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  • On 17 Dec 2014 in New Poll Shows US Citizens in Every Demographic Support Torture, P N Dr Lo R said:

    Maybe most would rather stay alive than be politically correct.

  • On 16 Dec 2014 in We're watching the slow decline of America., P N Dr Lo R said:

    I can't figure how what the first four comments have to do with the subject of the article.

    "who engaged in those tactics that crossed said line as defined by International Law"

    Under what particular rules of International Law or military engagement are people operating who appear as civillians in the marketplace and blow other civillians to pieces, or take them hostage when they're enjoying a meal in a nice cafe? Or blow a school to pieces, killing 141? How do you adequately apply the word "torture" to the treatment of someone to whom it seems reasonable to take a serrated knife and hack a living human being's head off just because they don't agree with your religion? And you think we're watching the slow decline of America?

    "There is no proof that torture "works" to get truthful information."

    Who gives a damn whether it does or not--I think for people like these they ought to be trotted out and treated to it periodically just under general principles.

  • On 15 Dec 2014 in The best way to improve the world is to improve yourself., P N Dr Lo R said:

    Peter P says

    Yet many people are seemingly taking the impossible route. This will prove to be a major source of unhappiness.

    Then reflect on yourself. The world is full of opportunities is you start appreciating the reality for whatever it is

    California, 1977.

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