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  • On Fri, 20 Nov 2015, 9:16pm PST in Yuri Bezmenov - Former KGB - How to brainwash a nation, Entitlemented said:

    dublin hillz says

    From my point of view, both wings and camps are infested with thugs who will not hesitate to exterminate the opposition if the time is right and if given a chance. The best way for a citizen to defend themselves is not to be caught up in counterproductive collectivism so that they don't turn into a useful idiot. And objectively, only one ism is truly about the individual and that's satanism. Despite its flaws, that part is true.

    Comments: Some of most lasy people I have met are the most evil people I have met. They used deception as the main ruse to fool people. These "evil" people lie like the devil.

    When Bill Clinton engaged in the turbochargation of the CRA, this was mass collectivism, but klepto-cronism with his Lawyer and Lobbyists.
    NAFTA ended up being much like Perot said, but people believed the Deception of the Lawyers. Then Gore went on to work at the Lobbying Firms and a Venture Capitol Firm for influence.

    Bill Clinton did little about the 1st WTC bombing, little about the 2 embassy bombings, and this must have empowered the Extremists: OH Look we can attack America, have Clerics in Brooklyn consult on missions in NYC, and the Americans dont do anything about this.....

    Hillary Clinton did her Thesis on Saul Alinski, who was espousing the same thought as this Russian agent. Saul Alinski said he had a Kinship with the devil. Hope his disciples dont..........

  • On Fri, 20 Nov 2015, 5:35pm PST in Obamacare architect: High-deductible plans overdone, Entitlemented said:

    P N Dr Lo R says

    We're always hearing about the huge cost of US healthcare compared to those in Socialist countries. One of the differences between our healthcare system and that of Socialist countries is the huge amount spent in this country on end of life care that is not going to be spent in those other countries. I can't find the graph now, but it showed a comparison between healthcare costs of the US, Germany, I think France, Norway

    Sir, I had a very pleasant German friend that afforded me to visit 6 times in the 2001-2005 timeframe. Believe you are correct that health care is ~ 50% of US. Found that with Healthcare and free University that Germany may have better quality of living in some instances. A big issue is high speed crashes, while they happen less frequently, when they do, they have more neurologic rehab as one might imagine given P=mv.

    I thought, that a efficiently run HC program with less middlemen run by Germans, would be better than a more Buerocratic US system gamed by Lawyers. I actually thought that the German system was less socialistic in service, and the US more politicized with gaming approvals etc.

    At the risk of again accusing the legal profession of a plurality of confusion and random rules on HC, I do so thinking based on first hand observations.

  • On Thu, 19 Nov 2015, 1:58pm PST in UnitedHealth May Quit Obamacare Market in Blow to Health Law, Entitlemented said:


    Does anyone know what the ratio of Lawsuit Costs / Doctors and Hospital Income is?

    Does anyone know what percentage of Paperwork-Doctors time-Hospital Infrastructure- Admin / Total Healthcare costs?

    Now yes we need special equipment for all the modern miricles of science....

    But I wonder: If we spent 1/10th of what the US spends annually on legal costs (~$800B) on a cure for cancer, would we already have a cure?......

    So then what is the cancer of society?

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