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  • On Wed, 4 Mar 2015, 8:24pm PST in US Population age 20 to 29, justme said:

    The first graph is just a sliding window sum of the number of residents that were born in the interval [year-29, year-20] with year ranging from 1965 to 2019. While such a view of the underlying data is of some interest, it does not easily explain the bigger picture.

    A better way would be, instead, for each birth-year to plot the number of live residents (that is, born+immigrated-dead-emigrated persons) as a function of the birth year. That gives a much more complete data set from which the posted graph can also be generated.

  • On Tue, 3 Mar 2015, 8:37am PST in Lone fed official stands up to financial industry, justme said:

    No specific article at end of link.

  • On Fri, 20 Feb 2015, 9:05pm PST in IWog Losing Argument Yet Again and Deleting Posts, justme said:

    Reality says

    Even in the US, it's the Blue States like NY, CA, WA, MA, and CT have higher wealth disparity than the Red States.

    You have cause and effect backwards. Those states have Blue (democratic party) majority because the citizens have observed the wealth disparity and vote accordingly. Unfortunately, there are too many red state senators that block what the blue states want to do in Congress.

    Now, if only the red states would understand that they ought to be blue, then we could get something done. Modulo the corruption that works directly on the elected representatives, of course. That's yet another problem.

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