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  • On 22 Apr 2014 in Which country has highest median income?, drew_eckhardt said:

    There's an easy fix for that: more outsourcing. With the low wage jobs moved overseas, the median among those still working will be higher.

  • On 21 Apr 2014 in Gen X is Sick of Your BS, drew_eckhardt said:

    As a generation X guy, as I remember it

    Tuition at my alma mater was 50% lower in inflation adjusted terms than it is today.

    Almost any college degree was a ticket to a good paying job.

    Private (or shared with one co-worker) offices were not uncommon.

    After we graduated from school and worked a few years we got affordable (in terms of payment - interest was 8-10%, although I had a 20% debt to income ratio) mortgages.

    Our emergency savings yielded 5% interest rates instead of some pittance which is negative in real terms.

    The internet didn't have many pictures on it, although Eternal September had yet to happen so that's a wash.

  • On 21 Apr 2014 in ConsumerWatch: Some Covered California Patients Say They Can't See A Doctor, drew_eckhardt said:

    carrieon says

    The American Healthcare system is a joke and sinking. If you have any regard for your health or finances, just avoid insurance and spend your hard-earned money on education about self-healthcare.

    That only works if you can afford six or seven figures worth of care for a major injury or illness.

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