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  • On 21 Jul 2014 in Is this thinking wrong ? Please advise, Entitlemented said:


  • On 20 Jul 2014 in Conservatives and liberals are physiologically different?, Entitlemented said:

    Its not genetic, is partly learned, but some of this may be genetic.

    As a child I saw bad behavior in some of my friends, stealing, dishonesty. These traits that earned me a paddlin' help my environment. For the kids whos parents did nothing, statistically some got better and some worse. But those that got away with more and more pushed more and more into bad behavior, devious, trickyness, hidden agendas, drug use, etc. There were variations on this. But statistically those who were coddled quite a bit, did no exert themselves all the time in education. However again this is not a unity correlant of behavior to education.

    In summary those with a liberal upbringing became more liberal.

    And here we are today with enrollment in worthwhile degrees declining, outsourcing, large government.

    I would have never believed the founding fathers vision to a free society woudl enable the USA to prosper so much, and I now believe that when we highly modify the rules of law to support our favorite group this is mob rule.

    I now better understand Montesquie, Thoreau, and see that they understood people. I think I better understand how Rome was built up on a group of principles, (good and bad) and that when the worse principles and circular corruption was enhanced, that they realized the full forces that their behavior had earned.

    I still hope that we can learn from history - that bullys can rise up in different parts of the world, they are like some of my friends, sneaky, deceptive, narcissistic, and greedy.

    The US is a leader in freedom, liberty, and egalitarism. If we attenuate or abandon these principles, either from within or without, we risk a collapse of free values, an escalation of corruption, and destablization and threat of wars globally.

  • On 19 Jul 2014 in Carlos Slim calls for three day work week, Entitlemented said:

    The drug dealers already have that! And they have a great tax avoidance scheme.

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