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Computer nerd and foodie. Would like to buy a house but can't afford one anywhere I'd want to live.

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  • On 12 Sep 2014 in Dear iPhone 6 users, welcome to 2012!, bdrasin said:

  • On 20 Jun 2014 in Republicans need to admit they fucked up, bdrasin said:

    Question: How many Bush administration officials does it take to replace a broken lightbulb?

    Answer: There's nothing wrong with that bulb!

  • On 16 Jun 2014 in Our newest Ayn Rand sociopath answers his first questions, bdrasin said:

    iwog says

    Paralithodes says

    That's pretty interesting. Can you please provide a direct link or reference showing that Austrians envision selling Corvettes profitably to an isolated tribe on a Pacific Island?

    The Austrian cultists "Reality" and indigenous didn't challenge it because they believe innovation creates demand. This dogmatic nonsense can be extended to the example I gave above.

    They wont talk about it because they don't acknowledge the need for customers. Customers are assumed to be ever present with unlimited resources.

    Its not really that complicated though, is it? The island dictator/oligarch and his family will each buy a whole fleet of cars so that they can cruise their dominion in style. They also will probably frequently crash because they will be drunk. There's your demand.

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