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  • On 22 Apr 2014 in What in the fuck is wrong with you people?, edvard2 said:

    I'm breaking my own rules by not ignoring Mainly because the answer to this complaint is so obvious. Guess what? We ALL pay for those social services. You, me, and anyone else over the age of 18 pays for social security, pays income and sales tax, property tax and so on. We do so because that's how a modern society works: citizens pay a tax into a large pool in which those funds are used to fund public works, the military, social programs, the judicial system, public servants like the police and fire department, the public infrastructure system such as freeways, sidewalks, and public lighting.

    Yet of that entire list, the only thing conservatives whine about are funds set aside to help either the needy, the unemployed, the sick, or otherwise those who either need to get or are on some sort of assistance. Not sure why. My take is because those make easy targets and they can't exactly talk back either, thus its convenient.

    This is the country we live in. It was the country we were founded on. Its the country that has for the most part worked and is still the most economically advanced, most powerful country on earth. So whine and whine away. The system works despite its flaws.

    Any number of people from other countries not so fortunate to live in the US, who have to scramble to find enough to eat every day or worry about whether or not they have clean running water would probably be really confused at some of those here who simply whine and complain about a system that actually takes care of their own when they country they live in can't.

    I guess I'm just really tired of hearing the same ole' crap day in, day out from the right. Most statements that have to do with social services are completely hypocritical.

    You want to know the irony? I probably make more than the average person on this forum. I pay a LOT of my income in taxes. A great deal of that money will probably never directly benefit me personally. I probably pay a far larger percentage of my income in taxes than many of those on the right who complain about paying taxes- many of whom probably even get a tax return. And yet you don't see my complaining. Do I care that some of that money might go to help someone who's elderly and can't maintain their lifestyle without assistance? Yes- I do care because one day that old person will be me. Do I care that some might go to someone who is unemployed? No, because I myself have been laid off twice for no fault of my own and I was awfully glad that unemployment insurance existed and I didn't feel guilty about it, seeing as I'd been paying taxes that paid for that program. Am I upset that perhaps a few people on welfare are using some of that same tax money? No. What would be the alternative? Make them live in the street? What sort of country would we be if that actually happened? We wouldn't be the sort of country most here would want to live in. Like Is said- we take care of our own. That's who we are.

    Anyway, I'm sure there will be a maelstrom of silly comments to come. I've said all I care to say. The end.

  • On 21 Apr 2014 in Rush in Ruins?, edvard2 said:

    Its not like this really matters anyway. As pointed out in the article and as we all know, practically the entire AM dial is SATURATED with right-winger loudmouths and their entirely formulaic shows. These shows differ little from each other: Just start talking about a topic- any topic- and blame it all on "Liberals" and whatnot. And if not AM, well the most popular Cable news network is also right leaning.

    The notion that the media is liberal is just another bullshit thing these right wing talk show hosts say as a catch phrase.

    So even if Rush retires, there's a zillion other guys just like him eager to step up and do perhaps one of the easiest jobs ever.

  • On 18 Apr 2014 in Advice to Democrats: Don't say 'recovery', edvard2 said:

    There's a reason we see so many desperate anti-obama posts: The GOP and their followers know they're losing big time. No doubt about it. Hell- just yesterday it was announced that even more people than anticipated signed up for healthcare, hence further making the last 5 years of the entire GOP's agenda a huge waste of time.

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