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  • On 30 Jul 2014 in Nine Reasons to Love Your Mortgage, Philistine said:

    Strategist says

    10. It can reduce your taxes.

    11. It can give you pride of ownership you don't get with renting.

    12. You can live free for 3 years if something goes wrong.

    10: I did the math and we still pay $500/mo more after the tax deduction on same house versus what we rent
    11: Sounds like an emotional reason. My emotional reason for renting is security: I can move for jobs (very needed in my industry); ability to save and invest money that I am not being forced to put toward an 85% higher mortgage payment
    12: If something goes wrong, my savings/investments cover my cheap rent twice as long as the 85% higher mortgage payment

    Addendum to the above is this in LA. If I lived in FL or TX I would most likely not rent given how much cheaper it is to buy.

  • On 29 Jul 2014 in 2015 Real Estate Prediction, Philistine said:

    FortWayne says

    there are rules to how many tenants a house can have

    Blame the Commies and Libbbz!

  • On 15 Jul 2014 in and up it goes.., Philistine said:

    SubOink says

    If I had followed the pat.net lead I would have not bought in 2011

    Yes, take it with a grain of salt, but there were voices on here calling a bottom around 2009/2010. They were unpopular voices, but you have to be able to filter good information from bad, and sound analysis from biased hokum.

    If you dig through all the malarkey, there is insight here.

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