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  • On Mon, 25 May 2015, 2:37pm PDT in Where is all the economic growth?, P N Dr Lo R said:

    Bellingham Bill says

    Back in 1960,

    Everything we bought had Made in U.S.A. on it.

  • On Mon, 25 May 2015, 9:35am PDT in Some Special Words For All Of You Who Served In The Military, P N Dr Lo R said:

    marco says

    World domination by the U.S.military

    By whom would you rather have it dominated? Didn't take long for a sourpuss to respond to your stirring remarks on this forum.

  • On Fri, 22 May 2015, 3:19pm PDT in Reading Age, P N Dr Lo R said:

    Philistine says

    I would not want my child to read the Bible for the simple reason that he would not grasp any of the substance and simply reduce it to "God hates fags and Jesus died for us".

    I would absolutely agree with that about today's children (I'd even include the average high school and college graduate in that assessment), such would be their inability to grasp such deep concepts. However, it wasn't always the case--my mother and her six siblings were born between 1887 and 1902 and I can assure you that the Bible was a daily staple in their lives, both at home and in school both as moral instruction and the greatest literature ever written, as it was with the majority of her's and earlier generations. My mother referenced it frequently in her years as a school teacher between 1923 and 1970 and so far as I know no one was harmed. My junior high and high school had morning readings followed by prayer in the first period. In those years I expect there wasn't a ten year old who didn't know what the terms "the widow's mite", "the woman at the well" or "reaping what you've sown" referred to, or especially as you so contemptuously put it "Jesus died for us". I feel sure if he ever does know, it won't be from you and I think that's one of the saddest commentaries coming from a parent. When my mother's best friend's daughter was selected as senior adult of the year in 2007 two years before she died, she told how when she was born in 1929 her mother enrolled her in the Cradle Roll before she left the hospital and the church and its ministry was her influence the rest of her life.


    My cousin Doris (1922-1986) taught the beginners in Sunday school in 1946 and the first thing she began with was God is love.

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