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  • On 17 Dec 2014 in Top Trolls, iwog said:

    APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says

    I win!

    IWOG has like 1,234,402 posts and 500 likes.

    I have 15 posts and 1,234,402 likes.

    And this with a third of the users (I)gnoring me.


    I am willing to stipulate that you have a bigger penis than I.

  • On 16 Dec 2014 in Sorry, Putin. Russias economy is doomed, iwog said:

    tr6 says

    IWog, your global depression might be coming sooner than later. 30 year treasury is at 2.69 today without any Fed buying. I bet the Fed will surprise the markets and be "dovish" again.

    Yeah I think I'm on record a few million times saying QE didn't move bond prices so now we've got proof.

    Anyway this is a 1920's economy with boom times for the rich and those who serve the rich and stagnation for everyone else. I'm still happy with 2017 but I suppose it could just as easily be 2016 or 2018.

  • On 14 Dec 2014 in World poverty is declining, iwog said:

    The way these numbers are calculated is extremely misleading.

    Before the white man discovered Tahiti, the people there were living in paradise. They had all the food they could eat, they had a great climate, they had no predators, and there were no military despots trying to conquer them. They lived in $0 per day.

    When the Europeans showed up, they got the natives hooked on drugs and exploited them for pearls and gave them 'structure'. As a result, their income rose and their standard of living went to hell. In fact they were miserable.

    There are small villages in China where sustenance farming has been a way of life for thousands of years. They don't have much but they don't starve to death and they are generally happy although they don't technically make any money.

    These people are often lured into factory jobs where they discover the meaning of hell on earth. They are no longer technically in poverty but most of their money goes to company housing and gets spent at the company store. On paper they have advanced beyond poverty. In practice they are cogs in a machine and often commit suicide because of it.

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