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  • On 22 Jul 2014 in Perry to send 1,000 National Guard troops to border, bob2356 said:

    About 1 million people have been caught crossing the border nearly every year between 1983 until 2006, but that number has dropped to about 400,000 in 2013.

    So the border crossings have declined 60% in the last 6 years but

    potential 2016 presidential candidate

    Perry considers it a crisis worthy of calling up the national guard to guard the border for the first time in history. Hmmm, why wasn't it a crises for Perry in 2006 when more than double the number of people came in? Think the Iowa caucus has any bearing anyone?

  • On 22 Jul 2014 in Kansas proves that cutting taxes doesn't create jobs but does devestate economy, bob2356 said:

    You're telling me Kansas is a real place? I thought movie writers and comedians made it up.

  • On 22 Jul 2014 in Zombie Lies, bob2356 said:

    The Professor says

    I'm pretty sure Bob is a unique (possibly real) individual with some good and some sock puppet ideas. He keeps you wondering

    Bob is very real, quite colorful, and definitely one of a kind, many people have told me so.

    Remember in Patton when he screams at his staff let no man come back alive and his aid says sometimes they don't know if you are serious or not. Patton said "It's not important that they know, it's only important that I know".

    I endeavor to continue to keep you guessing.

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