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  • On 27 Jan 2015 in The Coming Health Care Economy, drew_eckhardt said:

    Bellingham Bill says

    So college jobs are tapped out and there's not a whole lot of growth in education, though there will be a lot of replacement jobs as the boomers start retiring in earnest RSN.

    Not necessarily.

    Where practical it's less expensive to replace boomers with machines and off-shore positions.

    Companies can also shift their work to salaried co-workers (thankful to still have jobs) for a significant net drop in costs.

  • On 27 Jan 2015 in Falling Gas Tax Revenue Has California Lawmakers Considering Mileage Tax Plan, drew_eckhardt said:

    HydroCabron says

    Road taxes should be weight * miles driven anyway.

    Doing it this way takes away the unfair advantage electrics and hybrids currently enjoy over gas-powered vehicles.

    With road damage proportional to axle weight raised to the 4th power people driving 6000 pound Navigators should be paying 16X the taxes of people driving 3000 pound compact cars.

    Tesla model S drivers hauling around 4600 pounds should pay 5X the tax.

  • On 25 Jan 2015 in Another Obozocare-taxing the middle class to pay for the 300# lazy critters, drew_eckhardt said:

    marcus says

    drew_eckhardt says

    1% of the people only have 18.7% of the income and it's not enough to make the rest of our lives better.

    What you're missing is, that it isn't a simple matter of redistributing income. It's putting the breaks on a current system that rapidly increases the gap between the obscenely wealthy and the grunt workers.

    I'm not missing anything, just ignoring the political spin and looking at the actual arithmetic which does not add up.

    There are too few "obscenely wealthy" and too many "grunt workers" for the wealthy's share to make a real difference.

    To use the common vilified CEO example -

    McDonald's CEO took home $9.5M in 2013 which is a lot compared to a minimum wage worker's earnings; although divided by McDonald's 440,000 employees it's $22 a year. With half-time workers that's at most $0.02 an hour, and a 0.2% raise from the US Federal minimum wage.

    It just doesn't matter.

    And that in turn has multiple bad affects. One of the worst is that it increases the political dysfunction in this country, as it becomes harder and harder to define what's best for us all. How do we figure out what's best for us all, and get what's best for us all, when the levers of government are controlled by an entitled super rich majority and corporations ?

    Regardless of what income share they retain, the corporations and wealthy are going to control our government as long as we have first-past-the-post elections with geographic districts making it impossible to incrementally move away from the status quo.

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