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  • On 19 Dec 2014 in Real Estate Investors Profit From Hidden Markets, bob2356 said:

    More than a day late and way more than a dollar short. The nevada supreme court ruled in sept that super priority liens (hoa assesments) can extinguish the first deed of trust. Investors who bought the hoa's to rent them out until the banks got their act together are now in a very unexpected position to actually own free and clear. I know this how? I'll never tell. Viva Las Vegas.

  • On 19 Dec 2014 in Stop flying!, bob2356 said:

    HydroCabron says

    CaptainShuddup says

    stop voting in scumbag corporate smitten Democrat liberals into office. Simple.

    Yes: some non-corporate disinterested Republicans will fix things.

    Plus, they'll pass abortion laws and other anti-freedom legislation. Simple.

    They fixed everything in 2000. Look how great things were by 2007.

  • On 19 Dec 2014 in Boston Bombing Was False Flag. Boys Didn't Do It. Dual Crisis Actors Exposed, bob2356 said:

    dublin hillz says

    You know Trotsky wasn't really murdered by a spaniard stalinist sympathizer.....it was actually the CIA! The zionists created this "false flag" operation to "further hatred" of the communists...was it the zionists or urban cosmopolitans???

    Damn, the CIA invented time travel and didn't let congress know. Why are they always lying to congress?

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