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  • On Thu, 23 Apr 2015, 5:16pm PDT in Domestic Violence Alert, justme said:

    You mean girls will be girls, right? You probably knew that, but I think thunderlips11 was being too subtle (as always :)) in letting the reader figure out the irony of two women both being carted off to jail, for domestic violence perpetrated on each other.

    Just goes to show that when there is not a man involved (or if there are two men involved), the police does not have an easy time deciding who to blame and arrest for domestic violence. And observing that particular fact will be one of the greatest benefits of same-sex marriage, for men contemplating opposite-sex marriages. Just make sure you marry a woman that is the same height and weight as you.

  • On Wed, 22 Apr 2015, 7:27am PDT in Marco Rubio's parents fled Castro regime in Cuba. Well...., justme said:

    Blurtman says

    Well not exactly. His parents fled a right wing dictator. Ooops.

    Republicans (like Rubio) rarely let the facts get in the way of a good story. In Rubio's own creation myth, his parents fled communism. Alrighty then.

  • On Wed, 22 Apr 2015, 7:25am PDT in Marco Rubio's parents fled Castro regime in Cuba. Well...., justme said:

    BayAreaObserver (actually Politico) says

    At issue is Bush’s 2004 veto of $2 million in state funds that had been allocated for the Braman Breast Cancer Institute. Braman had established the center at the University of Miami two years earlier, after his wife’s sister was diagnosed with the disease, seeding it with $5 million of his own funds.

    Okay, so Braman is a nut that wants to spend 10-25M on getting Rubio elected rather than Jeb Bush, because Bush vetoed 2M in tax spending on Braman's pet cancer project. Does not make a lot of sense, does it? But then, right-wingnuttery rarely does.

    But in general, what is going on here? Every Republican candidate is now going to have a billionaire sugar-daddy? Oh, how I wish George Soros would get enamored with Elizabeth Warren.

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