    We should blame HH and FDR who were president during the great depression. If it weren't for these guys, it would have been a short recession.

    I'm confused.

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