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  • On Tue, 9 Feb 2016, 2:24pm PST in Vorwrts! (Forward!), Entitlemented said:

    One thing about Socialists I have noticed. Not only do the deny technology, and are not willing to make any effort while they expect the conveniences thereof, they utterly lack and vision, and believe that others do also.

    Socialist tend to believe in groupthink and copy others ideas, and try to make it their own.

  • On Tue, 9 Feb 2016, 11:29am PST in In Bernie Sanders America, innovation doesn't exist, Entitlemented said:

    errc says

    How many patented innovations are you currently bringing to market?

    6, with one pending, two of which you may use one day.

    We need more Engineers and Scientists, and 1/100 the social arts and do nothing ninnies.

  • On Tue, 9 Feb 2016, 10:42am PST in In Bernie Sanders America, innovation doesn't exist, Entitlemented said:

    Ironman says

    His mind is stuck on social programs instead of unique ways that U.S. companies change the world.

    This is the mindset of many liberal arts and liberal thinking people. They have no idea of how innovation drives all the economic engines of the major contribution countries of the world.

    Even after seeing the Bolshevik Revolution (many dont know the history) they still have a social equalization outlook, and ironically it is exactly this socialism that has brought countries to ruin, and the various carnations of socialism are worse exactly due to the level of depotism or freedoms their leaders govern by.

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