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  • On 20 Dec 2014 in Putin Has a Break-Down. Rambles Incoherently About Bears Eating Honey., justme said:

    thunderlips11 says

    I want to give this example:

    That was an excellent example. Putin is an intelligent man giving intelligent answers. The western media are complete idiots or behave dishonestly because they have an agenda.

  • On 19 Dec 2014 in TARP ends: We made $16 billion, justme said:

    So we made a profit of 16/700=2.2% over 5 years or so. Whop -de-doo.

    Contrast that to socializing the banks and then selling them again. If congress had done that, we, the taxpayers would have made easily greater than 100% profit AND we would have fixed the too-big-too-fail problem.

    Look at the stock price of any major bank from 2007 to 2014 and you see what I mean.

  • On 19 Dec 2014 in Single Payer Health System Dies in Vermont & Why It Matters, justme said:

    Call it Crazy says

    justme says

    By the way, the underlying article, from "the fiscal times" no less, is just a right-wing hit piece, in case anyone was confused about that.

    So that actually changes the facts on the ground in Vermont? Would it have been more believable for you if you read it on Mother Jones?

    You are too dumb and too disingenious to understand the point, aren't you? The propaganda article tried to say that SP healthcare failed in Vermont because it would be too expensive.

    The truth is that SP failed because SP could not be implemented without losing Medicaid and other federal contributions. Even the propaganda article contained some facts, like the following:

    >>To make matters worse, Shumlin said the state would get far less financial assistance from the federal government than Vermont originally expected. Under the plan, the state would also lose out on about $150 million Medicaid dollars.

    So the problem is that federal law effectively prohibited support for SP systems, not that the system itself was a bad idea.

    Make a guess who (hint: Republicans) are the one that would not support enabling states to choose the single payer option, aka. "the public option"?

    You lack reading comprehension and have an unwillingness to deal in truth and facts.

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