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  • On 24 Mar 2014 in Will China's housing bust turn foreign buyers into desperate sellers?, pkennedy said:

    During the last asian crisis, I remember agents asking their clients this question, and the general answer was "These properties wouldn't do anything for my financial situation..." This was primarily hong kong investors.

    If something happens, they will dump the properties in the most unstable markets -- theirs.

  • On 10 Feb 2014 in Solutions to San Franciscos Housing Problems, pkennedy said:

    New Renter says

    4) Rezone commercial to residential

    5) Build down (basements, sub-basements, sub-sub-basements, etc)

    6) Expand BART/Caltrain with frequent express trains from Stockton, Sacramento, and Hollister.

    7) Encourage marina living

    8) Require self driving cars within city limits (makes parking and traffic more efficient)

    9) Clean up Treasure island and make it residential

    10) Convert Alcatraz to luxury apartments

    See, there's lots more that can be done!

    The real problem is sewer, water, and power. Many of those areas were designed to handle a certain number of people. If you simply build up and put 100,000 new people into an area that used to have 100 (20 houses torn down for massive buildings), you're going to have issues. Rebuilding a sewer plant for that type of thing isn't cheap. Just maintaining sewer and doing moderate upgrades is massively expensive.

  • On 10 Feb 2014 in Solutions to San Franciscos Housing Problems, pkennedy said:

    Zakrajshek says

    Unfortunately, the USA (and the world) already has enough people. In 1967 there was about 200 million; now about 310 million.

    There are plenty of cities that are the same size as the large ones of today. The problem is they aren't as nice, as full of high paying jobs or as interesting as the big cities. Guess what, the bigger the city, the more interest it is. People flock to bigger and bigger cities, they have more of what they're seeking out.

    If you want to go back to a population of 200M, simply find a small city somewhere that has the population that NYC had 1967 and live it up there. Chances are, you'll wish you were in one of the bigger cities though of today though.

    The US has plenty of desirable land, even at 500M or 1B people there will be plenty of places to enjoy life. Resources will be better managed. We no longer has 4 gallon flushing toilets, we don't take showers with 4 gallon per minute shower heads, we have high efficiency washers/dryers, our fridges are 90% more efficient, our houses are better insulated.

    Population isn't a problem. It's a problem if you want to life in NYC or SF where things are too expensive for most people, where the regular joe is being pushed further out into the burbs to live. But if you're looking for a low density city, go live and work in those burbs for $8/hour or whatever awesome wages they offer.

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