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  • On 25 Nov 2014 in Ferguson: case closed!, P N Dr Lo R said:

    indigenous says

    Yup as soon as the politicians quit with welfare payments in all of it's stripes, I suspect rioting will be quite common.

    Nothing much seems to have changed since Watts 50 years ago.

  • On 24 Nov 2014 in Barbie (suprise) Isn't a Computer Engineer After All., P N Dr Lo R said:

    New Renter says

    but can she actually write code?

    No, but she can make a mean coffee cake.

  • On 24 Nov 2014 in Why China is better educated, P N Dr Lo R said:

    "Beginning in the late 1960s and early ‘70s, teachers began to experiment with more innovative and experimental styles of teaching"

    This pretty much says it all--the heydey of the cultural revolution that was changing everything. Like it says, in the late 60's the word "alternative" (I prefer counterfeit) began appearing before long-standing institutions and traditions--"alternative" school, "alternative" church, "alternative" lifestyle, "alternative" marriage, to imply that the traditional version was all wrong so why not try the counterfeit one. It didn't seem to occur to anyone that those in their late 20's and up, such as I, had been educated in traditional schools or by the "direct" method for decades and seemed to be perfectly successful in their fields. It was also the method employed by my mother and her generation of teachers from 1923 to 1970. A new high school was built here in 1970 to replace the 50 year old facility which in addition to being long in the tooth, could not adequately meet the new government requirements of easy access to all. It was scheduled to open in the 1971 year and I visisted it during the summer to see what it was like--when I went in I thought I was in the library because it was just a big open room and I asked someone where the school rooms were. I was told there were no walls, just lines of demarcation between classrooms and that there were no formal rules as to having to remain seated in the same spot for a 50 minute period. This idea was actually sold to so-called educated people. They struggled with the thing for two years, trying out movable partitions between the areas, but there was so much noise and overlapping interference it was stopped in 1974--one of the high schools built in the early 60's took its place from then on, it was given to a local community college and now serves as its art center.

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