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  • On Sat, 10 Nov 2012, 10:14am PST in Election 2012 Wrap-up, freesense said:

    Tom - I was simply saying that, without knowing the Captain better, it would be a rush to judgment for me to accuse him of being A racist (as opposed to being racist at that moment) - it's a fine point, but one that matters to me - there are many reasons folks make racist comments and being a dyed-in-the-wool (reflexive) racist is only one of them

    the real take-home message here is to donate your TV set to the nearest dumpster - other than a few PBS shows, it's nothing more than corporate/government propaganda and endless sales pitches for products that are, today, mostly unregulated - like Forrest Gump, you really have no idea what you're gonna get

    I'd suggest, with Chris Matthews and the rest of the shout show Gang, that would be fleas

    At this point, while it's been a blast, I find I must wrap-up my comments before Pat has to add me to the payroll

    Take care, all NjW

  • On Sat, 10 Nov 2012, 8:20am PST in Election 2012 Wrap-up, freesense said:

    If you guys will read what's here, you will see that the GOP deceived itself by not appreciating the fact that it was deceiving itself.

    Captain - I'm fairly convinced that all humans are racists and bigots, it's just that some of us take positive action to remedy that character flaw.

    As for my not having the right to call you as I see you; a person who appears to see the world in terms of human characteristics beyond the control of any human: skin color nationality, religious persuasion (until you leave home), socioeconomic status (ditto), sexual proclivities (we have no control over our "preference," but then, you knew that), etc., then I believe the First Amendment kicks in there somewhere, or would you deny me that right as well?

    Mind you, I'm not saying you are a racist or a nativist, per se, only that you say racist and nativist things. A racist is a lifestyle. Making a racist remark might just be momentarily relapsing to type.

    You seem to have an aura of belligerance about you. As you could only hate me based on a few lines of text in this thread, I'll assume you had other things sticking in your craw before I came along. I am not writing here to give you grief, nor to take anyone's shit. It could be that you don't like the mere fact that we disagree.
    My experience has taught me that all hatred begins with self-loathing.

    It also instructs that your hate will never set you free. Only love can do that. Take my word, it's a much easier way to pass through this brief space we call life.


  • On Sat, 10 Nov 2012, 4:00am PST in Election 2012 Wrap-up, freesense said:

    Marcus - this may interest you


    And how in the world did Karl "I have the numbers" Rove and every other polemical prognosticator get it all so dreadfully (for them) wrong? This poorly-titled but insightful piece lays bare the fundamental problem with applying a rigid and doctrinaire philospophy to, what should be, the open-minded process of reasoning.
    •"Besides presumptions regarding responsibility ... , such differences between certainty and doubt, between absolutism and ambiguity distinguish the opposing psychological types of the political divide as much as anything."
    •"... what’s become increasingly apparent to anyone dispassionate enough to fathom it, whatever his or her political philosophy. The American right has an increasingly troubled relationship ... , with the truth as the rest of the world perceives it:..."
    •" The Obama Years have represented for the right a strategic assault on the Daniel Patrick Moynihan maxim about opinions not being facts and about not being entitled to confuse the two:..."

    This is a fascinating review of Silver's book on how he got damn near everything right in 2008, and ended up doing a ditto in 2012. Meet the dude who outRoved Rove; the guy with the real, real numbers.

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