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  • On 30 Jul 2014 in Fed Buys 71% of US Treasuries! We Have to Abandon Free Market Principles...., iwog said:

    Zak says

    yeah, and in my neighborhood, they fell by about 25%. They were still 5x median income. Now we're back to 6x and even 7x median income again.

    I see. So you live in a fortress area. An upper class neighborhood where rich families locate their children with 50%-75% down payments.

    Again..........you will NEVER see those houses hit 2x income. Ever. I don't care if the banks fail or if Jerusalem gets nuked or if aliens invade Texas.

    I don't know where you got the idea that a working stiff was going to compete with people who have a few million dollars of liquid capital in their brokerage account, but NOTHING the general economy does will elevate your CLASS. You either do that for yourself or you inherit it and based on the direction the political wind is blowing these days, you've got an uphill battle.

    Blaming the fed or the treasury or anyone else is a fool's game.

  • On 30 Jul 2014 in Fed Buys 71% of US Treasuries! We Have to Abandon Free Market Principles...., iwog said:

    marcus says

    But then CAlifornia Real Estate is different than everywhere else. Btw, I question some of the prices you posted above. Often when sites show transaction prices, it was simply a settlement price on the amount of the loan that was defaulted on. Not a real transaction price. It's the price at which the loss is taken and the RE is put on the books of the Bank.

    I know they were the settlement prices. I know the guy who bought the Carey house and I know the Walnut Creek condo was sold back to the bank because I had just finished buying one in the same complex two months earlier. Carey was a flip and I was pissed off I didn't add it to my book.

  • On 30 Jul 2014 in Feminists Comfort Single Women, iwog said:

    Chanty Binx has been on my radar now for awhile.

    Whenever I have a friend question my attitudes regarding American women, I link her.

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