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  • On Sat, 6 Feb 2016, 2:37pm PST in Hitler's Banker's Grandkid Facing Shit-Stained Humiliation in New Hampshire, P N Dr Lo R said:

    Entitlemented says

    in late 60s many college students went into liberal arts

    At that time, there was a booming economy, most students could work to pay for their education and there was the reasonable assumption that one could get a job immediately after graudation, so there was not the desperation of today's students about whether they would be qualified for a particular job or not. A liberal arts education was seen as perfectly adequate at the time unless you specifically were attracted to the law or medicine. I talked to a man while waiting for my car to be serviced several months ago who happened to graduate when I did and we talked about how we didn't know a single person who didn't have a job offer right out of college. In fact, he was scheduleld to be hired at the major oil and gas company in a couple of days where I eventually worked. Instead, he got a better offer from an advertising firm in Dallas asking him to come to work immediately, but he'd have to miss graduation ceremonies to do so. He worked for the company ten years, then left to start his own company which he ran successfully for over 30 years and retired.

  • On Sat, 6 Feb 2016, 2:15pm PST in Is cheap oil a bad thing?, P N Dr Lo R said:

    mmmarvel says

    but what about peak oil???

    That's the inherent danger in all projections, including climate change/global warming. Who 40 years ago in the midst of the government caused "energy crisis" brought on by allocations, would have predicted ten years later an oil price collapse--or 40 years on having so much excess oil they don't know where to store it at prices converted for inflation at pre-OPEC levels, while people were sitting in gas lines in their 4,500 lb. l2 MPG Chevrolets so they could top off their tanks.

  • On Sat, 6 Feb 2016, 11:53am PST in Liberals trying to solve more problems no one thinks are a problem., P N Dr Lo R said:

    FortWayne says

    You might be happier there

    Don't count on it. Those countries thrive on the sins of envy and resentment and class hatred, which don't make for happiness in anyone.

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