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  • On 25 Oct 2014 in Hmmm... Looks Like There Were WMD in Iraq After All!!, bob2356 said:

    socal2 says

    bob2356 says

    The operative term here is unusable. It was a pile of abandoned scrap and


    The operative point is that no one could know they were inoperable, because Saddam's regime spent the last 10 years hiding them from inspectors.

    So you don't know the meaning of the word abandoned either?

    Call it Crazy says

    Bob just needs to move the goal posts, just like Dan when confronted with facts...

    Yawn. Do you ever have anything to contribute other than being a poster child for the word puerile?

  • On 25 Oct 2014 in Who knew that Liberals bore so much open hostilities and antisemitism?, bob2356 said:

    "Anti-Israel restaurant receives funding from John Kerry’s wife’s foundation"

    Of course a gazillionare like Kerry's wife (does the name Heinz ring any bells captain? hint think ketchup) goes around and checks the food wrappers of every project funded by her foundations to make sure they are anti semetic. I mean what else doe she have to do all day?

    Fox news couldn't have imagined in their wildest wet dreams having someone that was such a perfect foxbot as the captain.

  • On 25 Oct 2014 in Middle Class Wealth Gone!, bob2356 said:

    Call it Crazy says

    bob2356 says

    then go to bed.

    Oh Bob, is your Dementia really bad today? Go look at the clock, it's 10 AM in the Northeast... Do you know where you are? Better go check with your home health aide!

    Children need their nap times, so 10AM is just about right. Don't forget to lock the door.

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