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  • On Mon, 30 Mar 2015, 10:30am PDT in Austrians believe the government wasn't necessary to end slavery, iwog said:

    zzyzzx says

    I would add to this:

    By Says' Law, the presence of robots creates demand for them.

    It's a good thing that Says' law is a bunch of horse shit.

    zzyzzx says

    In theory, a robot would be cheaper than a slave, correct? So if it's pure economics, then robots or other automation would do away with slavery. In practice, many people were against slavery for religious reasons.

    If it's pure economics, then the creation of robots able to do all human labor would make humans obsolete. Those who hold productive capital would have no reason to share and most of humanity would be left to starve.

    At best, the people with all the capital would grudgingly share at mere sustenance levels to avoid war but eventually technology will solve that problem too.

  • On Sun, 29 Mar 2015, 9:42pm PDT in American women rate 80% of men on dating site as below average, iwog said:

    Heraclitusstudent says

    Why do they email less attractive people?

    I listed a few reasons but they all amount to the same thing. Women are willing to date or even keep a man they consider below average however I don't think any man alive would consider this a stable situation.

    If your mate believes she's settling for less than she deserves, life is guaranteed to be hell.

  • On Sun, 29 Mar 2015, 9:38pm PDT in Austrians believe the government wasn't necessary to end slavery, iwog said:

    indigenous says

    Clearly Lincoln could not care less about the rights of slaves. Any government efforts at that time were unnecessary and against the constitution, with regard to slavery.

    You are absolutely one of the stupidest people on earth.

    indigenous says

    No, I'm bored with this we have gone over it many times.

    I noticed you're never too bored to claim you answer questions, you're just too bored to actually prove you're not a liar by pointing to the answers.

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