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  • On 13 Nov 2014 in Finally Obama does something really good., drew_eckhardt said:

    Call it Crazy says

    In most metro areas, you have at least 3 choices for an ISP. Some even more.

    You do? In the heart of Silicon Valley my only choice is Comcast unless I'm willing to settle for 768K DSL like I had around 2001, or 1.5 mbps satellite which is too slow to stream decent quality video.

  • On 13 Nov 2014 in 1 in 3 Chicagoans living paycheck-to-paycheck, drew_eckhardt said:

    jvolstad says

    You will be surprised how much money you will have left over.

    Cutting cable, smart phones, and dining out won't fix most peoples' problems which stem from

    1. Over-extension on housing. Average rent in Chicago is $1900 a month
    2. Too many babies. Average child care in Chicago is over $1000 a month
    3. Over-extension on autos. The average new car loan is over $450 a month
    4. Spending more on their education than they needed to (community college for the first two years can save $20K although it produces the exact same degree as spending all four years at a university). The average student loan is about $250 a month

    While cleaning up the little things won't hurt, to do well people need to get a handle on the big ones which may mean real lifestyle changes like not spawning until they can afford it, roommates not their own apartment, etc.

  • On 11 Nov 2014 in Corporations are piling on Debt that far exceeds Profits., drew_eckhardt said:

    The real 10 year interest rate is currently 0.44%.

    Executives would be violating their fiduciary duty to their company and shareholders if they weren't borrowing money slightly above that rate and investing in things with better returns, like their own shares.

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