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  • On 15 Mar 2014 in Yes... by all means, ask a high level insurance exec why ins is expensive..., everything said:

    U.S. healthcare - for profit. Ranked 40th worldwide among industrialized nations. It's just about worthless unless you have cancer or their crappy blood tests finally pick up an infection after the damage has already been done. Trick is to let the patient get so bad that it's time to start cutting parts out. Reactive medicine, is about as far from pro-active as it gets. Ethics .. not part of the corporate mentality.
    Also, with GMO's coming on strong, Crohn's, digestive disorders, mental disorders, more cancers, auto immune diseases..
    Just watch the documentary under our skin - open your eyes people.
    Also on youtube, if you have roku3 or smart tv easily viewed on your TV.
    Leading cause of bankruptcy in the U.S. - medical costs.

    I'm with you elliemae, bless you.

  • On 15 Mar 2014 in When do homes depreciate if they never go down in value?, everything said:

    Definitely, if you want to talk depreciation, think of having to remediate anything pre 1970 that is chock full of lead paint and asbestos, gotta be gutted. Foundations made out of rebar don't and won't last either. Although, cracks in floating slabs are normal, I guess landscaping can help but I nary see a basement that does not leak water .. eventually. They just keep making cheaper, some of these houses from the 50's are pretty solid, but it's all about keeping a good roof on the house, and how about those asbestos siding you still see around. These 10-20 year roof's made with tar .. simply designed to have to be replaced. Now, I see they've got plastic slate for a 50 year roof, vs. clay, 100 year roof, copper nails, etc.
    In Europe they've got roofs that are 500 years old.

  • On 24 Feb 2014 in Bank of America Is Slashing 3,000 Mortgage Jobs This Quarter, everything said:

    Lol, watch America continue to outsource itself, thinking that's the solution to cutting costs. Service based economy, military economy, borrowing economy, and throw away society, a sign of what is to come one day in the land of more.

    Lol2, I don't have money to pay interest to the banks, property taxes, insurance, and ever expensive service based economy upkeep. I'm stretched, I don't care how low rates are. Income went flat and I sold immediately 4 years ago, renting and putting more money into my pocket vs. a house that does not rise in value, just sucks money.


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