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  • On 18 Apr 2014 in Voters open to tweaking prop 13, drew_eckhardt said:

    Colorado's Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) is better.

    That says total tax collections are only allowed to increase in proportion to inflation and population growth unless the citizens approve a bigger increase.

    When you sell your home the new owner pays the same low taxes you do.

    When the government messes with the housing market pumping up prices 60% you keep paying the same low taxes.

    If some one scrapes off the property next door and replaces it with a new one, they pay higher taxes and yours go down in real terms as such projects make up a bigger share of housing stock.

  • On 18 Apr 2014 in Corrupted Capitalism and the Housing Crisis, drew_eckhardt said:

    hrhjuliet says

    Right. Did you hear that several studies confirmed we are now an oligarchy? Even more specifically, one study said we are acting as a plutocracy.

    Yes, although that's an over-simplification which focuses peoples' anger on the top earning percent or decile of individuals with resulting government actions doing nothing to fix the problems with the corporate groups that actually hurt us.

    Obama's proposed 30% tax on "millionaires" might feel good but will have no effect on government Qualified Mortgage guidelines pushing housing costs towards 43% of gross income which is the cut-off for the Government Sponsored Enterprises assuming mortgage default risk while leaving profits for the originators, loan servicers, and real estate agents.

  • On 18 Apr 2014 in Corrupted Capitalism and the Housing Crisis, drew_eckhardt said:

    hrhjuliet says

    But the private firms are not simply free to respond to market signals. Instead, under a corporatist structure, the government directs firms in the ways in which they should employ their resources, sometimes through moral suasion, but more often through regulation, tax policy, and legal directives.

    Or the private firms have the government operate on their behalf to provide tax breaks, limit competition, make below market rate loans, buy their product, subsidize their sales, and compel purchase of what they sell.

    To quote wikipedia

    Corporatism (or corporativism[1] ) is the socio-political organization of a society by major interest groups, or corporate groups, such as agricultural, business, ethnic, labour, military, patronage, or scientific affiliations, on the basis of common interests.[2] Corporatism is theoretically based upon the interpretation of a community as an organic body.[3][4] The term corporatism is based on the Latin root word "corpus" (plural – "corpora") meaning "body".[4]

    where the direction of influence is unspecified.

    With real estate it's easy to figure out - RPAC ranked first in donations to candidates for every election since 1998 where the open secrets data stops. The Mortgage Bankers Association (the guys who walked away from their headquarters building) and National Association of Home Builders are also significant players.

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