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  • On 16 Sep 2014 in Obama makes speech regarding Ebola outbreak, is there something to this?, pkennedy said:

    It spreads in areas where there is weak infrastructure, a place like the US or Europe can handle an outbreak and stop it almost immediately, because we have the tools, culture and discipline to avoid spreading it.

    These countries are putting out warnings like "don't eat dried fruit bats, or dead animals you find" People go and touch the deceased as part of the funeral process, they're hiding at home and then dying and then being buried in the typical fashion.

    We're safe here, doctors who know about ebola say we're safe here. The media has to really dredge up some freak mongering doctors to get their stories for this one.

  • On 12 May 2014 in Made in America now cheaper than Made in Brazil, pkennedy said:

    Basically it comes down to if you know how to do manufacturing in China and have good processes and controls, you'll get a good deal. However, for most businesses, they aren't going to see that. They will have to deal with layers of problems that will compound.

    It's like offshoring IT work, it's great if you're huge and you can do everything there. If you need 5 or 10, or 30 guys, it's going to be a nightmare that is going to suck you dry while producing little.

    US has been manufacturing about 23% of the worlds goods for the last 40 years, they aren't going to increase their take here by much. They also aren't going to produce a lot more jobs, because the manufacturing done is heavily automated and very efficient. So there really isn't any room for growth in manufacturing in the US.

    As for cars, almost every country "forces" car manufactures to produce in their country. Cars are big ticket items, manufacturing them all in one country and exporting them around the world would obviously be the easiest way to do it. However, no country wants to give away that much economic activity, so they force them to build them locally.

    As for Brazil, the cars are abysmal here. It's insane the quality. Engines are just covered in oil within 2 years, warranties are for a year, batteries go after about 2 years, rust everywhere on the frame within a year, and everything in between is breaking down quickly! But since there are high tariffs, no one can bring in ANY external cars to force the manufactures to build better quality. When the manufacturers build in the country, they all just build just well enough to compete with each other. The build quality is horrendous!

  • On 24 Mar 2014 in Will China's housing bust turn foreign buyers into desperate sellers?, pkennedy said:

    During the last asian crisis, I remember agents asking their clients this question, and the general answer was "These properties wouldn't do anything for my financial situation..." This was primarily hong kong investors.

    If something happens, they will dump the properties in the most unstable markets -- theirs.

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