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  • On 31 Oct 2014 in Generation X- The Recession's Lost Generation of Homeowners, REpro said:

    Today tech is mostly in software. Yes, brings some fun and convenience to life and eliminates some old fashioned jobs, but do not push society to the higher standard of living as used to be.
    I see artificially happy faces only on pictures but NOT on streets.

  • On 31 Oct 2014 in Generation X- The Recession's Lost Generation of Homeowners, REpro said:

    Peter P says

    The Valley economy is highly cyclical

    Can be highly cyclical. After 2001 my rent dropped by 20% over two years period and driving 85 north to Mountain View was without any traffic.

    Some R&D and offices are still empty as of today.

  • On 31 Oct 2014 in Over 214,000 Doctors Opt Out of Obamacare Exchanges, REpro said:


    Fold down left and right wing for a moment. This is just a reality people are facing. Politics can feed our brains but not stomachs.
    Real problem is why health costs are so damn expensive. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists salary are just a small fractions of total charges. E.g.; My dentist as a small business have unchanged fees for last 10 years. Ask your friend doctor how much his salary went up in recent years.
    Much poorer countries than US have universal care and spent on it much less percentage of GDP then US on Medicare alone.
    Some argue that they health care is not that good. In reality we are far, far away of being the healthiest nation or our life span is the longest. Beside, going private way will always be an option.

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