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  • On Fri, 27 Mar 2015, 11:52am PDT in Speculators driving another housing bubble, Entitlemented said:

    Entitlemented says

    1) Make Algrebra

    Spelling is also important :>

  • On Fri, 27 Mar 2015, 11:50am PDT in Speculators driving another housing bubble, Entitlemented said:

    It would have been better to 1) Make Algrebra, Pre-Calc, Physics, Chemistry, Entrepeneurship, Technology mandatory classes in High School.

    2) Common core/other mandate 50% more hours in math and science (School Principle say that Math/Science hours during day have halved since 1996).

    3) Hook up students with Science Mentors - perhaps suggest tax breaks of 1-2% for small/med/large firms who hire interns

    These here hurt the Lobbyists:
    4) Reduce the ratio of Lawyers to Engineers to similar level as Germany, Taiwan, South Korea. Provide Scientists the same amount of private and public funding for science in the first 5 year after graduation as emerging tech countries.

    This is going to hurt the Lobbyists, and harm the Labor party.

    5) Normalize engineers and lawyers pay. Reduce torts using method like Germans use to investigate and complete technology and other based lawsuits.

    6) Reduce the US legal costs by outsourcing/Automation/ Standardization of contracts. Take 10% of the $860B spent on US legal fees and apply towards alt energy, R&D, manufacturing, and tax and regulations in line with foreign leaders in high tech.

    7) Commence design and implementation of the Affordable Legal Care Act immediately.

  • On Fri, 27 Mar 2015, 11:11am PDT in Speculators driving another housing bubble, Entitlemented said:

    All people of diverse backgrounds want to help poor people get up to middle class.

    Buying Escalades and Houses while you are in the lower class is not the way to achieve this.

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