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  • On 1 Sep 2014 in Iwog Idiocy Strikes Again, bob2356 said:

    Bigsby says

    bob2356 says

    Dubai is landlocked. It is surrounded by other emirites. I was just there last week.

    Since when has Dubai been landlocked?

    Ok that was poorly worded. It's not landlocked like Singapore, Hong Kong, or Vancouver But it's limited to a corridor straight out into the desert because of abu dabui is on one side and sharjah is on the other. Since almost all of the infrastructure in all of the emirates is oriented along the coast building out into the desert means that roads, power, and other infrastructure will have to be extended at great cost against the grain of what is existing. They are not doing that so far. It would certainly have been easier to do than putting up artificial island, which shows how reluctant they are to build out into the desert.

    I never said all expensive cities are landlocked, but a very large percentage are.

  • On 1 Sep 2014 in Iwog Idiocy Strikes Again, bob2356 said:

    Reality says

    The high percentage being purchased directly and indirectly by foreign money. They are not being purchased as primary homes.

    Translation, I don't have a fucking clue I made this shit up. You made the statement, back it up. What percentage of SF homes and condo's are empty or only occupied "a few weeks a year".

  • On 31 Aug 2014 in California cop facing Las Vegas prostitution charge, bob2356 said:

    Peter P says

    Live to impress yourself, not someone else.

    In my circle we say "let the skis do the talking". Still sounds like more walter mitty than valentino to me.

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