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  • On 12 Dec 2014 in Saturated Fat Does Not Cause Heart Disease, Philistine said:

    thunderlips11 says

    They make up bullshit for the latter, saying it's a Med Diet. Yeah, it's the true traditional Med Diet

    My blood pressure was (hereditarily) out of control and I went on a BP/heart-disease-centric diet, doing a lot of my own research over time and talking to a nutrition doctor, since common knowledge and the media are 83% bad information concerning what is truly healthy to eat.

    In order to get my daily levels of calcium, magnesium, potassium, and omega 3 (important to get omega 3 from fish instead of plants), I eventually found my daily regimen consisting of legumes, oils, fish, TONS of tomatoes, and moderate amounts of dairy and bread. It was an accidental Mediterranean diet--sorta. My triglycerides dropped dramatically despite all the gin guzzling, and BP went from 130/80 to 105/70. No medications.

  • On 8 Dec 2014 in It would have been simple to indict Wilson and Pantaleo, Philistine said:

    Robert Sproul says

    I can't believe this is what we pay cops to do

    I know. Can you believe we pay cops to enforce the law? If you don't like the law, vote out your government instead of dumping on the police.

  • On 20 Nov 2014 in Time to increase the tobacco tax, Philistine said:

    Strategist says

    Here is my proposal:

    Tax 1. - 8. like hell.

    Enjoy the good life that will follow.

    You realize you are taxing The Good Life like hell, right?

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