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  • On Thu, 28 Jul 2016, 9:13am PDT in Fiat Chrysler ending car production in U.S. - trucks remain, P N Dr Lo R said:

    I guess this mean the end of Fluid-Drive?

  • On Wed, 27 Jul 2016, 8:35pm PDT in Colorado Treasure Hunter Confirmed Dead Nearly 7 Months After Disappearing Durin, P N Dr Lo R said:

    "The eccentric art dealer and decorated Vietnam War combat pilot said he hid the treasure for two main reasons: to lure people away from their TV sets and into the healthy wilderness"

    I'll stay in front on my TV set and stay out of the "healthy" wilderness, thank you! He's got those crazy eyes. It's also interesting how animals, specifically dogs, can survive things that humans can't. A couple of years ago a girl watched as first her brother was carried away trying to save the family pet, then her mother and father went into the ocean trying to save the son and were lost--the dog made it safely back to the beach.

  • On Wed, 27 Jul 2016, 11:43am PDT in I want to move to a heat sink., P N Dr Lo R said:

    Tenpoundbass says


    When orchestra leader friend Matt Tolentino announced he was going to play the 1935 tango Jalousie I said "oh, the song of the window" my friend got so tickled he couldn't eat or drink for a couple of minutes and every time from then on we have a big laugh when Matt announces Jalousie.

    I grew up with evaporative coolers, variously called swamp coolers--the first was a Penguin which had to have water added to its tank about every 1-1/2 hours, a real nuisance. The next was a bronze colored Dearborn with attached water supply line. In about '54 we got a big squirrel cage cooler for the living room and I got the Dearborn put in my bedroom, which I enjoyed, would leave it on all night. Our friends had a two story home and real air-conditioning. It had a big electric motor in the garage between the cars that turned a shaft leading to a V-type compressor at the back of the garage, all open and exposed and noisy. The thermostat had a clock on top of it that had to be wound every few days, but it kept the house perfectly comfortable. My mother bought this house in '63 and it had had a den and bathroom added the year before along with central heat, but not the AC. She added the outside unit and it was still working perfectly 33 years later, except the condenser was leaking. It was replaced and now the newer one is 20 years old but still works perfectly. I turn it off about 11:00 p.m. and use the ceiling fan all night. Turn it back on about 10:00 keep it about 79 inside--my last bill was $107--I keep the vents and doors closed to the living and dining rooms. I don't understand how 79 can feel cool when I would feel like I was in a broiler if I kept it at that temperature in the winter when I keep it around 72 and it still feels warm.

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