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  • On 29 Jul 2014 in HVAC repair - weird industry, YesYNot said:

    The Carrier parts supplier said that the would not sell to consumers to protect the company. The guy said that a consumer might put a part in and screw up their whole system, and then blame the parts supplier. This seems like a silly non-issue to me. Just have a policy that all sales are final and the part is not covered by warranty if installed by an unlicensed person. Otherwise, have a restocking fee if the part is returned in good working order. They could even charge more for consumers, since this is a retail sale with a different warranty.

    This isn't rocket science. The install requires pulling two wiring harnesses, pulling the fan out, swapping motors, putting it back, and plugging in the wire harnesses. It would be hard to fuck up. Replacing the motor controller is even easier, as you don't have to separate the motor drive shaft from the fan cage.

    You can easily buy car parts that have much more difficult installs, and there are no issues with local sales, warranties, and returns.

  • On 29 Jul 2014 in HVAC repair - weird industry, YesYNot said:

    The motor that I have is a variable speed motor. This is a 3 phase DC motor with a controller that converts 120V AC + a speed signals to a power signal that will drive the motor.

    These motors are useful, because they can run at lower speeds for extended periods. For example, if someone had the fan on but no heating / cooling it would run at a lower speed. If someone turned on the AC, it goes at a higher speed. When the AC shuts off, but the evaporator is still cool, the fan can run at slow speed until the evaporator is no longer cool. It also ramps up to speed slowly, so that you can hardly hear it come on.

    These variable speed motors are more expensive than single speed motors with a start capacitor. For example, the cheapest replacement that I found was $750 online for the whole motor or $320 for the controller. These motors should not be that expensive, but you are right. They have a little proprietary program on a flash chip that makes them specific to the brand and model HVAC system that you have. Thus, the manufacturer has you over the proverbial barrel.

    My system, despite being 20 yrs old is 14 SEER. The replacement he was trying to sell me has a single speed motor and was 13 SEER. He, of course, said the new one would be better.

    The main reason that I posted this is that I thought it would be useful information for people who are maintaining a house or 3. Plus, I was hoping to get some more insight. I'm not sure what the best section would be for that. I figured that the Misc section gets a good bit of traffic these days.

    For $300, if it buys a year or two, I'll be happy. Hopefully, it'll be more like 5.

  • On 29 Jul 2014 in HVAC repair - weird industry, YesYNot said:

    Thanks CDon. I'll definitely call them next time I have an issue.

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