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  • On Tue, 2 Feb 2016, 4:01pm PST in Get rid of ACA so the Rightwingnuts can pay more for healthcare., drew_eckhardt said:

    Tenpoundbass says

    Insured patients would have gotten the same bill. ACA does NOT cover Emergency room visists. Or if they do, it's a very small portion of the bill.

    ACA cost-sharing subsidies limit out of pocket maximums to $1000 for poor people.

    With an ER visit like my last one running $7000 after the insurance company's negotiated discount, $6000+ is pretty good ER coverage.

  • On Tue, 2 Feb 2016, 3:57pm PST in Get rid of ACA so the Rightwingnuts can pay more for healthcare., drew_eckhardt said:

    I was paying $85 a month for my adult son's PPO health insurance. Post-ACA it was $255 until that company folded, and now it'd be $325.

    I'll happily take that negative increase.

    ACA is about maximizing PhRMA PAC members' profits after they spent over $100M promoting ACA, and the health insurance companies came out OK with 20-25% gross profits on all the subsidized people sent their way.

    As a side effect some people too high risk for private insurance but not sick enough for Medicare got covered, and a few people too poor for private insurance but not destitute enough for Medicaid.

    That's good, although we should have done the obvious thing: expand the not-for-profit Medicare program to cover more high-risk patients, and extend not-for-profit Medicaid to take care of more poor patients.

  • On Wed, 6 Jan 2016, 1:22pm PST in More than half of Americans are just $500 away from financial disaster: Househol, drew_eckhardt said:

    This fiscal irresponsibility is half the reason that over the last two years the richest 15 Americans saw their wealth increase more than the bottom 130 million had in total - 170 billion divided by that population yields a $1308 average net worth.

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