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  • On Wed, 4 May 2016, 4:47pm PDT in Global warming reaching new extremes right this second, iwog said:

    More media is beginning to figure it out. This from yesterday:

    With Arctic Sea Ice Unusually Thin, Scientists Wary of Another Record Melt

  • On Wed, 4 May 2016, 3:59pm PDT in Global warming reaching new extremes right this second, iwog said:

    Heraclitusstudent says

    Water vapor is a strong greenhouse gas but clouds are good reflectors of sunlight.

    It's not settled but unfortunately clouds appear to be positive feedback loops in global warming and not negative ones. The best case scenario is that clouds will be weakly negative but not nearly strong enough to cancel out everything else.

  • On Wed, 4 May 2016, 3:38pm PDT in Global warming reaching new extremes right this second, iwog said:

    Entitlemented says

    Yes there is a negative feedback, its published: Figure 3a. Modtran (Berk et al., 1989) modeled atmospheric transmittance, visible to near-infrared. Most of the absorptions are due to water. Oxygen occurs at 0.76 µm, carbon dioxide at 2.0 and 2.06 µm. See text.

    Looks like a pretty extreme scenario but may not be the one I was talking about. There isn't any evidence in prior cycles gathered from ice cores that the poles had become ice free. The warmest thaw of each cycle was very short, probably lasted a few thousand years or maybe even a few hundred years, and very quickly resumed to cooling which no doubt advanced the ice caps again.

    The only exception seems to be the current one. Just by eyeballing the graphs, we should have transitioned back to a new ice age 6000-8000 years ago which is an amazing correlation with the transformation of homo sapiens from a 250,000 year old hunter/gatherer species to a civilized one. Climate scientists usually pose this as "We're overdue for another ice age" but you can't blame it on humans because we weren't burning fossil fuels back then.

    Ice free is something new and not contained in the record other than WAY back before mammals were running the planet.

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