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  • On Mon, 25 Jul 2016, 10:42am PDT in Clinton News Network becomes Pravda, pumps Russia backed Wikileaks hack., Philistine said:

    PCGyver says

    Always best to choose a running mate that the other side would less want in office. This will keep Trump alive if elected.

    Wasn't that Nixon's strategy with Agnew? Yet it's Hillary that is out-Nixoning Nixon. She's so crooked she could eat soup with a corkscrew.
    Blurtman says

    A bloodless revolution might be preferable, but a revolution will be unavoidable and will only get worse if the same old cronies continue to run the show.

    For inspiration, I re-watched 'A Tale of Two Cities' (1935) last night. Dickens really, in his hyperbole-laden style, demonstrates the unsympathetic character of both the aristocrats and the peasant rabblement. All shade of nuance or deeper human understanding is completely lost in the fog of revolution. This country scares the hell out of me right now.

  • On Wed, 20 Jul 2016, 5:05pm PDT in Delta Airlines selling WTF round trip rates to Hong Kong from SFO!?, Philistine said:

    BayAreaObserver says

    the airport is about an hour bus ride from the city (Kowloon)

    Aww geeze, don't take the bus! The MTR Airport Express train is cheap and only takes 25-30 minutes. And it's clean and pleasant. In fact, all of the Hong Kong Metro subway is very reliable and not expensive if a walking tour is more your thing than taking cabs everywhere.

  • On Tue, 19 Jul 2016, 2:44pm PDT in Using full synthetic oil with new car, Philistine said:

    This is a topic shrouded in mystique. Try the Bob is the Oil Guy forum. You can spend a lifetime reading more than you ever wanted to know.

    I would have no issue using synthetic in a modern motor that hasn't been run high miles with dino oil. Not sure about in an old motor that always ran dino (will clean out the worn seals and possibly cause leaking).

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