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  • On 18 Sep 2014 in The folks is starting ta smells the coffee., iwog said:

    The United States today is the culmination of everything Republicans wanted. Regressive taxes, a total lack of government regulations, non-enforcement of anti-trust, no economic borders, busted unions, free trade agreements with 3rd world nations, a massive and bloated war budget, the elimination of the fairness doctrine, unlimited private and corporate funding for political campaigns, and drill baby drill.

    This is a Republican utopia that the pathetic little right wing pricks are complaining about.

    Oh but that darn Obamacare ruined everything............

  • On 18 Sep 2014 in I'm liquidating all my stocks and going to cash, iwog said:

    EBGuy says

    At least C is keepin' it interesting for the spectators. Thirty thousand reasons that it closes at $32.5 tomorrow. Now for the October calls...

    I got a whole month! Faith man, have faith.

  • On 18 Sep 2014 in My first real estate bear thread (ever), iwog said:

    Heraclitusstudent says

    Humm... bonds are hardly a safe haven these days. In fact a downdraft in stocks - if any - may well be caused by an other jump in rates.

    I am absolutely convinced that any jump in rates will be temporary and small.

    I think most theories concerning interest rates are wrong and over the long term, interest rates are nothing more than an opportunity gauge which is primarily influenced by the wealth of consumers.

    In the short run, an argument can be made that interest rates are jostled by all sorts of factors.

    In the long run, there is only one thing I can come up with to explain why rate decline since 1980 is a straight line. In fact it's almost too straight. ridiculously straight. If someone started trading bonds on my premise in the early 1980s buying when rates were over the trend-line and selling when rates were under it, they would be a billionaire by now.

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