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  • On Sun, 1 May 2016, 7:36am PDT in CUT THE FEDERAL BUDGET? START BY KILLING CORPORATE WELFARE, bob2356 said:

    KgK one says

    Eventual profit from corporate is given to shareholders, which they pay taxes on. If you tax corporate, aren't you taxing same money twice once at corporate and then from person who gets dividends?

    So what? The same money get's double taxed all the time. You get paid which is taxed, then pay sales tax or property tax or whatever.

  • On Sun, 1 May 2016, 5:01am PDT in CUT THE FEDERAL BUDGET? START BY KILLING CORPORATE WELFARE, bob2356 said:

    jazz music says

    Did you think nobody knew that electronics microminiaturization breakthrough technology was paid for by the Apollo program? Did you think Texas Instruments developed electronics for oil exploration?

    Last time I checked the transistor was invented in 1949 before nasa existed by AT&T labs, the integrated circuit by Texas Instruments in 1957 before nasa existed, and the microprocessor by intel for calculators and stoplights in the early 70's with no ties to nasa at all. The circuits on the apollo missions, like the apollo guidance computer, were integrated circuits with wire wrap boards. The guidance computer was designed and built at MIT, not at a corporate site. The apollo program bought small scale integrated circuits (SSI) but they didn't pay for the development. Actually the minuteman missile program bought almost all of the SSI's in the early 60's, not the apollo program or nasa. This allowed the technology to ramp up with the military paying the expensive early production then having prices come down enough through automating production to allow commercial use.

    Nasa has created a lot of spinoff technologies over the years. They even regularly publish something called the spinoff report describing them. But nasa did NOT fund the research or drive the production to create silicon valley or silicon valley technology.

    jazz music says

    No, you paid for it and the corporate world is right there with their hands out ready to gouge the shit out of everybody for it. Is that funny?

    You can't have it both ways. Corporate welfare is when corporations get something for nothing. Research isn't something for nothing. The government pays for discovering something or pays for developing a product that never existed before which may or may not be possible. Research is always is a gamble. A lot basic research, other than weapons for obvious reasons, is done at universities anyway, not private corporations.

    The amount spent on research is a rounding error compared to tax or direct subsidies given to corporations.

  • On Sat, 30 Apr 2016, 5:38am PDT in , bob2356 said:

    Philistine says

    bob2356 says

    I'm assuming you are talking about town square

    It's possible that's a reference to Downtown Summerlin, which is on N Town Center Drive.

    Ok that makes more sense. Never heard of town center drive. The one time I went to Summerlin I just got off and on the highway.

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