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  • On 2 Apr 2014 in The Horror of HOAs, Philistine said:

    Dan8267 says

    sbh says

    APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says

    HOAs can easily be handled. They fuck with you, pile 20 tires on your lawn, soak them with gasoline and light 'em up. They stop fucking with you. You put the fire out. They'll learn after a while.

    Uh, you didn't think this one through. Once the fire starts everyone in the county will use your front lawn as a landfill. That 20 tires will be 200 in a heartbeat. Then come the tailgaiters. In two days you'll have NASCAR and Larry the Cable Guy and every toothless demented bropappy squatting in the hoe-down that used to be your house. And they will all be packin', so think twice about bustin' out the gatling.

    So you've been to Florida, then?

    Yeah, this wouldn't really go down in, say, Orlando or Jacksonville. Although, trek to the wilds of Bithlo or Plant City and you may just find you some trash burners yet, though those areas don't really have what you'd rightly call an HOA, or even a neighborhood. . . .

  • On 2 Apr 2014 in Following more than 100 aftershocks, Californians fear The quake from Hell, Philistine said:

    bob2356 says

    Victorians aren't brick.

    Of course there were/are brick Victorian houses. "Victorian" isn't a single classification. It's a collection of various kitchy period-revival styles, from 1840-1910 and peaking around 1880-90.

    Probably you mean the stereotypical Queen Anne "Painted Ladies" that are commonly associated with San Francisco, but, even at that, there are many examples of Queen Anne architecture in brick and not just wood--from the same period of 1880-1900. Granted, these are more often seen in the Midwest and DC-to-Maine corridor.

  • On 4 Mar 2014 in We are reaching another real estate extreme., Philistine said:

    errc says

    What does a place like that rent for, 15k per month?

    If we believe the min/max range stated in the listing, given the type and number of units: $10,300/mo.

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