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  • On 29 Aug 2014 in The toddler the police threw a grenade at has a hole in his chest, drew_eckhardt said:

    Yet another reason contraband should not be a legal concept.

  • On 28 Aug 2014 in STEM graduate says he can't find a job, drew_eckhardt said:

    Peter P says

    1/3 failed data structures? What's the matter with them? Many students had issues with classes like formal methods and computational theories. Those are excellent mind exercises IMO.

    They were required to actually implement data structures in code which passed automated regression tests that weren't graded on a curve (much like in industry, where QA bounces back release candidates that don't work and customers return product). In a world where graduates can't write one 15 line function which handles corner cases B+ trees are completely out of the question.

    I still fondly remember the B+ tree assignment. I got 101% due to the extra point from writing a man page and used it a decade later in a commercial product because it was easier to make that persistent with reallocate on write into log structured storage than modifying BDB to do the same.

  • On 28 Aug 2014 in STEM graduate says he can't find a job, drew_eckhardt said:

    mell says

    Starting compensation packages for fresh graduates who can pass a minimal competence exam at big companies are now in the $170-$200K/year range.

    This number seems inflated. I'd say 120K, and 170K-200K for senior. Of course there are exceptions and companies which have seen crazy appreciation in their stock which can bring the total compensation much higher. As a base that number is far too high too.

    The number includes signing bonus and equity which are often omitted from salary surveys.

    $120K salary, $50-$100K cash signing bonus vesting over 1-2 years, and $150-$200K in restricted stock units vesting over 4 years is $170-$195K annually for the 4-year package disregarding stock appreciation (or market crashes, it could theoretically go down), refresh grants, and raises.

    $200K cash for sufficient experience hasn't been out of the question for quite a while - I turned down one startup for that in 2011. The real money is in equity - that's where the 1% annual increase in shares goes at big companies, and what made Eric Schmidt worth $8B in spite of a puny $250K salary.

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