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  • On 27 Aug 2014 in The Importance of Gold To A Nation, P N Dr Lo R said:

    iwog says

    Salt has been money.
    Seashells have been money.
    Giant carved rocks have been money.

    None of these are both intrinsically scarce and beautiful in each and every example as is gold. Gold has been, well, the gold standard indicating wealth from time immemorial because of its inherant qualities and it is also used to pave the streets of Heaven.

    iwog says

    the rich would swoop in to lock up as much gold as they could horde

    The Hunt brothers, from one of the wealthiest families in America, tried this with silver in the 70's or 80's and wound up bankrupt, and deservedly so. A book, "Beyond Greed", was written about this affair

  • On 27 Aug 2014 in Israelis have killed 500 Palestinian children since August 8, P N Dr Lo R said:

    Good. That's what happens when the Palestinians target civillians unlike real soldiers do in warfare on a battlefield and store their armaments in homes, schools and hospitals. I expect if a tally was made from the dawn of modern terrorism in about 1972, the Palestinians have way far more notches on their armaments than the Israelis when you take into account all the public bombings and car bombings. Any fire from Israel is overwhemingly defensive and I think everyone realizes that. Besides that, these children are only being reared to be terrorists themselves, so it's not any great loss.

  • On 27 Aug 2014 in 9-Year-Old Girl Accidentally Kills Shooting Range Instructor, P N Dr Lo R said:

    Dan8267 says

    How many times does this story need to be posted?

    I checked before posting it and didn't see a heading that appeared to be about it--I guess "Instant Karma" should have been a clue. I always use the story's heading as the title. I would delete it except some comments have been made and I don't think it will hurt anything to leave it up.

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